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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of AS Grease Fittings, 28 Straight Thread Grease Fittings, Stainless Steel Grease Fittings, Button Head Grease FittingsButton and Air Vent Grease Fittings

AS Grease Fittings

AS Grease Fittings Aerospace Grease Fittings from SAE Products meet SAE AS35411 Aerospace Standards which require detailed performance testing, extensive documentation, sampling, dimensional checks and traceability of materials. An uncompromising commitment to excellence in quality allows us to serve satisfied aircraft and military customers worldwide. Our AS grease fittings meet the SAE AS 35411 Aerospace Standard which supersedes previous (MS) Military Specifications MIL-F-3541.

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28 Straight Thread Grease Fittings

traight Thread Grease Fittings are for cars, trucks and a variety of industrial machines. 14"-28 straight thread grease fittings are commonly referred to as 14"-28 UNF-2A grease fittings, or 14"-28 UNF parallel threaded grease fittings. For more information click SAE numbers below.

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Stainless Steel Grease Fittings

Stainless Steel Grease Fittings withstand severe and corrosive environments and offer greater corrosion resistance than traditional carbon steel grease fittings. SAE Products Stainless Steel Grease Fittings are comprised of Type 303 stainless for fitting bodies, Type 440 stainless for balls and Type 302 stainless for tempered springs. Stainless Steel Grease Fittings are also referred to as Stainless Steel Zerk Fittings, Stainless Steel Grease Zerks, and Stainless Steel Lubrication Fittings.

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Button Head Grease FittingsButton

Button Head Grease Fittings consist of Standard Button Head Grease Fittings, Giant Button Head Grease Fittings, and Metric Button Head Grease Fittings. Button Head Grease Fittings are designed for high volume flow of lubricant and provide a smooth working surface for easy coupler engagement & removal. Button Head Grease Fittings are referred to as Button Head Zerk Fittings, Button Head Grease Zerks, Button Head Lubrication Fittings, or Button Head Grease Nipples.

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Air Vent Grease Fittings

Air Vent Grease Fittings are used on differentials, transmissions, and gear boxes. Vent fittings allow air to escape and enter as the internal pressure increases or decreases. The cap on Air Vent Grease Fittings prevent water or dirt from entering. Vent fittings must be installed above normal level of lubricant to allow air to escape when pressure rises. Air Vent Grease Fittings are also referred to as Air Vent Zerk Fittings, Air Vent Lubrication Fittings, Air Vent Grease Zerks, or Atmospheric Vents.

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Ball-Type Grease Fittings

Ball-Type Grease Fittings are suitable for lubrication points, which have to be repeatedly lubricated in a fast and efficient way. Ball-Type Grease Fittings require a ball-type grease coupler which saves time by not locking onto the grease fitting like a traditional coupler. SAE Products® Ball-Type Grease Fittings are made according to the former DIN 3402.

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Brass grease fittings

Brass Grease Fittings are highly resistant to corrosion and are used in special applications. Brass Grease Fittings are referred to as Brass Zerk Fittings, Brass Lubrication Fittings, Brass Hydraulic Fittings, Brass Grease Nipples, Brass Grease Zerks, or Brass Zerks. Images and drawings of SAE Products brass grease fittings are available by clicking SAE part numbers below.

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Leakproof Grease Fittings

Leakproof Grease Fittings are a special purpose grease fitting for use in applications where a positive seal is essential. Leakproof Grease Fittings are referred to as Leakproof Zerk Fittings, Leakproof Grease Zerks or Leakproof Lubrication Fittings. With the exception of part H-200-1634 and H-200-1634-B all Leakproof Grease Fittings feature a Buna-N seal.

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Pin Type Grease Fittings

Pin Type Grease Fittings are engineered to produce a positive locking action when used with pin type couplers. SAE Products® pin type fittings provide a high-pressure leakproof seal.

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NPT Grease Fittings

12" NPT Grease Fittings are available in carbon steel and stainless steel and include a ball check to keep out dirt & debris. Available exclusively at SAE Products.

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