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Our Complete range of products are VARNISHED COILS, encapsulated coils, Field Coils, Solenoid Coils and Cable.

encapsulated coils

Custom is the keyword at Sag Harbor Industries. Our team of engineers has a long track record of creating innovative and creative solutions. Our staff of engineers is comprised of experts in relay, coil and computer aided design. Sag Harbor Industries is ready to partner with you to create encapsulated coil and other products of superior quality, durability and cost efficiency. Our encapsulated coils are some of the best on the market. Encapsulated coils function similarly to that of solenoid coils except that these encapsulated coils due to the fact that they are coated in a resin that covers the wire. This means that encapsulated coils are much more efficient at protecting wires against moisture and other types of damage. Because of this, encapsulated coils are considered to be a stronger type of electric coil. This also means that there are a number of different encapsulated varieties based on the type of industry that you are in. Here at SHI we offer a number of different options in order to provide you with the custom encapsulated coil that works for you.

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Field Coils

Perfect fit, precision winding and reliable performance are critical to our customers products. For over 65 years, Sag Harbor Industries has been designing, redesigning and reimagining field coils with our customers with superb results. Our experience and track record of innovative solutions allows us to offer you versatility and depth of knowledge not easily matched in the industry. Some of our field coil competencies:

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Solenoid Coils

Our custom wound solenoid coil capabilities are as reliable as they are flexible. Our customers can breathe easy knowing that Sag Harbor Industries (SHI) employs the following systems: Supply chain management - get your solenoid coils and other products as you want it, when you want it QMS – ISO 9001:2008 certified UL approved insulation system – classes B, F and H Cost reduction planned from design to production

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Our custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses are produced for a wide variety of applications and for a number of different industries: Automated wire processing Custom wire harnesses Automated crimping Flat cables Industrial harnesses Lead wires Lead bundles Vehicle wire harnesses Machine Wire Harnesses Electro-mechanical harnesses Security system wire harnesses Marine Harnesses

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Our Toroidal Transformers, Toroidal Coils & Chokes are custom manufactured per your prints, drawings, procedures, specifications and parts lists. Sag Harbor Industries has the capacity to produce toroidal transformers from 0.20” to 10.0”. We can also produce toroidal transformers in a wire range from 14 to 48 AWG. Some of our other services are: Magnetic and Electrostatic Shielding Progressive Winding Capabilities Multi-filar Winding Computer Controlled Processes for Repeatability and Accuracy

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Varnishes may be dipped brushed, sprayed or vacuum impregnated andor baked on to our coils. The coil may be bobbin wound or bobbin-less. Our typical free form, bobbin-less coils will range in size from 2 AWG to 50 AWG, depending on customer design specifications. Those are only a handful of applications Sag Harbor Industries has perfected over the years. There are several reasons for using varnished coils in an application. First of all, a varnished coil is well protected from moisture or dirt that could lead to corrosion and completely ruin the coil’s functionality over time. Varnish on a coil also helps to protect it from mechanical damage because the varnish coats over the coils bare metal and provides a strong layer of defense from external forces. Finally, a varnish coil has better insulation and conductive properties than an unvarnished one. Particularly in applications where the coil will be exposed to harsh conditions, a varnished coil is the best way to go. Companies trust Sag Harbor to provide them with varnished coils because of our many years of experience and our vast expertise in this field. We know what formulas to use for each application and type of coil, so we are able to make varnished coils that stand up well in their final application.

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electric coils

Sag Harbor Industries (SHI) is one of the premier electric coil manufactures in the world. We pride ourselves on having the ability to produce custom electric coils to our customers’ exact orders. We have a wide assortment of automated coil winding machines to produce these electric coils with precision, efficiency and economy. We know that you turn to us to provide you with the products and solutions that add value to your overall process and application. This is why so much care and attention is put into each and every one of our electric coils. On top of the manufacturing of said electric coils we offer a number of other services that add value to your final product in addition to quality assurances and a variety of production capabilities.

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