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this lot of luck-e-strike soft rubber fishing lures is being sold to avoid moving costs when owner moves to a new warehouse. we are collecting bids for the sale of this stock. this stock is new and undamaged in retail packs ready for sale. there is 2 truck loads of product available.

the luck-e-strike bass magic minnow swimbaits are durable, affordable, hollow-bodied swimbaits featuring ultra realistic finishes, including lifelike scale patterns, gill plates and 3d eyes. Their paddle tails kick enticingly, driving bass crazy, and eliciting violent strikes.

lifelike paint schemes
paddle tail
hollow body

the luck-e-strike bass magic shakey tail swimbaits are hand-painted with holographic finish and lifelike eyes--just like the bass magic swimbaits! the shakey tail can be rigged a number of ways, the most popular being a texas rig on a skakey head.

the luck e strike finesse worm features realistic 3d eyes, as well as a unique, ribbed tail, which tapers down to a small point. Extremely responsive, luck e strike’s super soft plastic formulation allows the finesse worm to come to life with the slightest twitch of the rod tip, and a strategically placed air pocket in the tail also provides added flotation. Available in several colors, the luck e strike finesse worm is an excellent choice for a variety of finesse applications.

quantity: 127000 items
retail value: $1,035,411.00
location: springfield, missouri, united states
surplus item, undamaged - retail ready

go to http:www.salvex.comlistingslisting_detail.cfm?aucid=182956702 to view complete listing and place your bid. Contact carlos velasquez at 713-229-9000 x130 or 713 229 9000 if you have specific questions pertaining to this listing.

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