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We are offering volkswagen auto parts.
This lot contains an assortment of volkswagen auto parts & accessories, such as headlamps, flywheels, rear exhaust tip and more. All parts and accessories are new but are being sold as salvage since their packaging has been water damaged. The flywheel, clutch assembly and rotors all have rust, please see photos for extent. Please see below for full inventory of items and their part numbers.

item part number quantity
cargo liner 5c6-061-166-a-469 1
door wind 5c6-072-194-a-hu3 2
scuff plat 3ae-071-303 1
cargo liner 7p0-061-166--469 1
pipe tip 3ae-071-911 1
double belt 022-145-933-p 1
head lamp 7l6-941-018-bl 1
clutch kit 06j-141-015-jx 1
flywheel 06j-105-266-h 1
rear rotor 267-00a-e04-c 2
wiper blade 8d1-955-427 1
wiper blade 6n0-955-427-a 2
wiper blade 8d1-955-427 2
wiper blade 1q1-998-002 5
wiper blade jzw-998-002-h 1
set wiblad 1j0-998-003 4
door wind 5c6-072-193-a-hu3 1

quantity: 28 units
location: dartmouth, nova scotia, canada
some items have rust

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