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We offer a complete product range of Oil-Free Reciprocating, Oil-Free Rotary, Oil-Free Centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating

Oil-Free Reciprocating

  • Manufacturers Quincy, Corken, FS Curtis, Hycomp, Powerex,

Oil-free reciprocating air compressor packages will deliver 100% oil-free compressed air. Typical users include hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, food and electronic industries.

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Oil-Free Rotary

  • hp 20 - 500
  • SCFM 72 - 2400
  • PSIG 40 - 150

Scales offers a full line of oil-free rotary screw air compressors that are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the U.S. to exacting quality standards, and delivered ready to provide long operating life, minimum maintenance and low operating costs. The oil-free design introduces absolutely no oil to the compression chamber.

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Oil-Free Centrifugal

  • Manufacturers : Cooper, Joy.
  • hp 100 - 20,000
  • scfm 450 - 70,000

Scales Industrial Technologies offers a full line of centrifugal compressors in a wide range of capacities and power ratings to meet customer's exact requirements.A wide range of centrifugal air compressor models are available pre-packaged requiring only cooling water, electrical power and comparessed air connections, allowing for minimal footprint.

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  • Manufacturer Quincy, Aerzen, Powerex, Ro-Flo, Scales.

Available in air or water-cooled design with or without full enclosures. Our rotary screw and rotary vane vacuum packages are extremely durable for the most demanding applications where 24 hour operation is essential. Because these vacuum packages do not require sealing water, substantial savings in water costs and energy can be realized compared to other designs.

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  • Manufacturer Quincy, FS Curtis.

Available in air or watercoded designs, reciprocating vacuum pumps can be base or tank mounted packages complete with control systems or sold as a bare pump.

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

  • Manufacturer Travaini

Optimally suited to vacuum systems — including those with high inlet particulates, wet and saturated air, and some corrosive gases — these pumps utilize water both as the cooling medium, and to create and seal the compression chamber. So compact they fit into the tightest spaces, these designs are available with water recycling packages or once-through systems.

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  • Manufacturer Aerzen, Hoffman, Jet-Air, Lamson.

Centrifugal vacuum pumps offer a wide range of performance from 90 to 41, 000 cfm and vacuum to 18 Hg. Vacuum systems can pickup, convey or capture a wide variety of materials from granules to flakes and more.

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Breathing Air

  • Manufacturers Deltech, Hankison.

Scales Industrial Technologies can design, supply, and install stationary and portable systems that enable most standard compressed air sources to meet OSHA Grade-D breathing air requirements, as well as ISO and FDA standards, in such industries as: Chemical Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Clean Air Facilities Portable Breathing Apparatus Hospitals

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Oil-Less Scroll

  • Manufacturers Quincy

An oil-free compressor is a virtual necessity in any environment that requires 100 percent oil-free air. Examples include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, textiles and electronics companies. These industries strive to meet the ISO 8573-1: 2010 standard, which outlines specific classification pertaining to air purity. Class Zero represents the highest classification in this ISO standard, which is why a Quincy QOF oil-free compressor is a smart choice for many industrial applications.

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  • Manufacturer Scales

Scales Energy Services offers sequencers ranging from simple pressure based sequencers to the $mart Sequencer®, which will operate any multiple air compressor installation, regardless of compressor sizes or manufacturer as efficiently as possible. Scales is the proud winner of the "Plant Engineering Product of the Year" award for our $mart Sequencer® air compressor master control system, which optimizes compressor operation to save energy and expense. It continuously monitors the compressed air demand with flow meters, and having been programmed with the capacity, efficiency and control characteristics of all compressors, it is the equivalent of having a full time supply side auditor and operator minimizing your plant's compressed air energy costs at all times.

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