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We offer a complete product range of SPALLS DECKS DRIVEWAYS STAIRS, Boiler Room Products, O-Rings and Seals, Rust Destroyer and Rugged Wypes


FlexKrete is the answer for all concrete repairs. FlexKrete is a two-part advanced, thermoset vinyl polymer. Non-toxic, 99% solid by weight, low odor, impervious to salt attack, waterproof and has a 30% elongation. The material attains a compressive strength 3 to 4 times that of concrete, can be feathered-edged and used at any depth, does not require saw cutting. It can also be used on verticals or overheads without structural support and can be opened to foot and vehicle traffic in ONE HOUR OR LESS. FlexKrete Technologies has developed a special primer FlexPrime to allow installations over damp concrete and rust and for cold rooms and outdoor colder temperatures down to 0°F (-17.7°C). FlexKrete can be cured in one hour by adding FlexTemp. Easily and quickly repair trip hazards, stairways, curbs, potholes, floors, broken joints, sidewalks, parking areas, walls, overheads, equipment bases and many, many more structures. FlexKrete can also be used as a broadcast system with granite quartz to beautify swimming pool decks, walkways, stairways, driveways and entrances to buildings.

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Boiler Room Products

Sealpro carries a comprehensive selection of Boiler Room Products, including Gasket Kits, HandholeManway Gaskets and Plates, McDonnell Miller Gaskets, Door and Burner Drawer Gaskets, Insulation, Fiberglass Tape & Rope, Refractory Cement, Flat & Tubular Gauge Glass and Tools.

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O-Rings and Seals

Sealpro carries a large selection of o-rings in standard and metric sizes; available in the following compounds: OB-xxx Nitrile (Buna-N) OV-xxx Flourorocarbon (Viton) OS-xxx Silicone OE-xxx Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) ON-xxx Neoprene OP-xxx Polyurethane

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Rust Destroyer

Rust Destroyer is the only patented rust converting paint primer engineered to be applied directly over rusted metal, new bare metal or rusted painted metal. It is guaranteed to stop rust up to five full years when applied in accordance to label instructions. Remove loose rust and apply two thin coasts ten minutes apart to a dry film thickness of 3 mils per coat. One spray can covers approximately 15 square feet. Rust Destroyer is non-toxic and has been USDA and FDA approved. Heat resistant to 800°F. Use on any rusted metal and also to prime metal where paint has been removed by welding or abrasion. This is an exceptional universal metal primer that can be used anywhere there is a need to stop rust from continuing on old steel or forming on bare or newly exposed steel, iron or sheet metal.

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Rugged Wypes

  • Packaged 72 towels to a tub. 10"x12"
  • RU-205 Single Tub
  • RU-205-6 Case of 6 Tubs

Rough Touch Rugged Wypes are a unique patent-pending waterless hand cleaning system combining both a high quality liquid hand cleaner formula, and a heavy duty, non-scratching, abrasive hand cleaning towel. This unique, patented towel construction is comprised of a polymeric nonwoven soft layer, to which thousands of polymeric deep cleaning scrubbers are permanently bonded to one side of the surface. Then, a special micro-perforation pattern is added to hold effective, yet mild contaminate-dissolving, liquid agents and soil lifters that dry quickly after use. The result is hands that are clean and protected, with a pleasant fragrance and residue free.Many workers wipe their hands up to 100 times day without actually cleaning their hands. Therefore, Rough Tough “scrubs” are essential for mechanics, plumbers, painters, printers, silk screeners, machinists, glaziers, industrial and municipal workers, maintenance people, assembly line personnel, construction workers and service industry technicians.

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Vegetable Fiber Gasket Material

  • Temperature 250°F
  • Tensile Strength 3000PSI
  • Compressibility 25-40%
  • Standard Width 36” x 36”

Tan in color for gasketing against water, gasoline, alcohol, lacquers, grease, oil, coal tar, ketones. Excellent grade of vegetable fiber saturated with glue – glycerine impregnate rendered insoluble by means of a tanning agent (formaldehyde) to give a strong, flexible packing. This can withstand bending around a rod with a diameter of twice the thickness of the material under test without cracking, breaking or excessive marring of the surfaces.

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Safety Solvent Cleaner II

  • Net Wt 19 ounce can / 12 per case
  • Also available 1 Gallon Non-Aerosol Can (AE-112-G) / 4 per case
  • AE 112

SealPro Safety Solvent Cleaner II is a non-flammable safety solvent that can be used in shop, auto and marine applications. It is non-corrosive, non-staining, leaves no residue, is nonconductive, and dries rapidly. Grease, oil and dirt quickly dissolve and flush away. This product may affect certain plastics or printed surfaces. Test on remote area for compatibility. SealPro Safety Solvent Cleaner II is a combination of nonflammable quality solvents which instantly dissolves grease, oil and conductive solids and is the ideal replacement for carbon tetrachloride. Also, an outstanding degreaser and safety solvent for preparing the application surface before applying SealPro epoxies or urethanes; for general cleaning.

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PTFE Gel Penetrating Lubricant

  • AE 113
  • Net Wt 13 ounce can

PTFE Gel Penetrating Lubricant is a transparent, high pressure lubricant with high adhesive strength. A unique combination of natural and synthetic lubricating agents, coupled with the high molecular weight polymer PTFE makes theis product one of the best available for general lubricating purposes. High Adhesive Strength High Dropping (tint withstands high temperature without melting) Maximum Penetration Rapid, Grease like Setup Resists Water Washout Prevents Rust & Corrosion Resists Throw Out and Squeeze out from pressure, vibration or impactUSES: Door Hinges, Open gears, Wire Ropes, Chains and Sprockets, Conveyors, Sliding Metal Assemblies, Manifold Heat Valves, Marine Applications, Heavy Equipment, Turnbuckle and Threads, Winches and Hitches.

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Rtv Silicone

  • Red RT-160 12 tubes per case (RT-160-12)
  • White RT-162 12 tubes per case (RT-162-12)
  • Clear RT-164 12 tubes per case (RT-164-12)
  • Black RT-165 12 tubes per case (RT-165-12)

This product is a multi-purpose, single component adhesive sealant made of 100% silicone rubber which quickly adheres to most surfaces. It cures in 24 hours to provide a tough, resilient silicone rubber to handle hundreds of applications. RTV Silicone can be used for gasketing, sealing, bonding, insulating, caulking, encapsulating and coating. This flexible waterproof material resists shrinking, cracking, weather, ozone, chemicals, moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures ranging from -85°F to 450°F. Hi Temp Red to 500°F, continuous to 600°F intermittent exposure. RTV Silicone will easily bond dissimilar materials. Provides excellent adhesion to clean metal, glass, and most types of wood, ceramic, porcelain, painted and many plastic surfaces. RTV Silicone is USDA, UL and NSF approved. Meets F M Reg., No 21 CFR 177-2600 and MIL-A-46106 Specs, the equivalent of Dow Corning 732 & 736, GM, Ford and Chrysler specs. Patented pressure containers.

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Dynapro Premium Grease

  • Temperature range 15°F to 425°F.
  • Melting 525°F.
  • FG 240
  • cartridge 14 ounce

Dynapro Premium Grease is a long life, high temperature grease. Made from the finest raw materials available. This formulation represents the state of the art in soap thickened mineral oils. Possesses outstanding thermal stability and unique oxidation inhibitors. Effective at high temperatures where regular lubricants fail. Protects bearings against galling or seizing due to heavy loads at high temperatures, and protects bearings against corrosion. Formulated to meet or exceed ASTMNLGI bearing spec., class GGC. N.L, G, I #2. Temperature range is 15°F to 425°F. Melting is point 525°F. Resists breakdown under the toughest conditions. Contains antirust, extreme pressure, anti-wear and oxidation inhibitor additives. USES: Heavy industrial equipment operating under adverse conditions like high and low temperatures, heavy continuous duty and shock loads. Can also be used as a general purpose and automotive grease on disc and drum brake wheel bearings, electric motor bearings, sealed for life motor bearings, kiln car bearings as well as all chassis components.

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