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We offer a complete product range of Centralign Turbines, Inclineo, Mobile Laser Shaft Alignment, Permalign and Levalign Expert

Centralign Turbines

Reduce steam and gas turbine outage using laser alignment Control sensor for automated compensation of potential laser drift Measurement methods for true bore center and specific applications Exclusive large bore brackets for tops-on and tops-off applications Simple and quick measurement process up to 40 m (130’) Powerful built-in splice function maximizes measurement flexibility and extends measurement range Takes care of reference line position, rotor sag and thermal growths Live Move function to monitor the alignment corrections in real time. CENTRALIGN Ultra Expert has been specifically developed for the alignment of steam and gas turbines. The system is designed for the precise alignment of internal elements of rotating machines such as bearing rings, diaphragms, nozzles, inner shells and turbine casings. The additional unique control sensor system monitors the laser drift, which automatically ensures the measurement accuracy over long distances and long measurement periods, when the laser stability is more subject to impacts by variations of air density and temperature. In combination with the highly precise and stable laser, the system delivers highest accuracy. CENTRALIGN Ultra Expert saves extensive amounts of time and the effort needed in traditional methods to position the piano wire or barmeasurement shaft (arbor) into place and reposition it after each adjustment. The system calculates the center of each individual element and displays their locations, relative to each other on the screen. The desired centerline may be adjusted to determine the best-fit line and minimize corrections. Vertical and horizontal values or leftbottomright values can be preset.

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The ideal tool for inclination and flatness measurements High precision electronic inclinometer for measurement of absolute or relative angles Rotatable housing allows measurement on surfaces with any inclination Measure level, flatness or parallelism of surfaces as well as plumbness of vertical shafts Appropriate bracketing for different applications Powerful Windows-based PC software ALIGNMENT CENTER Wireless PC communication Ideal for installation and service. INCLINEO is a powerful system based on a high precision electronic inclinometer technology. It measures angularity at different positions on a surface enabling exact profile determination of machined surfaces. In combination with easy-to-mount bracketing, it measures the inclination along edges, rails and even on vertical shafts. Its rotatable housing makes it possible to take measurements at any angular position, even top down. The integrated wireless technology, combined with its easy operation makes INCLINEO versatile, ensuring flexibility during measurements and making it an effective tool for installations and services.

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Mobile Laser Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment on mobile devices means greater mobility and flexibility. But there is even more to tab@lign. The app works with both Apple and Android devices so you may just use your own tablet or smartphone to do the job. If need be, a rugged industrial tablet with glove-enabled touchscreen is available as an additional option. tab@lign comprises the app, the OS3 sensors and a Bluetooth module for wireless communication. With a compact carrying case and an intuitive touch user interface, tab@lign is perfect for service technicians on the go and for the occasional users – typical use is the alignment check of motor-pump sets during assembly or revision.

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PERMALIGN is the ideal system for permanent or temporary monitoring of machinery positional changes. It measures and monitors continuously, and in real time, the alignment changes of rotating machinery during operation. It may be used for permanent monitoring or for just the necessary time to determine the positional changes from cold to hot or vice versa. All four alignment parameters – vertical offset, horizontal offset, vertical angularity and horizontal angularity are monitored simultaneously using two monitors. The ‘cold’ alignment targets recommended by manufacturers do reflect the actual operating condition of a running machine. After startup, machines change their initial position as a result of dynamic loads. Therefore good alignment when the machine is cold is not necessarily the best alignment when the machine is running. In order to achieve the perfect alignment when the machine is up, compensation values have to be determined, allowing for a misalignment when the machine is cold.

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Shaftalign OS3

Without overstretching your budget, SHAFTALIGN OS3 ideally combines intuitive operation and accuracy for precision shaft alignment of rotating machinery. OS3 features a sensor with an HD XL detector and a high precision MEMS inclinometer. The Bluetooth module is included and the computer has an integrated rechargeable battery. The system’s intuitive Autoflow capability guides the user step by step to measure the machinery alignment condition. All relevant alignment results are graphically displayed on one screen. The ambient light compensation allows measurements even in direct sunlight. With TolCheck, smiley symbols clearly indicate the alignment status so that there is no need to interpret the results. With the innovative Active Clock measurement mode, only 3 to 4 readings over a rotation angle of less than 70° are required to achieve a precision alignment. Vertical and horizontal machine corrections are monitored live on the screen. SHAFTALIGN is easily extendable through the activation of powerful options as the alignment requirements grow. PDF reports can be generated and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick. Our alignment software is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.

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Levalign Expert

LEVALIGN expert uses a horizontally and vertically self-leveling spinning laser with a 100-meter measurement range in conjunction with a 70-mm range sensor. It ensures easy one-man operation for wide-ranging flatness and level measurement tasks. Wireless communication between sensor and ROTALIGN Ultra computer transfers measurement data for analysis and evaluation of surface profile. In addition to measurement analysis and professional reporting, use ALIGNMENT CENTER, the Windows based software to measure an infinite number of points over large surfaces with the splice function and to compare surfaces on two different planes. LEVALIGN expert is the ideal package for OEMs and companies who offer full maintenance services to improve machine running condition and productivity. Flatness and level made easy with a self-levelling and spinning laser Measure flatness, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity and level of flanges and foundations Efficient and easy one-man operation with self-leveling and rotating laser Laser range dia. 200 m, sensor measurement range 70 mm PC software for measurement analysis and professional reporting Powerful software functionalities to compare two surfaces, e.g. in a press, and to extend the measurement range for large surfaces Integrated wireless communication

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Optalign Smart RS5

With OPTALIGN smart RS5, shaft alignment has never been so smooth. The unique RS5 sensor contains two XL HD position-sensitive detectors and a MEMS inclinometer to precisely measure the exact position of the laser beam as the shafts are rotated. With the continuous SWEEP measurement mode, hundreds of positions are automatically measured as shafts are rotated. Measurement can start in any direction with the sensors at any position. All relevant alignment results, including soft foot, are graphically displayed on one screen. Smiley symbols clearly indicate the alignment status so that there is no need to interpret the results. With concurrent Live Move, only one measurement is required to perform the required machine adjustments: no matter the position of the sensor on the shaft, Live Move enables to concurrently monitor the vertical and horizontal machine corrections live on the screen. This is extremely useful in case of restricted access to predefined shaft positions. The Bluetooth module for wireless communication is included in the standard version. PDF reports can be generated easily and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick. Our alignment software is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.

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Time-saving solution for plumbness, runout and level Fast identification of turbine alignment condition: shaft static plumbness, shaft runout and thrust bearing levelness Precise, repeatable and documented measurements User independent data – minimizes human error from traditional methods Wireless communication Integrated PDF reporting capability High measurement quality through readings interpolation. ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower uses the high-end ROTALIGN Ultra platform and INCLINEO, a high precision electronic inclinometer, for a quick and precise identification of turbine alignment. All important turbine alignment parameters are displayed, such as shaft static plumbness, shaft runout and thrust bearing levelness, including corrections. Compared to the time-consuming traditional methods, ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower guarantees shortened turbine installation and overhaul time to help cut maintenance and operating costs.

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Rotalign touch

ROTALIGN touch is the first cloud-enabled touchscreen laser shaft alignment system with integrated mobile connectivity. Be ready to change the way you align. 3D display animations, capacitive touchscreen and wizard guidance make the alignment experience as easy as using a tablet or smartphone. Voice control frees up both your hands when the alignment job really gets hands-on. The functionality may even be operated with Bluetooth headsets in noisy machine halls. Powered by the unique sensALIGN and intelliSWEEP measurement technology, ROTALIGN touch features the simultanous Live Move mode, now enhanced with an accoustic move assistant to guide you to the correct alignment. Besides offering the best usability in the market, ROTALIGN touch is also the first laser alignment tool fully designed to meet the requirements of the smart factory. With the new ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 software, work orders may be sent via the cloud to a mobile ROTALIGN touch device anywhere in the world and measurement results are sent back straight from the laser alignment tool into the software for monitoring, archiving and advanced reporting. Asset-specific work orders and RFID machine identification make it possible to track the alignment condition of individual assets over time making alignment data a dynamic condition monitoring parameter for asset management and condition-based maintenance programs. The integrated camera enables visual asset and job documentation making the alignment job even easier the next time.

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Rotalign Ultra iS

Easy and quick alignments whether it is a motor-pump set or turbo-machinery trains (up to 14!), ROTALIGN Ultra iS is a highly versatile system made to handle alignment on all types of rotating machines. This best-of-breed laser alignment system will save you a lot of time and effort! With intelliSWEEP, you only get the best measurement results under any external and environmental conditions. Using a number of quality factors such as vibration and backlash, poor quality measurement points are automatically filtered out. Live Move enables one-step machine adjustments through the simultaneous monitoring of machine corrections in both vertical and horizontal directions with the sensor at any angular position on the shaft. Not only does this save a lot of time and effort but it is also extremely useful in case of restricted access to predetermined shaft positions. The modular system is easily configured with expert modules such as Vibration Acceptance Check, Live Trend for the monitoring of thermal growth, simultaneous multi-coupling measurement, RFID machine identification, and geometric measurements. A class 1 Bluetooth module is integrated. PDF reports can be generated and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick. Our alignment software is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.

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