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WIFI Micro-Convex Color Ultrasound Scannerm SIFULTRAS-5.01 (SIFULTRAS-5.01)

2.25 Lakh /Piece
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  • WIFI Micro-Convex Color Ultrasound Scanner, 2 – 5 MHz 128 Elements, 8 inche size ultrasound tool, SI WIFI,Bluetooth Color Micro-Convex Ultrasound Machine Imaging mode: B, C, M, B+B, B+M Frame rate

WIFI Micro-Convex Color Ultrasound Scanner, 2 – 5 MHz 128 Elements, 8 inche size ultrasound tool, SIFULTRAS-5.01 $ 3, 400.00 $ 2, 725.00 WIFI, Bluetooth  Color Micro-Convex Ultrasound Machine Imaging mode:    B, C, M, B+B, B+M Frame rate:     24 fps Element count:     128 Elements changeable Image depth:      <= 200mm Dynamic gain control range:    0~150 dB Adjustable Depth control:     Touch screen gesture Application  :  Cardiology , Baby tissue examination, Pediatric scanning, Fetal position, Placenta, Fetal Heartbeat, Uterus, Amniotic fluid, Urinary bladder Add to cart Categories: 100mm - 280mm,  128 Elements Ultrasound Scanner,  3.5 Mhz Ultrasound Scanner,  5.0 Mhz Ultrasound Scanner,  Cardiologist,  Cardiovascular surgeon,  Color Doppler,  Color ultrasound scanner,  Emergency medicine specialist,  Gynecologic oncologist,  Gynecologist,  Hospice and palliative medicine specialist,  Medical examiner,  Micro Convex Probe,  Obstetrician,  Pain management specialist,  Portable Wired Handheld Probe,  Vascular surgeon,  Ultrasound Scanner,  Bluetooth Ultrasound Scanner,  For Vet & Human Ultrasound Scanner,  Portable Ultrasound Scanner,  USB Ultrasound Scanner,  WiFi Ultrasound Scanner WIFI, BLUETOOTH MICRO CONVEX ULTRASOUND MACHINE , SIFULTRAS-5.01 It’s a 8 inches size ultrasound tool with changeable probe connector that real-time grayscale anatomic and color doppler blood flow images with touch screen   As small as an Iphone, SIFULTRAS-5.01 packs stunning technologies and innovations to offer convenient imaging whenever and wherever needed.SIFULTRAS-5.01 can be widely used in medical applications like hospital clinical treatment, emergency medicine, primary care, obstetrics and gynecology, guided procedures for injections, aspirations, vascular access, and line placement, as well as remote medicine. SIFULTRAS-5.01 fills in gaps of lack of ultrasound image equipment for basic medical institutions in China and the third world countries. As well, it plays more and more important  roles for improving point-of-care, clinical diagnostic methods and efficiency of clinic diagnosis, due to its innovation features like Wifi connection (3G/4G/Wfi), full touch screen and easy-to-use interface for non-radiologist usage, online and offline on-device technical training as well as remote cloud support for reading ultrasound image and guidance for operation.  FEATURE OF SIFULTRAS-5.01 ·  The world first pocket medical smart ultrasound scanner with high speed cellular and Wifi data communication  capability . ·  Clear and rapid imaging for intervention guidance . ·  Special designed full touch UI for each individual application and easy to operation without special training . ·  Automatically syncing data to private cloud for telemedicine and mobile telemedicine . · Android sw operation system to make the applications easy for extendable . · Enables ultrasound whenever and wherever necessary . . Detect pericardial effusion , chest fluid or internal bleeding at ER or in ambulance . . View fetus as they grow . . Detect fetal heart beats . . Monitor the amount of Amniotic fluid during delivery . . Find plaque in Carotid, avoid stroke before it strikes . . Place lines in veins with visual confidence . . Find nodules in thyroids, liversor breasts during screening . . Monitor stones in kedneys, gall bladder and bladders . . Verify bone fractures without X-ray SPECIFICATIONS OF  WIFI MICRO-CONVEX ARRAY PROBE ULTRASOUND SCANNER, SIFULTRAS-5.01:  Product Description  Color Handheld Ultrasound Scanner  Monitor  8 inches LCD High-resolution (1280*720) Full touch screen  Probe Type   128 Elements (changeable)  Frequency  2-5 Mhz   Displaying Mode  B, C, M, B+B, B+M  Cine-loop  1024 Frames  Frame Rate  Convex: <= 16fps / Linear: 24fps  Depth   <= 200mm   Connection Interface  Micro USB2.0, HDMI, 3.5mm Headphone jack, Probe connector  Gain  Convex: 0~150dB / Linear: 0~120dB  (adjustable)  Image Processing  Line smoothing, Frame smoothing, Transversal filter, Longitudinal filter, Sharpening, Gamma transformation, etc .  Power  Built-in battery(5400mAh) to support 2h of continuous scanning  Image Format  JPEG , DICOM  Language  Over 60 different language including English, Spanish, etc .  Measurement  Length, Area, Arrow, Angle, Perimeter, Text .  Camera  Front camera: 2M auto / Rear camera:5M auto focus  Wireless connection  WIFI, BLUETOOTH, 3G/4G, (LTE/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM)  Memory  64 GB  Operating system  Android  Printer  WIFI printer  Cloud  Cloud image storage, cloud file management, standard API & SDK interface, Information sharing platform  Technical Training  Online and offline tutorial, self-built online training material  Remote Software Update  YES >Certifications  CE ISO13485 This product is not to be used in The US . Device Electrical and Mechanical Spec CPU:   1.2GHz Quad-core Cotex A9 OS:         Android 4.3 Touch screen:   Capacitive TP Cellular Network:     Optional (3G/4G) Connectivity: BT 3.0 EDR, WiFi & WAPI, GPS&AGPS Radio:       Stereo FM radio Sensor:       Accelerometer, P/L sensor, E-compass, Gyroscope Keypad:    Power, Freeze and Gain +/- Battery:    5000mAh, up to 3 hours ultrasound continuous scans Dimension:  158mmx84mmx20mm

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