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We offer the best product range of stainless steel battery box, vision battery, Vision VRLA Battery and FIAMM Battery.

stainless steel battery box

  • Model No. 48TL80
  • Nominal Voltage 48 VDC
  • Open Circuit Voltage 51.6V
  • Bus Voltage Range 53 to 59 V
  • Nominal Capacity 80 Ah at C4 to 42V

Technical Features Steel cell case and double stainless steel battery case Integrated battery monitoring system (BMS) for monitoring, diagnostics and data logging User interface on front panel Ready for remote diagnostics and monitoring Compatible with any DC power supply and standard telecom rectifi ers Scalable with parallel operation No memory effect Typical failure mode (internal short) does not develop violent energy release – batteries remain in operation with slight loss of performance BMS diagnostics alert on anomalies and disconnect the battery in case of serious failure Supplementary protection with an independent circuitry in the event of BMS failure Integrated low voltage disconnect (LVD) Benefits 48V sodium nickel chloride battery, specifically designed for telecom application. Suitable for: Hybrid or off-grid installation Installation in remote location Use with renewable energy (Wind Solar) Frequent power outages Extreme temperature conditions Installation with very compact space availability Constant performance at -20° to +60°C -4°F to 140°F No cooling required >2000 cycles at 80% DoD 100% maintenance free in operation Allows remote monitoring Specific energy 70% lighter and 30% smaller than conventional batteries Very low total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other battery technologies Very long shelf life without maintenance Capacity to store energy indefinitely when not connected No outgassing and zero ambient emission

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vision battery

  • Model No. EV8D-330A-AT
  • Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Weight (lbs): 182.8

Vision EV8D-330A-AT by Vision Battery in stock. Vision EV8D-330A-AT battery provides superior performance, capacities, and reliability by using state of the art dry cell technology. EV8D-330A-AT is designed for environmentally sensitive areas that require enhanced cycle life capabilities in commercial, industrial, residential, and private applications.EV8D-330A-AT Features: Non-Hazardous, Non-Spillable Sealed Construction Removable carry handles UL-recognized component

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Vision VRLA Battery

  • Weight 62.8 lbs
  • Model No. UNA12-370WFR
  • Length 12.5 inches
  • Width 6.69 inches
  • Heights 8.66 inches

Note listed price is for pallet quantity – 20 batteries minimum order High Rate Discharge VISION – UNA12-370WFR 12 volt – 95 amp hr VRLA battery VISION – UNA12-370WFR 12 volt – 95 amp hr VRLA battery The new VISION UNA series batteries are specially designed for applications where high power output is needed. By optimum design of battery grids and plate paste formula, the UNA series can delivery up to 40% more power than standard general purpose batteries. Positive and negative plates in lead-calcium tin alloy Superior energy density Operates at a low internal pressure Gas recombination Usable in any orientation A recognized component of UL Case and cover available both Fire Retardant ABS (UL94-VO)

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FIAMM Battery

  • Series FG20722
  • Nominal Voltage 12 Volt
  • Weight 2.45 kg

Fiamm Battery – 12 volt 7.2 amp hour FG20722 are in stock and available to ship immediately. Pallet pricing guarantees the best possible pricing. FG20722 is a general purpose application battery. Within the FG range FIAMM offer 6V and 12V monoblocs at various amp hour capacities enable the right battery selection for each requirement. FIAMM is a Manufacturer of VRLA batteries and is supported by a dedicated sales network with market knowledge and experience of small sealed lead acid battery applications. Features Nominal Voltage 12 Volt Nominal Capacity 7.2 Ah 20 hours rate to 1.75 Vpc at 25 °C Float charging voltage 13.50 – 13.80 Vbloc at 25 °C Boost charge voltage 14.40 – 15.00 Vbloc at 25 °C Float voltage compensation -18mV°C Maximum charging current 1.8 A Case ABS with HB fiammability rate (according UL 94) Internal resistance 24.6 mΩ in full charged condition Weight 2.45 kg Dimensions L x W x H (TH): 151 x 65 x 94 (99) Operative temperature range -20 °C to 50 °C Shelf life procedures As batteries lose part of their capacity, during storage, due to self discharge. Fiamm recommends FG range of batteries can be stored for 6 months at an ambient temperature of 20 and 25 °C (see attached graph on reverse). Longer storage requires a recharge. This should be carried out in line with Fiamm recommended method; 2.4 Vcell for no longer than 24 hours at 20 °C

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