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Bearing Retainer

Bearing Retainer

Spauldite® Phenolic bearing retainer grades offer consistent, proven performance in ball-bearing applications. Spauldite® bearing-retainer grades offer excellent oil retention, light weight, and high strength in a consistent homogeneous material. Spaulding offers these grades in tube form as well as high-precision finished parts.
High strength-to-weight ratio and toughness provide long life even in tough bearing applications.
Excellent machinability in all grades with finer grades such as extra fine linen available as required for finer machining.
Spaulding offers retainer grades in convolute-wound construction that provides high hoop and axial strength.
Spaulding offers convolute-wound bearing-retainer grades from .093 inch to 18 inch inside diameter. Our large inventory of mandrel sizes allows for prompt delivery of virtually any size in between.
Through formulation and process adjustments, Spaulding is able to tailor retainer density for your application. Generally higher density provides greater strength with reduced oil pick up. Lower density allows for greater oil absorption with reduced mechanical properties.

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