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We offer the best product range of Map Reader, Personal Illuminators, Peglight, Raw Light Sources and BETA Light.

Personal Illuminators

A multi-purpose personal illuminator that, by rotating the outer sleeve, enables four clearly defined illuminated profiles. Suitable for use as a torch, personal marker (belt clip included) and route marker. Uses green light.

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The self-illuminating Peglight is a tough, impact resistant spike with a Betalight® securely fitted within. With a viewing angle of 90º the Peglight enables guy ropes or paths to be clearly but discreetly marked. Available in a range of Betalight® colours.

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Map Reader

Enables illumination and magnification of maps in twilight and in darkness in any environmental conditions. White Betalights® ensure that map colours are accurately reproduced and a solid lens eliminates ingress of moisture and ensuing condensation. Housed in impact-resistant black rubber.

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Raw Light Sources

Key: Do - Overall diameter Ri - Inside radius Lo - Overall length Ho - Overall height Li - Lit length Wo - Overall width Wd - Window diameter P - Pip length Note: 1. Dimensions All dimensions are in mm and refer to glasswork only. Paint should be allowed for separately and is normally 0.25mm thickness. 2. Brightness The Betalight brightness is measured phototopically in microlamberts. (1 microlambert = 9.29x10(4) foot lamberts and 3.18x10(3) candelas per square metre.) Details and Illustrations represent the Betalight basic range only. Betalights can be manufactured to suit individual requirements in any colour in the spectrum and to virtually any size or shape. Contact us with your lighting problems.

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BETA Light

Betalux-E is specifically constructed to resist tampering and vandalism. And, whenever you have to specify exit signs for an explosive, corrosive, humid or other harsh environment, Betalux-E is the sign of choice. Betalux-E Specs and Purchasing in the U.S. from SPECIFICATIONS Illumination Source Betalight tubes manufactured from borosilcate (hard) glass internally coated with zinc sulfide phosphor and filled with tritium gas. No electrical energy source required. Brightness Minimum initial brightness at time of manufacture of 0.15 foot lambert. Construction Cased in high impact ABS fire-retardant plastic, with matte clear lexan cover. Face covers: red, green, or black. Case colors: Grey, white or black. Mounting Fixture Design Universal mounting bracket allows for flush ceiling, surface or side mounting. All mounting hardware is tamper- proof. Useful Life In excess of 10 years. Dimensions Length: 324 mm (12.75") Height: 210 mm (8.25") Thickness: 25 mm (1') Legends Legends for all applications in any language can be made available. Betalux Approvals NFPA life satety code 101 OSHA NRC

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With it's self-luminous tritium power, easy installation and sleek design, the Luminexit (B100) self-luminous exit sign is revolutionizing the emergency exit industry. Today, businesses have to do more with less resources, so SRBT has created an emergency exit sign with up to twenty years of maintenance-free life. This self-luminous sign will maintain its illumination day in, day out, for up to twenty years depending on the initial illumination selected. This maintenance-free operation is why many building owners specify Luminexit: it saves them money while providing reliable, safe passage. Luminexit is vandal resistant, waterproof, explosion proof and incapable of generating sparks. Wherever architectural integrity is a priority such as schools, hotels, office buildings, banks, theaters and restaurants, or harsh and dangerous environments such as offshore oil rigs, mines, refineries, munitions plants, and chemical factories, Luminexit is the sign of choice. SRBT built its foundation on quality, service, and customer satisfaction. In continuing with this tradition, SRBT is the only company in the world that recyclesreclaims the tritium gas in old signs. When an exit sign reaches its expiration date, SRBT will recycle the exit sign as part of our service to the customer. When you specify Luminexit, you can be confident that you have installed the very best in safety, providing building occupants with reliable safe passage. SPECIFICATIONS Illumination source Betalight tubes are manufactured from borosilicate (hard) glass internally coated with zinc sulfide phosphor and filled with tritium gas. No electrical energy source required. Brightness Minimum initial brightness at time of manufacture of 0.15 foot lambert. Brightness variation between letters does not exceed a ratio of 3 to 2 . Construction Cased in high impact ABS fire-retardant plastic. Legend covers: red, green, or black. Frame colors: Aluminum, white or black. 6" high letters with 34" stroke Flush, Pendant or Flag Mount Field selectable directional indicators. Options Wire Guard Aluminum Frame Polycarbonate Window Recessed Mount Institutional Frame Pendant Mount Single or Double Faces Useful life Up to 20 years based on initial brightness option selected. Dimensions Length: 396 mm (15.6") Height: 218 mm (8.6") Thickness: 28 mm (1.1") Luminexit approvalsrwri ters Laboratories (U.L.) 924 listed Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) NFPA life safety code 101 OSHA NRC City of Los Angeles State of California

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