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Solidrock International

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Solid Rock International, is a multi-disciplinary high tech company that provide services to customers in a wide range of industry - from Information Technology, to Energy: Oil & Gas, Water Resources, Healthcare: OMS Medical & Insurance, Finance, Water Resources to Water Quality business support globally.


We provide IT (Information Technology) application services, and general business systems solutions.
We are Gold level Intel Technology Solutions Providers.We deliver products, software and hardware systems, Cloud-based technology solutions, data systems, and mobile apps.


In the Healthcare services: we are Masters in OMS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Medical Billing for practising dentists. We handle all reconstructive procedure claims settlement with your insurer, and work on your behalf leveraging our knowledge of State laws and Federal ERISA regulations to the benefit providers and their patients.


Three areas of operations:
IT Services: IT Projects, Consulting, General Technology Solutions & High Tech Product Development & Delivery, Assistive Technologies and Tools, Learning systems and training in use and application of Medical Technology appliances
Equipment & Technical Services: Well Drilling; Pumps; Solar Systems Solutions; Water delivery & Quality
OMS Medical Billing & Claims Recovery for Providers & Patients :

  • Recover some or most of your healthcare expenses.
  • Avoid claim mistakes that cause permanent claim denials.
  • Reduce underpayment: increase your insurance pay by as much as 200% or more compared to underpaid claim!
  • We'll professionally file your claim the right way.

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