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Our offered Product range includes Heat Shrink Splice Kits, Zinc Grounding Cells, Loresco Impressed Current Backfills, Asbury Carbon Backfill and Manhole Encapsulation.

Heat Shrink Splice Kits

CANUSA CASE Anode Splice Encapsulation Kits provide a convenient method of Environmentally sealing and encapsulating anode cable for inline Y, or parallel splices. A single splice kit covers many size cables and ensures a mechanically strong, electrically insulated splice that is sealed from contamination. CASE kits contain all the materials required to completely encapsulate standard split bolt or compression splices and eliminate time consuming taping. The entire kit installs in minutes and when used with the CANUSA CRLS RAIL-LESSe repair sleeve, will provide a permanent environmental seal, with excellent insulation characteristics, and is ready for direct burial immediately after installation. FEATURES EASY INSTALLATION - CASE Anode Splice Encapsulation Kits provide an easy method of sealing splice connections while reducing labor costs. CANUSA CRLS RAIL-LESSI!> repair sleeve provides a fast, simple, and clean insulationconnection system. The sleeving will not split or rupture during normal installation, even when overheated. CRLS sleeving can be installed at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. ENVIRONMENTAL SEAL - The CRLS sleeving provided in the CASE Anode Splice Encapsulation Kit is coated internally with a dual purpose thermoplastic liner and when used with the CTSG sealing tape, and heated, will encapsulate the cable splice connection and provide the mechanical strength of a superior adhesive with the environmental sealing capability and corrosion protection of a high quality mastic

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Zinc Grounding Cells

  • TYPE Two Anode Unit
  • DIAMETER 7" O.D.
  • OVERALL 75
  • APPROXIMATED GROSS WEIGHT (including backfill) 230 pounds

Pre-packaged zinc grounding cells from Federated Metals provide low resistance across an insulating joint without excessive loss of cathodic protection current. Features: -Unprotected pipe -Insulated flange -Cathodically protected pipe -Insulated copper wires connecting zinc anodes and pipeline -Two 60" zinc anodes separated by insulating spacers -Low resistance backfill surrounding Zinc grounding cells from Federated Metals provide positive, long-life protection wherever voltages must be limited in underground metallic systems to reduce danger of shock or arcing and burning of insulated joints_ Typical grounding installations include oil. gas and water pipelines, power stations, oil storage tanks and transmission line towers and cables Features: • Two or four anode units available. • Pre-packaged for easy Installation in sturdy cardboard tubes with wood ends. • Anodes are 1.4" x 1.4" x 60" HI-PURE'" zinc separated by 1" spacers and tape wrapped • Zinc anode composition conforms to ASTM 8-418-73, Type II. • Low resistivity backfill; 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite, 5% sodium sulfate. • Six feet of insulated NO.6 AWG stranded copp:er conductor silver brazed to:Y'" diameter steel core rods

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Loresco Impressed Current Backfills

Loresco offers a full line of earth contact backfills and related products which are designed and produced exclusively for the corrosion industry. All Loresco backfills begin with high-quality carbons that are calcined to exacting standards. These carbons are further processed to enhance various properties depending upon the specific application or field conditions.

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Asbury Carbon Backfill

  • Grade Designation Calcined Fluid Coke - 250
  • Nominal Size 1/4 x 0
  • Carbon 99.9%
  • Bulk Density lbs/cu ft 60

Carbon is Life Carbon is the basic building block of all organic substances and is therefore the basis of all living things. Because carbon combines readily with oxygen, giving off heat as a by-product, it is also a vital energy source. Carbon is one of the most useful of all chemical elements and Asbury Carbons is the most experienced processor of carbon products for industry today. Amorphous carbons such as coal, petroleum coke, pitch coke, active carbon and carbon black have unique physical and chemical properties. These properties enable us to process amorphous carbons for a myriad of industrial applications including chemical reducing agents, carbide forming reagents, metallurgical products, cathodic protection materials and adsorbing carbons just to name a few. Carbon in the form of crystalline graphite possesses a combination of properties including lubricity, refractoriness, chemically inertness, as well as thermal and electrical conduction. These properties make graphite the material of choice for thousands of end-use applications including crucibles, refractories, cements, lubricants, chemical tank linings, powder metal parts, polymer compounds, drilling fluids, electric motor brushes, batteries, artificial diamonds, and others too numerous to mention.

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Manhole Encapsulation

WrapidSeal™ is a wrap around heat shrinkable sheet that has been specifically designed for protection of buried and exposed manhole structures. WrapidSeal™ is supplied in bulk rolls of varying widths and consists of a cross-linked polyolefin backing, coated with a protective heat activated adhesive. A separate closure is used to create a complete sleeve with the adhesive effectively bonding to the substrate, providing corrosion protection and adhesion for the impermeable backing. Heat activated, high shrink membrane Torch-applied, shrinks to fit profile High tensile & elongation Accommodates movement Excellent abrasion resistance Tough product, resists soil stress Bulk roll Fits any size manhole Complete coverage Reduces ground water infiltration Provides corrosion protection Extends service life Once installed, the system creates a barrier to water infiltration and effectively protects the manhole support structure and frame from ground moisture, preventing corrosion and freeze-thaw damage. In below grade vaults or concrete lines, WrapidSealTM is used to minimize water infiltration, reducing dewatering costs and loads on waste water treatment facilities.

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