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soil conditioners

Whether you're pulling the Sunflower 7200 Soil Conditioner behind a primary or secondary tillage tool, the results are the same-Improved Effectiveness of the Host Machine and Enhanced Efficiency of the Operator.

No one else offers the "Exclusive" features found standard on the Sunflower 7200 Soil Conditioner. Wings that flex both up and 10 degrees below level. Adjustable wing sections that allow the Soil Conditioner to be "tailored" to the width of the hose machine. Overlapping gangs to condition soil completely across the entire machine eliminating any misses. And you won't find C-Flex™ mounted "Chevron" reels on the competition either, they just can't keep up.
Designed to enhance the performance of your primary tillage tools
Breaks up surface clods and levels ridges left by aggressive tillage tools
Firmed soil promotes optimum moisture retention and seedsoil contact
Heavy frame provides up to 170 lbs. per foot of stomp
UHMW technology used in high wear areas
1-12" solid gang shaft and triple lip sealed bearings
C-Flex™ hangers used to mount reel gangs to the frame, eliminating springs or pivot points
Fully adjustable gang width and hitch length
Built in "weight bars" in outer frames ensure even down pressure across the entire length of the machine
Available in 15' to 50' widths, 1, 3, & 5 Section Models
Heavy duty, large diameter conditioning reels with 78" dia. rods welded in an exclusive "Chevron" pattern

  • model : 7200

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