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  • High Corrosion Resistance Aluminium Zinc Coating


    • Names : aluminium zinc coating

    According to the galvanized coating have poor corrosion resistance and defect of acid and alkali resistant, our companyI developed JH-9088 high corrosion nano alloy coatings.It can improve the corrosion performance of the coating, make the salt spray time increased to more than 1000 hours, but also increase the hardness, acid and alkali-resistant on the coating surface, and the surface color can be diversified.âï More...

    Biopharma-chemrx Store

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  • Qle 1037 Belt Coating

    • Mix Ratio : 1:1
    • Tensile Strength : 830 psi
    • Viscosity : 126,000 cps
    • Durometer : 61, Shore A
    • Color : Beige

    QLE 1037 is a 100% silicone solids elastomer designed for fabric or cloth coating applications. This two-component system offers tough coating, excellent adhesion and fast cure. More...

  • Bloxide Rust Preventive Weldable Coating

    • Series : Tempil†­ 24100

    Tempil­ 24100 Bloxide Rust Preventive Weldable Coating, 1 Gallon Can 1 EA Bloxide?ø Rust Preventive Weldable Coating, 1 Gallon Can Tempil†­ 24100 Bloxide†­ Rust Preventive Weldable Coating, 1 Gallon Can Features: Being aluminum based, it ensures x-ray quality weld as aluminum acts as a scavenger Does not create hazardous fumes or odor upon welding on the coating Ease of striking the arc directly on the coatin More...

  • Release Coatings

    • Benefits : Water-based, non-flammable, environmentally friendly formulation Excellent release-ease lasting multiple cycles per single application Controlled Transfer to molded part Improved part cosmetics, reduced scrap rates Reduced amount of ammonium perfluor

    Release Coatings for Golf Ball Core and Cover Molding Golf Ball Core and Cover Molding DiamondKoteTM Release Agents For Use In Golf Ball Molding Summary: DiamondKoteTM release agents for golf balls have improved processing and manufacturing efficiency for some of the world’s top golf ball manufacturers. Available in semi-permanent and permanent DiamondKoteTM provides a durable release film effective for the molding More...

    Itw Fluids Na

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  • Powder Coating

    • Size : 20 foot

    Our comprehensive understanding of quality oriented approaches empowers us to provide the product envisioned by our customer. Seamless transitions from cast, finished, powder coating to final inspection and packaging can be accommodated. We feature a complete industrial production line, with a 7 stage pre-treatment cleaning system and a 20 foot state of the art sand blasting cabinet. We have three painting booths, tw More...

  • Duroglide Piston Ring Coating

    • Markets : Light Vehicle Heavy-Duty
    • Product Category : Piston Rings

    DuroGlide® Piston Ring Coating DuroGlide® is a new generation of hydrogen-free Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating developed for use with compression and oil ring designs of piston rings. It offers the highest durability of any piston ring coating type. DuroGlide® Piston Ring Pack reduces CO2 emissions up to 1.5% in light vehicle and heavy-duty engines. High performance DuroGlide® piston rings set new benchmarks fo More...

  • Nylon Coating

    • diameter : 3/64 thru 5/8

    Most common two constructions for nylon coating are 7x7, 7x19 and upon special request we can supply 1x7, 1x19, 6x19 Class and 6x37 Class. Typical nylon coated diameters are 364 thru 58. The outside diameter is laser micrometer inspected during extrusion. Our extrusion line is equipped with a black ink printer capable of printing onto the nylon coating. Our nylon extrusion tooling is cleaned on a regular basis to imp More...

  • Teflon Coating

    • Series : FST8A

    Teflon® Coating (Optional) – Applied to the inner surface of the sample collector and shaft portion of the center port valve assembly. Teflon® Coating is designated by the letter “T” as the third alpha character in the Sampler part number (Ex:FST8A). More...

  • Skylight Coating

    • Model No. : 730

    LDOCOAT 730 is a specially formulated acrylic latex elastomeric coating to provide a clear waterproof, weather resistant, color stable membrane for the protection and renovation of skylights and other like surfaces. ALDOCOAT 730 will cure as a translucent coating and moderately hard to repel extremes in weather and contaminates from pollution. Recommended Uses ALDOCOAT 730 is recommended as a clear protective coating More...

  • Drilling Rig Main Shaft Coating

    • Product Description : Phosphate Coating
    • Material Finish : 16 RMS
    • Volume : 30 per week, ongoing
    • Overall Part Dimensions : 8" to 24" O.D.

    The project highlighted here exemplifies our ability to apply precision grinding and coating processes to large diameter shafts. This customer needed a phosphate coating applied to shafts with variable outside diameters of 8" to 24". Prior to coating the shafts are sand blasted, and then ground on our Landis OD Grinder, which features a 30" swing, and is capable of grinding components up to 240" between centers, and More...

  • Coatings

    • series : TYPE SF, TYPE 10SF ,TYPE A ,TYPE V

    COMBAT® Boron Nitride Industrial Coatings Combat® Boron Nitride Coatings are entirely inorganic, composed of boron nitride powder and a high-temperature bond phase. Supplied in a liquid form suitable for brushing, Combat Boron Nitride Coatings can be diluted with water to spraying and dipping consistencies and applied to a variety of porous and non-porous materials including graphite, metals, ceramics and organics. More...

  • Custom Coating

    • Powder coating (Length Width) : At least 50 stretching meters,Minimum width 130 cm, maximum 160 cm
    • Laminate (Length Width) : At least 25 stretching meters ,Minimum/maximum width 150cm; the foil is 142 cm

    CUSTOM COATING & LAMINATING Couldn’t find a colour or type of fabric in our extensive range? Then it is possible to send your own textiles for coating or laminating. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Thermopatch has two ways of coatinglaminating: • Powder coating. This is mainly used for cotton or a blend of cotton with polyester. • Laminate. This process is more for special or delicate fabrics. Keep in mind that More...

    Thermopatch Corp.

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  • Polyurea Coatings

    • Series : Arma 100 APU

    ARMA 100 APU is a two component, polyurethanepolyurea elastomer system used for bedliners. This product provides a flexible but extremely tough monolithic membrane with excellent water and chemical resistance with a vast variety of other applications. More...

    Arma Coatings

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  • Acl Staticide 4700 Diamond Polyurethane Floor Coating 5 Gal Pail

    • Color: : Gray
    • Components: : 1 part

    ACL Staticide Diamond ESD Paint 4700 Dark Gray is a high performance, water-based polyurethane coating that is used on concrete floors to prevent static. 5 gal Pail.

  • Pigmented Water-based Epoxy Primer Coating

    • Walk on Time (light foot traffic) : 8 – 10 hrs (dependent on temp. & humidity)
    • Mix Ratio by Volume : 1A (resin) : 1B (hardener)
    • Mixed Viscosity, cps : 2400 – 2900
    • Series : WB Epoxy Color - Pigmented Water-Based Epoxy Primer Coating
    • Specific Weight, lb/gal : 9.0 (Part A - resin) 13.0 (Part B - hardener)

    WB Epoxy Color dries quickly (60 – 120 minutes) and can be used as an intermediate coating or as a standalone sealer. WB Epoxy Color contains a unique “lacquer dry” (dust free) cure allowing it to be recoated quickly. It has a long working time (3 hours) which allows larger batches to be mixed. WB Epoxy Color cleans up easily with soap and water from hands and tools. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Long working time of More...

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  • Universal Clear Coating

    • Quantity : 4 x Gallon

    4:1 mix 33 percent solids clearcoat designed for overall and panel refinishing. User-friendly clearcoat is an excellent value for shops for a wide range of conditions.

    Tci Products

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  • Primerless Coatings

    SDC Technologies’ CrystalCoat™ optically clear, primerless coatings are scientifically formulated to protect and maximize the performance of your products. These primer-free coatings deliver best-in-class abrasion and chemical resistance. Providing exceptional product stability and a long service life, they are uniquely designed to enhance adhesion on polycarbonate substrates, and are ideally suited for ophthalmi

    Sdc Technologies

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  • Glass Coatings

    BPA Free Certified Low energy cure at 300F Fast dry-to-touch, before bake Low VOC water reducible coatings Excellent scratch scruff resistance Custom colors with tints and dyes Markets Served Glass bottles – 100% adhesion to glass and difficult substrates. Available in low frost and high gloss clear.

  • Core Coating

    Low Volume and High Volume (millions) production coating. Experience in small (0.300") and moderate sized (up to 3') metal, ceramic, or plastic product. Quick turnaround is a specialty. Painting is done in Anaheim, California.

    Lodestone Pacific

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  • Physical Vapor Deposition Coatings

    Ti-Coating’s physical vapor deposition (PVD) process utilizes the latest developments in technology to produce multi-layered and composite heat resistant coatings. These coatings provide our clients with tool life that far exceeds standard titanium nitride coatings. We go beyond just coating, working with clients to help solve their coating issues and arrive at efficient solutions. Typically, a variety of carbide a

    Ti-coating, Inc.

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  • Thermal Protection Coating

    Matrix Coatings Corp. offers Thermal Protection Coatings that utilize space age technology. This class of coatings is based on the MA-25S and MI-15 ablativeinsulative coating system that can withstand searing heat; Continuous use temperature of 600°F (315°C) with excursions to 2000°F (1093°C) for 10 minutes are possible.

  • Surface Coatings

    Acu® coatings are a dry to touch modified acrylic multilayer coatings that delivers optimum performance in lubricity, corrosion resistance and superior color consistency. Gemstone™ cosmetic solutions are dedicated to the creation of products that look as good as they perform. The decorative solutions range from special finishes and coatings to complex machined geometries. Fasteners with Optia® coating, a thin-fil

    Spiralock Corp.

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  • Coatings

    Diathon™ is a 100% acrylic elastomer coating that combines high solids emulation polymers, reinforcing laminar pigments, biocides and non-migrating fire retardants for superior durability, weatherproofing, mildew resistance, ultraviolet resistance and fire resistance. The fire retardant chemicals are permanently locked into the cured coating. Diathon™ is unique among acrylic elastomers in that elongation and tens

    Utah Foam Products

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  • Reflective Coatings

    Our Reflective coatings produce a bright reflective coating for commercial, industrial, and automotive lighting applications.

    Dixline Corp.

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  • Custom Dip Coating

    You can rely on Kathom Manufacturing Company Inc. custom dip coating services to add a tough, durable, and cosmetically appealing coating to your aluminum, steel, copper, or glass parts. We are experts in the field and operate a variety of proprietary dip coating lines to handle projects with various levels of complexity. We have a proven track record of fast turnaround, on-time performance, and our advanced quality

    Kathom Mfg. Co.

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  • Blackshell - 1/4 Pint

    BlackShell is a super tough, gloss black protective coating and top coat. It can be applied over painted or unpainted surfaces and can be used as a stand-alone protective coating that will protect your assets. For the ultimate protection, simply apply BlackShell as a topcoat over the patented Standard or Automotive Formulas to create the strongest armor tough, chip resistant protection against rust and corrosion ever

    Rust Bullet

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  • Ibs Coatings

    Perkins Precision Developments (PPD) manufactures custom IBS coated laser mirrors, beam splitters, polarizers and other precision optical components for wavelengths from 266nm to 3um. PPD utilizes Ion Beam Sputtered coating technology because it is ideal for complex spectral designs, high power Nd:YAG & fiber lasers and applications where it is critical to minimize losses from absorption andor scatter. IBS thin films

  • Thermal Spray Powders & Coatings

    California Nanotechnologies, Inc. provides several tungsten carbide-cobalt based cermet powders for thermal spraying in a variety of applications. CNO cermets provide the benefits of WC-based materials plus the benefits of nano-enhanced properties. Potential applications include aerospace, oil & gas, pulp and paper, energy, sporting goods and many other industries. The nano-scale additions provide increases in mechan

  • Robotic Coating

    Sonaer makes our standard robot coating system for production or product research and development. The robot used is our gantry type configured with any atomizer nozzles with or without spray shaping attachments, pumps of any type can be used and gas attachments with pressure regulator. For customers who want to coat products with solutions, Sonaer engineers will assist customer and help with the required application


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  • Yttria-stabilized Zirconia Thermal Barrier Coating

    Yttria-stabilized zirconia is applied by low temperature (1292°F [700°C]) chemical vapor deposition to create a cost-effective, robust thermal barrier coating that can be applied to complex-shaped components. The coating is suitable for nickel-based superalloy turbine engine components.


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