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  • Double Sided Tissue Tape

    • Adeshive side : Double Sided
    • Use : Tissue Paper
    • Material : Polyimide
    • Certification : ISI Certified
    • Features : High Voltage Resist, Holographic, Long Life
    • Packaging Type : Corrugated Box, Paper Box

    Avy Global

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  • Dc-g056a High Tack Red Double Sided Tape

    • Tensile : 28 lbs/in.
    • Adhesive : Red Synthetic Copolymer
    • Carrier : 1 mil / BOPP film
    • Adhesion : Adhesion
    • Thickness : 5.0 mils

    DC-G056A is a 5 mils premium double sided polypropylene tape designed for difficult applications requiring a high performance tape. DC-G056A has an exclusive high tack red colored adhesive which offers outstanding adhesion to many difficult to bond surfaces More...

  • Double Sided Pe Foam Mounting Tape

    • Type of adhesive : tackified acrylic
    • Total thickness : 39.37 mils
    • Color : black, white
    • Backing material : PE foam

    tesa® 62510 is a double-sided PE-foam tape for mounting applications. It consists of a highly conformable PE-foam backing coated with a tackified acrylic adhesive. Product benefits: *High ultimate adhesion level for a reliable bonding performance *UV, water and age resistant Suitable for outdoor applications * Conformable PE foam core with high inner strength Suitable for automatic and manual module assembly More...

    Tesa Tape

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  • Double Sided Polyimide Tapes

    • Part Number : PPTDE-1/4

    Double Sided Polyimide Tapes are made of 1 mil polyimide film with 1.5 mil of silicone adhesive coating on each side. They can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F(260°C). Double Sided Polyimide Tapes offer an excellent performance in electrical and thermal insulation and has high dielectric strength. These tapes offer outstanding thermal endurance with excellent puncture and tear resistance. They conform to MIL S More...

    Masking Products

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  • Double-sided Tape

    • PACK : 4
    • ITEM : 54744
    • SIZE : 2″ x 60′

    E-Z UP® DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE Our double-sided tape provides a tight seal with plastic sheeting and features release paper for easy application. Up to 14 days of use. Keep dust contained during the job, your customer will definitely appreciate it! WARNING: Test tape overnight on a discrete surface before applying to entire surface. Provides a tight seal with plastic sheeting 2″ x 60′ roll Up to 14 days of use More...

    Trimaco, Llc

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  • Double Sided Tape For Mounting

    • Adhesive Coat Weight : 3.0 mils
    • Adhesion oz./inch : 95

    .5 mil clear film coated both sides with solvent acrylic adhesive. 60 lb. kraft liner. The strongest double sided tape we manufacture is the Max-Bond series. This is our equivalent to VHB designed to handle many mounting and bonding applications in the Automotive and Construction industries. Our general purpose, and most economical 2 sided tape is 727 (polyester film carrier), and 729 (tissue carrier) with a modified More...

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  • Double Coated Polyester Tape

    • 55M : 12mm
    • 33M : 12mm

    Double-Coated Polyester Tape (DC PET) and Double-Coated PVC Tapes (DC PVC) are clear (PET) and clear and white (PVC), 8 mil thick tapes coated with permanent and highly aggressive, modified acrylic adhesive resistant to UV degradation and operable within a wide temperature range. These tapes have either a non-tearing, red plastic liner for easy removal (DC PET) or a silicone paper liner (DC PVC) If you require a tape More...

    All-tape Solutions

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  • Vhb Double Coated Solid Acrylic Foam Bonding Tape - General Purpose

    • Adhesive Coating : Double Coated
    • Backing / Carrier : Acrylic Foam
    • Brand Part Number : 3M 4905

    3M™ VHB™ 4905 is a 20 mil clear solid acrylic foam tape with double coated acrylic adhesive. The general purpose adhesive bonds to most higher surface energy substrates, including metal, glass, and high surface energy plastics. More...

    Mbk Tape Solutions

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  • Double Coated Tissue Tape

    • Total Tape Thickness : 3.5 mil
    • Series : D347

    A product that is great for general purpose bonding, fixing, mounting, and splicing. It is hand-tearable with high tack and quick bond. This is a great laminating adhesive with a solvent acrylic adhesive system. Excellent for foam laminating and mounting nameplates and signs. Applications: Assembly, Bonding, Splicing Construction: Double Sided Carrier: Tissue (White) Carrier Thickness: 1.5 mil Adhesive Type: Acrylic More...

  • Double Faced Red Splice Tape

    • Substrate Thickness: : .5 mil
    • Part Number: : CO515
    • Adhesive Type: : Acrylic

    This tape has high tack, high adhesion, high shear strength, and excellent low and high temperature performance. It is used in the manufacturing of paper, plastics, foils, and other continuous web processes when a visual splice is critical. More...


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  • Polyken Double Coated Carpet Tape

    • Size : 105c

    Polyken 105C is a double sided cloth tape with a blue release liner. The high grade silicone coated polyethylene release liner facilitates easy unwind with an extremely aggressive adhesive. All while featuring a residue-free removal from most flooring surfaces Specialty Tape Converting offers Polyken 105c in a wide variety of standard and custom sizes. Polyken 105c is the number one Exhibition Carpet Tape. Removable. More...

  • Double Coated Tapes -- 2100 Series

    • Part : PN19177
    • Adhesive : Rubber

    2116-TR is a general purpose tape coated on a woven scrim substrate with a permanent high tack, high shear rubber PSA on both sides. 2116-TR is specifically designed to be laminated to rubber and foam substrates for permanent bond applications. The adhesive also adheres well to plastic and LSE substrates More...

    Lamart Corporation

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  • Double Coated Tapes

    • Color : White
    • Thickness : 1/32", 1/16", 1/8"

    Double Coated PVC Tape Offering a super strong, heavy duty acrylic adhesive for permanent bonding of plastic, metal and wood surfaces, including heavy signs. Double-Coated Tissue Tape This is a thin tape(4 mil) that has high instant tack and good adhesive power. Used for attaching job tickets, affixing decorative trim or mounting light weight plastic & aluminum parts. Double-Coated Paper Tape Offering a 12 mil double More..., Inc

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  • Nf1701, General Purpose Double Coated Tapes

    • Liner Type: : 78# SCK
    • Adhesive Type: : Acrylic
    • Adhesive Thickness: : 1.3 mils / 1.3 mils

    This product is ideal for laminating to a wide variety of materials. It offers excellent general performance, good thermal stability and die cutting capabilities.

  • Double Coated Tape

    • Substrate: : 0.5-mil Polyester Film
    • Adhesive: : Solvent Acrylic

    SSL double coated tape  Aggressive acrylic adhesive system  Bonds well over a wide range of environmental conditions

  • Double- Sided Paper Tapes

    Double- Sided and Transfer Tapes are designed to increase manufacturing efficiency by replacing traditional bonding and fastening materials. They can be used on paper, metal, aluminum, glass, ceramic, rubber, painted surfaces, textile, cotton, UPVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, acrylate, polystyrene, polycarbonate.

    Pillar Tapes

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  • Double Sided Polyester Tape

    Double sided transparent polyester tape coated with high performance acrylic solvent adhesive. Suitable heavy stress and high temperature resistant for permanent bonding.Excellent quick stick with strong adhesion, and high tensile strength.Suitable for most demanding applications.

    Cellux Llc

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  • Double-sided Tape

    When it comes to finding the perfect solution for just about any bonding application between a variety of substrates and surfaces, count on double-sided tape from IPG® and Cactus®. Intended as a sleek companion or alternative to traditional rivets, screws, or glue, our double-sided tapes are ideal when an aggressive long-term or permanent bonding solution is needed. Available in a wide variety of sizes, types and s

  • Scapa Double Sided Tapes

    Scapa Double Sided and Transfer Tapes encompass a wide variety of pressure sensitive solutions that are designed to increase manufacturing efficiency by replacing traditional bonding and fastening materials. Our Double Sided and Transfer Tapes provide durable, reliable and effective bonding, fixing and splicing of the following substrates: Paper Metal, aluminium Glass, ceramic Rubber Painted surfaces Textile, cotton

    Scapa Group Plc

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  • Single Sided Foam Tapes

    A 14 inch thick closed cell vinyl foam coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive system Plustar is a leading distributor of Single Sided and Double Sided Foam Tapes, Single Sided Foam Tapes. Follow one of the links below to learn more about our various types of Single Sided and Double Sided Foam Tapes, Single Sided Foam Tapes. Or for immediate assistance


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  • Double Coated Tape

    Double Coated Tape Foam Golf Grip Plate Mounting Paper Polyester Adhesive Transfer Cloth Vinyl Repulpable Splicing Tissue Polypropylene


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  • Double Coated Tapes

    You are challenged to make products and processes better. We have the science to help. We can borrow from one technology, such as one of our vast tape formulations, combine it with cross-linking chemistry and create a fast-tack, strong holding water-based adhesive. We infused viscoelastic foam with our unique adhesives to create an amazingly strong, easy-to-use bonding tape. We took ordinary elastomeric materials and

    Action Fabricators

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  • Double Coated Tapes

    Advantage Adhesives double coated tapes consist of high performance, high strength, and general purpose adhesives. These products offer stability, integrity and die cuttability.

  • Double Coated Foam Tapes

    DOUBLE COATED FOAMS Innotec of WI, Inc. double sided foam tapes are coated with a specially formulated solvent rubber or acrylic adhesives. They can withstand temperature variation, have resistance to weathering, some UV resistance and can be used for long-term bonding or temporary applications. DOUBLE COATED UHB FOAMS Innotec of WI, Inc. is a convertor of double coated acrylic UHB (ultra high bond) adhesive foams. T

  • Double-coated Adhesive Tapes

    A fairly thin, flexible carrier adhesive material that is coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive adhesive Used to bond two substrates, either similar or dissimilar in nature, together Highly customizable with the two adhesive layers being the same or different adhesives Protected by a release liner on one side with the other side exposed Ideal for gasket bonding, insulation materials, bonding electronic compo

  • Double-coated Film Tapes

    ATIC adhesive film tape - Typical use on mounting of plastic parts in the car industry, decorative profiles and mouldings in the furniture industry, battery packs, lenses and touch-screens in electronic devices in the appliance industry, decorative POS materials and displays, signs and scales.

  • Double Coated Tapes

    have an adhesive coated on both sides of a central carrier, often a thin (0.5 mil) polyester, but many films, papers, foams and more can be used. These products also use release liner, which is normally also double sided and uses a differential release to enable easy unwind and application. The adhesive on each side of the carrier can be the same, but can also be different, for example using a high tack adhesive on o

    Cct Tapes

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  • Double Coated Tape

    A double coated tape consist of a carrier that can be made of many materials but usually is a film or tissue. The adhesive is coated on both sides and covered by a two side silicone liner to allow for unwind. These products offer the benefits of dimensional stability when laminated to extensible materials. They are also easier to slit and die-cut then transfer films. Two layers of adhesive also allow for using differ

  • Double Coated Tape

    While we populate this area, please feel free to call us! Universal Tape has been in business for over 50 years & we specialize in customization for all applications. Contact us so we can find your perfect solution

    Universal Tape Co.

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  • Double Coated Foam Tapes

    Double Coated Foam Tapes in Production Assembly 3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 4451 A polyethylene, conformable, double-coated, closed-cell foam tape. 132 in thick. 3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 4462 A polyethylene, conformable, double-coated, closed-cell foam tape. 132 in thick. 3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 4466 A polyethylene, conformable, double-coated, closed-cell foam tape.

  • Double Coated Tapes

    A full line of double coated tapes with a wide range of carrier selections: tissue, saturated kraft paper, PET, UPVC, etc. • Double coated black or white foam, thickness ranges from 1 ⁄32" to 1 ⁄4". Available in both solvent based rubber or acrylic adhesive systems that can withstand the elements.

  • Double-coated Paper Tapes

    Double Coated Tapes are engineered with adhesive on both sides of film, paper, or tissue. This increases the dimensional stability of the adhesive for easy handling and application. Select paper, polyester film or other synthetic carriers to help meet your special needs. Different adhesives—rubber, silicone or acrylic—can be on opposite sides of the carrier to join different materials. Your choice of properties i