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Npk Fertilizer

Npk Fertilizer

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  • Urea N46 Fertilizer

    • Nitrogen : ≥46%
    • Biuret : ≤1.0%
    • Purity : 99% min
    • Size : 0.85mm-2.8mm 90%min
    • Moisture : ≤1.0%
    • Pack Size : 10kg, 50kg ,500kg
    • Usage : Agriculture

    Jbs Expoter

    California | More...


  • The Nano-ag Answer

    • Other Ingredients: Non-plant food material : 93.4%
    • Available Phosphate (P2O5) : 0.1%
    • Soluble Potash (K2O) : 5.5% (Derived from kelp)
    • Total Nitrogen (N) : 1.0% (1.0% Water Soluzble Nitrogen)

    THE NANO-AG ANSWER®  truly is a revolutionary product that has been helping farms decrease costs, increase production, and improve the quality of crop and soil. It has proven to promote an optimal pH balance, increased availability and utilization of nutrients, rapid root development, enhanced water-holding capacity, enhanced water filtration and retention, and optimal plant growth, performance and yield pot More...

    The Greener Answer

    Nevada | More...


  • Agriculture Fertilizers

    • moisture : 0-10%, 10-20%
    • Color : Blue
    • Packaging Type : Plastic Bag
    • Pack Size : 25kg, 50kg
    • Purity (%) : 99%min
    • Release Type : Controlled
    • Form : Granules
    • Application : Agriculture

    Gem General Trading Ltd

    Ohio | More...


  • High Effect Silica Fertiliser With Sio2 50%

    • Type : Silicon fertilizer
    • Water-soluble : 100% soluble

    Water-soluble silicon fertilizer is produced by the sodium silicate raw material and spray drying method. The silicon fertilizer is a full soluble white powder, is a kind mixture of sodium silicate and sodium metasilicate, do not contain any other vice composition, water soluble silica content is 50% ~ 60%, has high effective silicon content. Product information Product name-Silicon fertilizer Water-solubility-100% s More...

    Biopharma-chemrx Store

    San Francisco | More...

  • Organic Fertiliser

    • Product Use : Agriculture: pharmaceutical, golf courses, greenhouses, flower and fruit production, etc.
    • Bulk sizes available : 1000 liters
    • Raw Material : Peat, moor water, liquid seaweed
    • Price : USD 4.00 per liter
    • Product safety : Irish Organic Fertilizer is safe around children and pets
    • Special Features : Humic acid, fulvic acid
    • Application Method : Varies – contact us for consultation

    Irish Organic Fertiliser is appropriate for a wide range of agricultural applications, stimulating plant metabolism, increasing enzyme activity and acting as a catalyst in plant respiration, it also increases cell division and cell elongation. Specifications Irish Organic Fertiliser Ingredients :Organic humic acid and moor water, blended with organic seaweed to feed plants and soil. Product description : Each bottle More...

    Monadubh Llc Irish Organic Fertiliser

    Pennsylvania | More...

  • Bio Organic Fertilizer


    • Application : Agriculture, Soil Application
    • Type : Organic Fertilizer, Bio Organic Fertilizer
    • Purity : 100%
    • Brand Name : lvzhiyua
    • State : Granules
    • CAS No. : NY798
    • EINECS No. : 271-030-1
    • Other Names : Biological Fertilizer
    • Release Type : Quick, Fast

    organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer can be used for vegetables, fruit, frui ttrees, food crops, and flowers.It can help the crops strong and improve soil acidity and alkalinity and increase nutrition. Organic fertilizer has many advantages such as:decomposition of root poison、ph is neutral、eliminate fertilizer toxicity、eliminate drug toxicity、fungal control、Fixed nutrient More...


    Baytown | More...

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  • Npk Complex Fertilizer (17-17-17)

    24,850/Metric Ton


    We are producers of first grade npk complex 17-17-17) with 99.98% purity level.our products do meet who standard of environmental safety and yields good agricultural out put.please do contact us for more details.

    Glex Products

    Northridge | More...

  • Seaweed Fertilizer Ascophyllum Nodosum

    7,100/Metric Ton

    • Seaweed Fertilizer Ascophyllum Nodosum : black

    We are leading manufactures and exporters of all types of Products that we are ready to sell to any serious and long term buyer that is ready to do long term business with us in near future . We are rigorously engaged in exporting a qualitative range of Grade A products . We are based in Australia and Poland. Our offered Vegetable Oil, Nuts, Seeds and many other products is well-appreciated for their qualities, long More...

    24hrs Pharmaceutical Ltd

    ontario | More...

  • Fertilizers

    • Type : Organic Fertilizer
    • Brand Name : Organic Fertilizer
    • Organic Fertilizer : Organic Fertilizer

    type :  organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer application :  agriculture, soil application other names :  biological fertilizer release type :  quick, fast state :  granules purity :  100% brand name :  lvzhiyua cas no. :  ny798 einecs no. :  271-030-1 organic fertilizer :  liquid, solid organic fertilizer. organic fertilizer can be used for vegetables, fruit, frui ttrees, food crops, and flowers.it ca More...

    Costco Group

    California | More...

  • Neptunes Organic Fish Fertilizer

    • Size : 275 gal

    Neptune's Harvest® (2-4-0.5) organic fish fertilizer (fish hydrolysate) delivers naturally occurring enzymes present in fresh North Atlantic fish. This is one of the highest quality fish fertilizers available. Produced using a unique cold process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, growth hormones and the micro macro nutrients naturally found in fish. Undergoes a double-filter process making it especia More...


    Po Drawer T Gonzales, Ca 93926 | More...

  • Ammonium Chloride Fertilizer

    • Place of Origin : China

    Email: universalmarketingltd@outlook.com Tel: +8613434230453 Skype : morgan.shop Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Chloride 99.50%.Ammonium Chloride Fertilizer Grade Chemical formula:NH4CI Molecular:53.49 Property:Colorless cubic crystal or white crystal in appearance with a salty, bitter flavor. Application:widely used in pharmaceuticals, batteries, textile dyeing, fertilizers, leather tanning, electrical plating and dete More...

    Morgan Bulldog Farm

    Minnesota | More...

  • Skaf Organic Fertilizer

    • organic fertilizer : Liquid
    • soil conditioner : fertilizer
    • Brand Name : Organic Growers

    We are offering We want to find one company in each country to own the license for our Organic Growers fertilizer project. Projected profits for each project owner are very high! Prior agricultural experience not necessary. Our main SKAF formula can’t be copied and works in all soils and all types of crops. Our Licensees can make very high profits doing our final blending in their own country with equipment we give More...

    Global Marketing Inc

    570 Tuscan View Drive | More...

  • Urea Fertilizer

    We are counted amongst the known Exporters and Suppliers of excellent quality and pure Urea Fertilizer . Sourced from the trusted vendors, our Urea Fertilizer is 46% granular and contains zero adulterants and minimum moisture level. Our Agricultural Grade Urea Fertilizer is widely in demand amongst buyers across the globe. Urea Fertilizer that we offer is non-radioactive and available in safe packaging. We offer bulk

    Vic Group International

    Florida | More...


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  • Flower Fertiliser

    Ecosmart Fruit & Flower Fertiliser is formulated to enrich garden soil by providing a balanced mix of essential nutrients and essential trace elements to encourage active healthy growth. It is ideal as a basic food for vegetables, fruit trees and vines, annual flowers and seedlings as well as for regular applications to perennials, ornamentals, shrubs and trees. Ecosmart Fruit & Flower Fertiliser contains NutriPlus,


    Gilbert Az. Usa 85234 | More...

  • Chemicals Fertilisers

    LM international work directly with refineries and manufacturers of fertilizers in middle east and russia. Also we represent many manufacturers for industrial and oil field chemicals and we are well reputed in this business.

    L-m International

    3184 Amsdell Road Hamburg, New York 14075 | More...

  • Urea 46% Nitrogen Fertilizer

    12,070/Metric Ton

    Specifications nitrogen : 46% minimum moisture : 0.5% maximum by method of drying biuret : 1.0% maximum free ammonia : 160pxt, ppm max melting point : 132 degree celsius color : pure white prilled or standard white free flowing : 100% anti-caking treated prill : 95% maximum physical : free from harmful substances, impurities and dust radiation : certified non radio active granulation : 1-4mm 90% minimum molecular wei

    Fair Trade Ltd

    Washington DC | More...

  • Urea Fertilizers

    The most important nitrogenous fertilizer, urea fertilizer is the king of fertilizers for its high nitrogen content. Global Trade Partners LLC has been the leading Exporter and Supplier of urea-based fertilisers, which have been in application across farms since years. We provide high-grade urea fertilisers, which are inspected for quality before delivery for the perfect yield and produce, year after year.

    Global Trade Partners Llc

    California | More...

  • Halon

    HALON 1211 is a liquified gas, pressurized with nitrogen, which discharges as a vapor causing no cold or static shock and no impairment of the operator’s vision. This “CLEAN” agent quickly penetrates difficult to see and hard to reach areas and leaves no residue. It is recommended for protection of delicate, sensitive and expensive computers, electrical equipment, tapes and film, automotive and aircraft engines

    Keane Fire & Safety Inc.

    Waltham, Ma 02451 Map | More...

  • High Grade A Monoammonium Phosphate (map) And Diammonium Phosphate (dap) Fertilizers

    mono ammonium phosphate   ( map ) alias : ammonium dihydrogen phosphate; industrial map einecs no .: 231-764-5 cas no.  : 7722-76-1 molecular formula:  nh 4 h 2 po 4 mw : 115.03 character:  the melting point is 190 ° c and density is 1.02 g / ml ( 20 °c , storage conditions is 2-8 °c ). It dissolved in water, and the solubility is 368g / l (20 ºc). applications  : used as wood, paper, fabric flame retardant,


    new york | More...

  • A Grade Urea Fertilizer

    we are offeriing High Quality Agricultural grade and Industrial grade Urea Urea industry, agri grade 46% prilled N46 Nitrogen: 46.6%Moisture: 0.4% Biuret:0.9% Particle size(0.85-2.80mm): 98% Urea industry, agri grade 46% prilled N46 Nitrogen: 46.6%Moisture: 0.4% Biuret:0.9% Particle size(0.85-2.80mm): 98%orUrea 46% or Urea N 46% or Urea prilled or Industry Urea CAS:57-13-6 Molecular Formula:CH4N2Ol Molecular Weight:6

    Medical Company Ltd

    Chicago | More...

  • Arbor-plus - Tree & Shrub, Root Feed & Foliar Blend

    arbor-plus™ provides a liquid concentrate of act® , in a balanced blend of primary and micronutrients. These promote quicker healing, deep root growth, plus stronger vertical and horizontal growth of trees and shrubs. In the soil, arbor-plus™ promotes aerobic biological activity, helping the soil to breathe which helps to reduce the growth of disease-causing anaerobic bacteria that can destroy roots. Its trace n

    Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

    Glendale, AZ | More...

  • Granular Urea Fertilizer

    We make use of finest and experts' certified packaging material, by this we ensure that the products are safe from the external damaging factors that include physical, chemical and other invasions. The basic material that we use for the production of the entire range is carefully sourced from the trusted vendors. Moreover, we strictly check the materials against all quality grounds before procurement.

    Champion Commodities, Llc.

    Gadsden | More...

  • Urea N46 Fertilizer

    We have 45, 800/MT Urea N46% Granular in our way house for sale: Nitrogen : 46.23% Moisture: 0.39% Free Ammonia: 55 ppm Biuret: 0.76% Granules: Free flowing, treated against caking Granulation: +4mm - 7.90% +2mm~4mm - 90%

    Camurea Ltd

    Albany | More...

  • Amino Acid Bio-organic Fertilizer

    Granular amino acid bio-organic fertilizer specification organic matter >45%or 60% amino acid>5% humic acid>5% organic npk>5% active bacteria>0.2billiongram application crops it can be used in the middle and later growing period of plant.it has excellent bentoniting and coloring effect, especially can be applied in high ph value alkaline soil to improve soil quality as a good soil conditioner. Product function&benefi

    Golbal Dealers

    jiangsu | More...

  • Ammonium Sulphate

    21,300/Metric Ton

    We are offering Ammonium Sulphate. Ammonium sulphate is one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers. Ammonium sulphate provides an equal balance of nitrogen and sulphur and can make crops thrive and improve fruit quality and yield and also strengthen resistance to disaster . Ammonium sulphate is the best fast releasing, quick acting and can be used directly for a wide range of soil and crops, and also as seed fe

    Mitchell And Son

    Gurnee | More...

  • Fertilizer

    There are twelve essential nutrients which plants must take up from the soil. The macronutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K). Plants need smaller amounts of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sulphur (S). These are called secondary nutrients. Plants need micronutrients in very small amounts. The micronutrients are iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), boron (B), copper (Cu) and molybdenum (Mo). Nu


    40 Deep Creek Bench Rd Livingston, Mt, U.s.a. 59047 | More...

  • Chemical Fertilizer

    Universal Ferbor G10 is an extract form of Boron rich Ulexite having Boron content min. 10%. It is found universally ideal Boron Rich compound as Agro fertilizer and used with other Mix Fertilizer as its Granular Size, Bulk Density and Surface Area are closely matching other fertilizers. This provides uniform distribution as plant nutrients. The product Universal Ferbor G10 is having relative advantages over other co

    Slk Us Borax Inc.

    2376,good Speed Drive, Apartment , Schaumburg, Chicago, Illinois | More...

  • Npk Fertilizer

    NPK Fertilizer that we offer is well processed and thus, buying it from us will be the safest option for the buyers. We are counted among the top companies, which are engaged in exporting and supplying NPK Fertilizer. We have developed a vast distribution network that enables us to deliver retail as well as bulk orders for NPK Fertilizer within the committed time frame. Details Min. Quantity - 2.500 mt Max. Quantity

    Mk Export International

    4126 E, Main | More...

  • Omri-listed 6 Fertilizer

    OMRI-Listed 6-2-2 Fertilizer An excellent combination of fast and slow release nutrients for season long effect. Use it in food crops, new turf and blends of potting mix for an organic nutrient boost.

    Intelligrowth Ind

    3450 W Spencer St | More...

  • Boron Probiotic Nutrient Fertilizer

    Our organization is a well-known name in United States(United States), reputed for supplying the finest range of the product at the lowest prices. We follow the globally accepted packaging norms that help us in delivering the products safely. Our professionals ensure that the packing material we use keeps the product safe from external damaging factors. Benefits of Use : More rapid growth due to enhanced cell divisio

    Omacy International

    Utah | More...


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