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  • Clear Carton Sealing Tape With Acrylic Adhesive

    • Total Thickness : 1.65 mil
    • Film Type : B.O.P.P.
    • Peel Adhesion : 17 oz/in width
    • Adhesive : Acrylic

    Tough, impact resistant BOPP film has been designed as an economically priced production grade carton sealing tape. Out acrylic adhesive system provides reliable all temperature performance in freezer cold or summer heat, with superior quick stick and fiber tear, excellent resistance to aging, weathering, U.V. light and yellowing. Available in both machine and hand length rolls Available in tan, clear, also white, co More...

  • Surgical Adhesive Tape

    • Size : 1/2″ x 5yds

    Zinc Oxide tape: N-TA (in core) Silk tape: N-TB (in core) Paper tape: N-TC (in core) Plastic tape: N-TD (in core) Easy to tear or cut Hypoallergenic Excellent adhesion Skin friendly Porous and breathable Available on dispensers or spool

  • Hook N' Loop Tape With Rubber Adhesive Backing

    • Cases: # of Rolls per Case : 24
    • Width (inches) : 1/2
    • Rolls: Yards per Roll : 25

    In the display business, having the versatility and functionality of a Hook n' Loop fastener is a must. Also available in adhesive backed coins and sew-on tape

  • Tapes

    • model : 23 19MM
    • Tape Length : 9m
    • Tape Width : 19mm

    The Scotch 23 electrical tape is a highly conformable self-amalgamating EPR based tape which simplifies high voltage and water resistant insulation because of its easy build-up and high stretch. It is suitable for use with all solid dielectric cable insulations. The tape conforms to BS3924 and IEC 454. More...

    Newark Element14

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  • Curad Elastic Foam Adhesive Tape

    • Item : CUR26316RB

    Highly conformable, multi-directional stretch promotes patient comfort and accommodates swelling. Moderate adhesion secures dressings over challenging areas and can be used to provide compression applications Smooth, cushioned elastic foam backing protects wound site and dressings Water resistant for greater durability Not made with natural rubber latex More...

  • Low Adhesive Solvent Resistant Screen Tape

    • Length : 55 yd.
    • Width : 2 in.

    Low Adhesive Solvent Resistant Screen Tape White - 2 In. 6pk For masking the edges of your screen after the emulsion or stencil has been applied. Leaves no residue and is easy to remove. Width: 2 in. Length: 55 yd. Quantity: 6 rolls More...


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  • Adhesive Transfer Tape

    • TT 3 - 3000' : 1/2"
    • RW ATG - 33M : 12mm
    • TT 3 - 6000' : 1/2"
    • RW ATG - 55M : 12mm
    • TT 3 - 4500' : 1/2"

    Adhesive Transfer Tape is available in many variations. Shown above, is reverse-wound adhesive transfer with a 1” core to be used in an ATG gun applicator . Adhesive Transfer is also available in a variety of widths on a 3” core with permanent and removable adhesives, and in much longer roll lengths for the business forms industry. Let us know what your application andor industry is and we’ll recommend the corr More...

    All-tape Solutions

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  • Adhesive Transfer Tape

    • Adhesion oz./inch : 85
    • Adhesive Coat Weight : 2.0

    2202 (2 mil adhesive) and 2205 (5 mil adhesive) unsupported transfer tapes are in stock for quick order response. They have been satisfying attachment and bonding applications such as nameplates, and emblems for the automotive and appliance industries for over forty years. 2 mil solvent acrylic adhesive on a 70 lb. kraft release liner. More...

  • 0.08mm Pure Ptfe Adhesive Tape

    1,420/Square Meter

    • Color : Grey

    PTFE adhesive tape and pure ptfe adhesive tape There are two kinds of Teflon adhesive tape: one kind has fiberglass as its basic fabric to increase its strength, another one is pure Teflon PTFE adhesive tape. PTFE fiberglass fabric adhesive fabric mainly used in windows frame producing, packaging, sealing industries.  Pure PTFE adhesive tape, (pure Teflon adhesive tape), features more flexible and it is insulating, More...

  • Zinc Oxide Adhesive Tapes

    • Sizes : length can be 5m, 9m, 10m
    • Color : white color or flesh color

    Zinc Oxide Adhesive Tape is made of pure cotton fabrics, coated with zinc oxide adhesive. With strong adhesive property, it is applicable for fixation of dressing, sport protection, etc. Fabric color: white color or flesh color Types: Latex (natural rubber adhesive) or latex free of hot melt adhesive. Sizes: length can be 5m, 9m, 10m or specified More...

    Raivansa Inc

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  • Special Nonwoven Fabric-based Adhesive Tape

    • Peeling strength[N/19mm] : 12.0
    • Standard length[m] : 30
    • Color : White

    Adhesive tape with acrylic adhesive applied to epoxy resin impregnated polyester non-woven cloth, which combines electrical insulation with UL certified flame retardance. The acrylic adhesive makes the tape highly resistant to heat, solvent, and varnish. Excellent resistance to dielectric strength, electrical corrosionflame. Superior flame retardance. Superior heat resistance. More...


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  • 3m Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape

    • Harmonizing Code : 35069100003
    • UPC/GTIN Number (14 characters) : 00021200561283

    Designed to provide a preferential heat-transfer path between heat-generating components and heat sinks or other cooling devices (e.g., fans, heat spreaders or heat pipes). It is modestly soft and able to wet to many surfaces, allowing it to conform well to non-flat substrates, provide high adhesion, and act as a good thermal interface. Offers excellent adhesive performance with good wetting and flow onto many substr More...

    Converters, Inc.

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  • Velcro Brand Adhesive Tapes

    • Size : 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 4, 6


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  • Adhesive Transfer Tape

    • Series : 3M 924

    924 Bonds a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials such as metals, glass, wood, papers, paints, and many plastics. Some application ideas include: mounting promotional items, posters, etc. Core starting. Mounting picture frame mat boards and dust covers. 2.0 mil, 400 acrylic adhesive on a densified kraft paper liner. General purpose adhesive transfer tape. For use with Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators. More...

  • Shadow Board Self-adhesive Vinyl Tape

    • Material : Vinyl
    • W x L x D : 12″ x 60″ x 11mm

    Create tool and work item silhouettes on a shadow board using this easy-to-install, peel and stick vinyl tape roll. Simply lay out the tools and trace them onto the tape then cut, peel and stick on the shadow board. Vinyl overlay can be repositioned on the board when tools have to be moved. This 5S, lean shadow board tape provides a visual standard for tool and workplace management. Vinyl tape is available in a varie More...

    Triton Products

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  • Transfer Adhesive Tapes

    Also called free film, this product consists of a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive without a carrier Protected by a release liner on one side with the other side exposed More extensible and conformable because there is no carrier Ideal for mounting nameplates, second surface printed signs or labels, and other decorative substrates

  • Tapes

    IPC is proud to offer Intertape and 3M as part of their tape lineup and can deliver the right solution for your needs. 3M is a company founded on the belief that the satisfaction of its customers is most important. The same holds true for the staff here at Industrial Packaging Corporation. We work closely with 3M for a variety of our products, from tape, safety equipment to case sealers and more. The integrity of 3M

  • Adhesive Tapes

    Essex Brownell offers a wide variety of electrical and industrial tape products for all your electrical, electronic, automotive and related applications. Thermosetting and non-thermosetting adhesives of silicone, acrylic or rubber are available insuring compatibility with a variety of different backing agents. Tape backings include polyester composites, PTFE, polyimide, polypropylene, Nomex (trade), Teflon (trade), p

    Essex Brownell

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  • Tapes

    GRETO offers solutions for taping, building, protecting and market needs. GRETO has a full line of pressure-sensitive, carton-sealing tapes with three adhesive technologies including acrylic, hot melt and natural rubber. Along with offering a full line of adhesive tape, the hot melt carton sealing provides excellent processing performance.


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  • 3m 1115b Aluminum Foil Tape With Conductive Acrylic Adhesive

    3M™ Aluminum Foil Tape 1115B has a 4.5-mil smooth aluminum foil backing with a conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and liner. The 4.5-mil aluminum foil is thicker than the standard 2-mil aluminum foil. 3M™ Shielding Tape 1115B consists of a 4.5mil aluminum foil backing and a unique electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive. Whether you are insulating wire harnesses, shielding against electrom


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  • Specialty Adhesive Tapes

    Ace Belting is an innovative supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for a wide variety of assembly, bonding, mounting, sealing and protection applications. We carry a broad range of industrial adhesive products that provide the right match for demanding applications. Double Coated Tapes, Foam tapes, Transfer Tapes, Heat Resistant Tapes (PTFETeflon©), Wear tapes (UHMWSkived PTFE), Plate Mounting Tape, Masking

  • Adhesive Transfer Tapes

    Adhesive Transfer Tapes Gleicher cuts 3M Adhesive Transfer Tapes ATT3MWhen you need to simplify your assembly, improve your manufacturing efficiency, add superior performance characteristics and reduce total costs, take a close look at Die Cut Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes from Gleicher! We produce "Best in Class" specialty die-cut parts made from Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes supplied by the world's leading

  • Tapes

    We are your complete source for Tape! Our stock assortment contains over 1, 000 different tape items so you are sure to find the right size or style for your application needs. We also offer you the two most trusted brands in tape, 3M & IPG, both of which are known for delivering high quality and reliable products.

    Systems Pack, Inc.

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  • Chr Aramid Adhesive Tapes

    Cut resistance and abrasion resistance High strength para-aramid (phenyleneterephthalamide) fiber cloth component Chemical resistant PTFE coating of para-amid cloth offers low friction properties Anti-static version is available in black, offering added benefit of UV blocking properties

  • Adhesive Tapes

    The X-Series Tapes System helps make selecting the right tape for the application easier. The tapes come in a range of adhesive transfer and double coated tapes designed for the light industrial manufacturer. Find a tape that aligns with your specific application.

  • 3m 1026 Adhesive Transfer Tape

    3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 1026 is an adhesive transfer tape in a pre-cut, tape strip on a pad. It has 3M 300 high strength acrylic adhesive. Excellent adhesion to high and low surface energy. The product is used for general purpose bonding. Product Benefits: Very high initial adhesion and good shear holding power to a wide variety of materials, including many coated papers, plastics, fabrics and foam

    Tapecase Ltd

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  • Ptfe (teflon) Tape With Adhesive Backing

    When the going gets tough, PTFE (Teflon) Tape with Adhesive Backing gets going! Our best selling tape is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and with an extremely wide temperature range, this tape stands up to your toughest applications. Manufactured in the US, this tape is of the highest quality available and because it is available with silicone or acrylic adhesive backing, in a wide range of thicknesses, you ar

  • 3m Adhesive Transfer Tape

    Plustar is a leading distributor of Adhesive Transfer Tape - Supported, Double-Sided Tape from 3M(TM), IPG, TESA. Follow one of the links below to learn more about our various types of Adhesive Transfer Tape - Supported, Double-Sided Tape from 3M(TM), IPG, TESA. Or for immediate assistance, please call Plustar at 1-972-406-1300


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  • Feiner Loop Adhesive Backed Tape

    Our Hook and Loop tape is an easy to use and durable touch fastener that was invented over 70 years ago. The fastening works by attaching one strip that is composed of small Hooks to another strip that is made up of small Loops. Once pressed against each other, the two strips are bound and provide reliable and secure fastening. Our Hook and Loop adhesive backed tape is high quality and is available in a variety of co

    Feiner Supply

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  • Tapes

    Viper Tape - the Proprietary carton sealing tapes are manufactured to meet today's ever changing variety of corrugated and linerboard boxes. Viper tapes are designed to handle any combination of board, virgin, recycled and the newer totally recycled boxes. Viper Gripmaster comes in Premium, 1.6mil, Heavy Duty 1.75 mil and High Performance 1.9mil -- all hot melts and 2 grades of freezer grade adhesive. These tapes off

  • Tapes

    Easier and faster to apply than glue, traditional fasteners, and standard adhesives, Pres-On's tapes are widely recommended for protecting, sealing, cushioning, and mounting applications within a wide range of major industrial markets.


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  • Tapes

    New Day Packaging products distribute a wide range of strapping and tape supplies for securing heavy items, industrial cargo, and shipments. We offer tensioning tools, sealers, and shears that are ergonomic and easy to use. Our strapping materials are available in wax coated steel, machine grade polyester, weather resistant polyester, and polyester cord form. They offer incredible strength characteristics; easily spr

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