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  • Ezi-check Metal Detector

    • Models : AD-4971-3510
    • Aperture Size : 100 mm | 3.9 in
    • Pass Height: : 80mm | 3.1 in

    EZI-Check checkweighing and metal detection technology is suitable across industrial, scientific manufacturing and healthcare sectors. The inspection systems are engineered to precisely weigh and accurately detect metal contaminants in packaged products while they travel along a conveyor line.With increased emphasis on quality control and reporting being pushed by retailers, processors are faced with the pressure to More...

  • Gpz 7000 Gold Nugget Metal Detector

    • Brand Name : GPZ 7000
    • Usage : NEW
    • GPZ 7000 : GPZ 7000
    • Size : GPZ 7000 Gold Nugget Metal Detector
    • Model Number : GPZ 7000

    40% Deeper Gold Depth Maximum Gold Sensitivity Precision Ground Balance Enhanced Noise Immunity Wireless Audio Freedom More...

    Soltech Corporation Limited

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  • Liquid Iq Loma Metal Detector

    • Category : Metal Detector
    • Dimension : OAD: 18"L x 18"W x 54"H
    • Model : IQ

    Gravity feed, flow through metal detector capable of up to 30, 000 lbshr of throughput (depending on product and application). Has sensitivity levels of 1.2mm non ferrous, 1.2mm ferrous, and 2.0mm stainless steel. Has 6"(150mm)dia x 17" long throughput pipe, touch panel keypad with LCD display, and dust tight enclosure. More...

    Frain Industries

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  • Handheld Metal Detector

    The Handheld Metal Detector is used for detecting the metal or any sort of loss prevention. The sensitivity of the Handheld Metal Detector can be adjusted also. Due to the automatic tuning, the Handheld Metal Detector gives equal result on metal that are ferrous or non-ferrous. De-sense button and tight detection of Handheld Metal Detector allow the weapon screening near re-bar and floors. Why Our Handheld Metal Dete

  • Pulse Induction Metal Detector.

    The Pulse 6X has the same top quality construction and 200 foot depth rating as the top-performing Pulse 8X, but with less detection range. The Pulse 6X not only shares many of the same features, but it can be upgraded to the Pulse 8X at any time. No other detector is available with this type of upgrade feature. The Pulse 6X is in use by military, law enforcement, commercial, and salvage divers worldwide.

  • Hand Held Metal Detectors

    Handheld metal detectors (sometimes called ‘metal detection wands’) are used in conjunction with metal detector archways as well as standalone in certain applications. Todd Research offers four models to select from, depending on the particular requirements of the location and type of threat. Ultimate sensitivity: detects medium sized pistol from 9" distance; large knife from 6"; razor blades and box cutters from

    Todd Research

    Cedar Lake | More...

  • Metal Detectors

    Tunnel model type detectors IDG-SB01 and 02, protects the delicate machinery or reject the pollutants of any kind, causing unemployment mo- ves through the detection signaling relay and visual or acoustic devices. The extraction of metals is performed or automated systems or manually. The sensitivity, is regulated by potentiometer or digital is regulated from the outside with IDG-MFS equipments. Stable equipment from

    Magnet City

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  • Industrial Metal Detector

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  • Metal Detectors

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    La Law Enforcers

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  • Metal Detectors

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    Dma Inc

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  • Metal Detectors

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  • Underwater Wading Metal Detectors

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  • Metal Detectors

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  • Metal Detector

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  • Metal Detectors

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  • Metal Detectors

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  • Metal Detectors

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  • Metal Detectors

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    Thumbs Up

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  • Metal Detector

    Deals in Bulk Food X-Ray Inspector, Combined Wheat Cleaner, FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer, Air Compressors, Metal Detector, cylinder grader, Optical Color Sorters

    Amvt Llc

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  • Industrial Detectors

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    Adr Systems Usa Inc

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