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  • Hog Oiler

    • Accuracy * : ±0.2 dB (burst signal:±0.5dB)
    • Pass Through Loss : < 1.5 dB
    • With 650nm laser source : 1000pcs data upload
    • Auto Power Off : No operation in 10 minutes (can be canceled)
    • Threshold sets : 10
    • Battery Charge : Yes
    • Data Storage : 100
    • Measurement Range(dBm) : 1310 nm: +10 ~ - 35 dBm/1490 nm: +10 ~ - 50 dBm/1550 nm: +25 ~ - 45 dBm

    Market Square Products

    wisconsin | More...

  • Morningstar Remote Meter


    • Weight : 1.0 LB
    • Width : 8.0
    • Brand : SCHNEIDER
    • Height : 1.0
    • Length : 9.0
    • Volume : 158.0 CIN
    • Warranty : 5-years
    • Manufacturer Part Number : RM-1

    Features   Provides Important Information Easy to Install Easy to Use Low Self-Consumption: Backlight off 6mA Backlight on 15mA Mount in the wall or on the wall Adjustable Settings   Compatible With: SunSaver Duo controller SunSaver MPPT controller SureSine inverter More...

    Savana Solar Industries, Ltd

    New York | More...

  • Sifgluco-1.2 Plug Glucometer Blood Glucose Meter


    • Type : SIFGLUCO-1.2 Plug Glucometer Blood Glucose meter
    • Usage : Add to cart SKU: 31 Categories: Health Connected Devices, Blood Glucose Meter, Plug Glucose Meter Ta
    • SIFGLUCO-1.2 Plug Glucometer Blood Glucose meter : Smart Gluco-Monitoring System, Pocket Cheap Plug Blood Glucose Monitoring System Method Amperometr
    • Brand Name : sifsof

    Smart Gluco-Monitoring System,   Pocket Cheap Plug Blood Glucose Monitoring System   Method Amperometric (glucose oxidase) Measuring range 20 mg/dL – 600 mg/dL 1.1mmol/L  – 33.3mmol/L Blood volume: 0.7 micro-liter  iOS compatible / Android compatible  SKU:  31   Categories: Health Connected Devices,  Blood Glucose Meter,  Plug Glucose Meter   Tag:&nbs More...

    Sifsof Llc

    California | More...

  • Tension Meter

    • Screen Tension Meters : 7 to 50

    The Professional Model Professional screen printers know that mesh tension influences snap force, precise registration and resolution. A.W.T.'s Screen Tension Meters read from 7 to 50 Newtoncm on polyester or screen mesh. Now larger spring driver creates extreme accuracy and durability. It is gravity feed so it NEVER needs recalibration (Spring driven units periodically require recalibration). Reads with virtually no More...

  • Surface Resistance Meter

    • Model No. : 990SRM

    The Model 990SRM is a convenient, pocket-sized meter for measurement of surface resistivity and resistance to ground. The 990SRM has a measurement range of 103 to 1012 Ohms per square and an accuracy of ± ½ Decade. It is a useful tool for testing materials for static charging applications and for diagnosing static electricity related problems. More...

  • Radar Level Meter


    • Packing:carton : Delivery Date:4 weeks
    • Production Capacity:3000 : Means of Transport:Air

    Order code for example: e+h cos61-a1f0 e+h pmp71-1ba1sb1raaau e+h fmg60-a1a1a1a1a e+h fmu90-r11ca212aa3a e+h fmu90-r11ca131aa1a e+h cls13-b1k1a e+h pmc51-aa22ia1hgjgwjj, 0-324mbar e+h ca71si-b10a3a2 e+h pmd75-aa178811aaa1 e+h promag55s80-ucjb1ac0aeah e+h pmc51-aa22ia1pgjafja, 0-3bar e+h 50104752 e+h fmu42-1mb2a42a e+h fti56-c1a2rgj43g1 e+h fmr244-a2vggsba2a e+h tr24-ef2dxka0b0 l=400mm e+h fmu90-r11cb111aa2a e+h fmr25 More...

    Ralph Automation Inc.

    Irvine | More...

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  • New Kingfisher Ki3600ws21-ge-mp Power Meters

    • Condition : New

    New KI3600WS21-GE-MP Instrument, 14901550 Power Meter Ge, Blister Pack *** LIMITED QUANTITY ITEM The Kingfisher KI3600WS21-GE-MP is part of the KI3600WS Optical Wavelength Selective Power Meter series. The KI3600WS series Optical Wavelength Selective Power Meter is a precision and cost effective instrument for testing FTTx applications.They measure multiple downstream wavelengths of 1490 and 1550 nm. Superior measure More...

  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter

    • Brand Name : Alia Sanitary

    Amf601 Series is a Sanitary Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter Ideal for Conductive Liquids. It Comes in Sizes from 25 to 100 Mm. the Amf601 is Widely Used for Drink Water, Milk , Food & Beverage Juice and Many other Industrial Fluid. amf601 Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter Could Be Used in Compact or Separate Model with Amc Series Converter of Electromagnetic Flowmeter. More...

    Alia Group Inc

    Newark | More...

  • Hour Meter

    • MIL SPEC : : MIL-M-3971
    • Mfr Part No : : 085012B 13
    • EDMO #: : 85012

    HOUR METER2 ROUND4 HOLE EDMO #: 85012 MFR #: 085012B 13 Alt #: NA The 8500 series provides legendary Hobbs performance and reliability in a technically advanced quartz package. The Quartz Plus features a highly reliable frive mechanism, an improved odometer gear train, and a snap-together intergrated chassis for easy installation in a variety of case designs. The Chassis fits into a shock-proof, totally-sealed case m More...

  • Thermal Energy Meter

    • Repeatability : 0.2%
    • Fluid Temperature : 0-150degree C (0-300degreeF)

    The TP10 ultrasonic thermal energy meter provides abundant capabilities for accurate thermal energy measurement of a liquid-based thermal energy production transferring system. It is the 3rd generation energy meter from Shenitech. Compared to its predecessors, the 3rd generation offers better performance and a richer feature set, all at a lower price. More...

    Spire Metering Technology

    Marlborough | More...

  • High Resolution Precision Milliohm Meter

    • Series : 380560

    7 ranges for wide low resistance measurements High resolution to 0.01mOhm 1999 count display with 0.8" digits 4-wire test cable with Kelvin clip connectors Automatic zero Built-in comparator for HiLoGo resistance testing or selection

  • Multi-circuit Power Meter

    • Model : SPS24

    The Power Squad 24 is a versatile, multi-channel power meter designed to significantly reduce overall installation cost. The modular design allows it to be configured for monitoring multiple electrical circuits (sharing a common voltage source) or for current-only monitoring of branch circuits. It can be supplied with virtually any combination of Setra’s internally-shunted split-core or Patrol Flex CT’s and is ca More...

  • Water Flow Meters

    • Series : Water Flow Meters – .3 TO 100 GPM (Acrylic)
    • Flow Range GPM / LPM : 0.3 to 3 / 1.5 to 11.5
    • Model : QQ7635

    Water flowmeters are installed vertical in-line. A float guide reduces float oscillation and improves overall performance. Manufactured with 316 stainless steel internals and Viton O-Ring seals. Crystal clear acrylic body with polypropylene fittings 150 PSI maximum pressure at 70°F +- 5% accuracy Not available with elbow fittings or adjustable valves More...

    Eagar, Inc.

    | More...

  • Tail-flick Meter

    • Voltage : 50W-12V

    Stimulus is provided by a halogen lamp (50W-12V) set on a pivoting stand. • A bright beam shows the point on which the heat source will focus. • The lamp has 99 heat intensities to cover a temperature gradient of 40ºC to 220ºC in 10s • Can be used on animals weighting 20g to 400g. • The response latency is measured with 0.01 sec resolution. • Manual and remote operation. Pedal included. • Safety device More...

  • Hour Meter

    • PART NO. : 013-001-1-X

    Hour Meter, 2” diameter Indicating range: 99999.9h Digital read-out. Accuracy: +- 0.02% Black or polished bezel available.

    Hewitt Industries

    | More...

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  • Meters

    • Product Category : Product Category
    • Series : NAS1788-2-6T CALL
    • Manufacturer : Surplus

    Part Description: NAS1788-2-6T CALL Eyelet-metallic EE# 1039714 DATE-CODE: CALL LOT# C209 LOC# 5272 In Stock items will be shipped out within 1 business day. All others will be shipped out in 5 - 7 business days. Note: This is an estimated time of delivery. Due to circumstances beyond our control, product availability may change during processing. We will make every effort to notify you of your exact time of delivery More...

  • Portable Ph Meter

    • Calibration Points : up to 5
    • Range : -2.000 to 20.000

    Anyone can use this meter with its plain language screen prompts, soft keysthat update for easy selection and a multi language interface that supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Chinese Don’t miss a reading – AUTO-READ* locks in the stable reading on your screen and ready indicator alerts when readings are stable Up to 5 point pH calibration with automatic recognition for USANIST and DIN buffer More...

  • Srmeter2 - Surface Resistance Meter

    • Series : SRMETER2

    The Surface Resistance Meter is a wide range, multi-scale, auto-ranging meter. This meter is appropriate for auditing static control work surfaces. The meter is 9V battery powered and simple to use. NIST Calibrated Made in the United States of America Replaces previous item SRMETER More...


    | More...

  • Sl1188 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    • Brand Name : SiteLab

    SL1188 Digital Correlation Transit Time Flowmeter Installation method: Wall mount 1G SD card high memory data logging, maximum memorize 512 days data. Flow Range: 0 ~ ±40fts (0~ ±12 ms) Accuracy: ±0.5% (±1.6fts~±16fts) (±0.5ms~±5ms) Repeatability: 0.15% Pipe Size Range: 1’’~200’’(25mm ~ 5000mm) Keyboard:16 (4×4) touch keys Display: 20*2, alphanumeric, backlit LCD Power supply: 90-250VAC, 48-63 Hz or 1 More...

  • Temperature Meters

    • Series : PD765

    The Trident X2 can now go anywhere as the ProtEX-MAX! The same huge, bright display and features of the Trident X2 are provided in an approved ProtEX-MAX explosion proof enclosure. In addition, RS-485 serial communications for Modbus or MeterView software is standard. All ProtEX-MAX products also come with SafeTouch® through glass buttons, for easy programming and operation in your hazardous area.The Trident is hous More...

  • Non-contact Thickness Meter

    • Series : CL-2400

    Highly Accurate Non-Contact Thickness Measurements Based on a unique, capacitive measurement principle, the CL-2400 provides highly accurate non-contact thickness measurements on a wide array of materials. Reliable Sensor Technology The CL-2400 employs Ono Sokki's proven VE-series high-precision, capacitive gap sensors. These sensors are designed to measure the gap between the face of the sensor and the surface of th More...

  • Micro Motion R-series Flow Meters

    • Max Volumetric Flow Rate : 12 gal/min
    • Sensor Type : R-Series
    • Raised Face Flange : 150 Pound
    • Size : 1/2 Inch

    Micro Motion R-Series Coriolis meters are simple and reliable, used in a wide range of industries to obtain basic measurement while benefiting from the fundamental advantages of Coriolis flow measurement. MMCI has successfully installed this meter in hundreds of applications. More...

  • Electronic Hour Meter

    • Voltage : 85-500VAC 50/60Hz
    • MODEL : 720-6300
    • Weight : 5.0 oz (142g)

    High Voltage AC Hour Meter Formerly the Redington Model 720-6300, this electronic hour meter has a wide input operating voltage of 85-500VAC and quartz accuracy, making it an hour meter ideal for almost any application. The front of the unit is totally sealed and the housing is constructed from a hard wearing steel enclosure that is interchangeable with the Model 720 Electro Mechanical Hour Meters for added versatili More...

  • 555a Inline Automatic Chocolate Temper Meter

    • Weight : 81 kg (180 lb)
    • Sample Test Time : 3 to 10 minutes measured at 5-second intervals
    • Dimensions : 76.2H x 61W x 34.3D cm

    The Model 555A In-Line Temper Measurement Unit is directly incorporated into a chocolate production line. It continuously monitors the temper of chocolate to ensure product quality and shelf life without requiring operator intervention. The 555A is the first temper measurement system that can be readily installed on existing as well as new production lines. In-Line Temper Measurement Soft-ware (ILTMS©), a Windows®- More...

  • Flow Meters

    • 5 - 9 : $288.73
    • Qty : Price
    • 1 - 4 : $310.94

    Low Cost • Easy Installation • Self Calibrating - No Additional Equipment Required • Quick Response • Large Easy to Read Backlit LCD Display • Measures fluid flow in LPM & GPM, pressure in Kgcm2 or PSI, and total flow volume in Liters or Gallons • Pressure, Flow Rate, and Total Flow Displayed Simultaneously • Total Accumulated Flow Reset and Pressure Zero Offset • Combo Function for flowpressure meter More...

  • Dew Point Meter

    • Model No. : HDT

    The Model HDT Dew Point Meter uses a Xentaur HTF™ high capacitance aluminum oxide sensor with a measuring range of -100ºC to +20ºF or -60ºC to +20ºC. Customers can also request special ranges for special applications. The Xentaur dew point sensors provide a high degree of accuracy, speed, of response and stability unavailable from instruments using conventional aluminum oxide or polymer sensors. More...

    Cosa Xentaur Corp.

    | More...

  • Healthometer

    • Capacity: : 600 lbs (272 kg)
    • Model No. : 597KL
    • Dimensions: : 14 1/4 " x 22" x 54 3/4"

    Capacity: 600 lbs (272 kg) Graduation: 600 lbs x 0.2 lb (272 kg x 0.1 kg) Display: Digital 1" LCD Power Supply : AC adapter (included) or 6 "C" batteries (not included) Dimensions: 14 14 " x 22" x 54 34" NEW high capacity digital eye-level scale largest low profile platform for safety BMI (Easy scroll method) 2 year warranty More...

  • Atex 3 Digits Mechanical Meter

    • Fuel Inlet Threaded : 1 in NPTF
    • Flow rate : 5 – 32 gpm
    • Max working pressure : 50 psi
    • SKU : 350216

    3 digit partial totals6 digit totals Type of explosive atmosphere SKU: 350216 Categories: Diesel, Diesel Meters, Fuel, Gasoline, Gasoline Meters, Kerosene, Kerosene Meters More...


    | More...

  • Torque Meter

    • QTY : 1
    • ITEM: : MZ/72999

    Recommended for all hand screwdrivers, wrenches or power tools. Provides “EZ-Plug & Play” with Mountz torque sensors. Features “ARCII” technology, an instant auto-recognition system of the torque sensor connected to the PTT. Torque Meters operate with torque & force sensors Selection of sixseven* operating modes: (Track, Peak, First Peak, Audit, Spindle Audit and Torque + Angle). Seven units of torque measure More...

    Zo-air Co., Inc.

    | More...

  • Heat Meter

    • SIZE : 15
    • Dimension : 130x120x86

    Wear-free ultrasonic measurement. No maintenance needed Robust sensor design. Excellent long-term stability. Accuracy does not degrade over time Not impacted by water impurity or magnetic interference Wide measurement range Low pressure drop For both hot and cold water Free positioning for mounting Battery supply for 6 or more years Nominal pressure up to 1.6MPa Pulse M-Bus RS485 for remote readout Optional AMR and d More...


    | More...

  • Electronic Pressure Meters - Ipe

    • Cable size: : 2 x 1.5 mm² (2 x 0.002 sq in)
    • Operating temperature: : -30 ~ 80 °C (- 22 ~ 176 °F)

    The IPE-type Electronic Pressure Meter consists of a self-cleaning wear and temperature-resistant membrane, a casing manufactured from aluminium alloy, an electronic card and assembly fittings (bolts and gasket). More...

    Wam Inc

    | More...

  • Super Buddy Satellite Meter

    • Product code : MTR-SUPERBUDDY

    ID the satellite by "align-to-lock" or "automatic scan" Positive ID multi-lock algorithm eliminates false positives Field replaceable connectors Rugged durable aluminum case with rubber shock guards Controls multi LNBsswitches with 22kHz DiSEqC Large back-lit graphic LCD screen Easy to use single function front panel buttons Displays cross-pol value from HughesNet Ku band modems Able to manually enter new satellites More...

  • Digital Bargraph Meter

    • Model No. : BDM 1/8 Din

    We shrunk the EBD! By popular demand, we took our popular EBD (6x1.7x2") and made it fit in the industry's most popular panel meter size 18 DIN (3.6x1.6x2"), and kept all the outstanding features. This is a reduction of almost 50% in size and price, but not in performance and quality! The new BDM is ready for your DCS, SCADA or stand alone application with its autotricolor bargraph (popularized by OTEK in the nuclear More...

    Otek Corp.

    | More...

  • Egt J K Dual Meter

    • size : 2-1/4"

    CHTEGT Types J & K Dual Meter, 2-14″ Product PN: 46126 Category: Sensors Sensor Category: EGT TIT Instrument Category: EGT Type: K - Red and Yellow Resistance: 500F @ 8.0 Ω 1600F @ 3.63 Ω Weight: 2.0 Size: 2-14" Single or Dual?: Dual Grounded or Ungrounded?: Grounded Sensor Stagger: Normal More...

    Alcor Inc.

    | More...