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  • Correlation Phase Noise Test System

    • temperature range : 0 to 45 °C
    • Storage temperature range : –40 to 70 °C

    The APPH30Gis a single-instrument solution that offers a set of measurement functions for evaluating RF & microwave signal sources such as crystal oscillators, PLL synthesizers, clocks, phase-locked VCOs, DROs, and others. The instrument provides a complete set of measurement such as phase noise measurement, amplitude noise measurement, residual noise characterization or direct access to the FFT analyzer for baseband More...

  • Minitherm Circulating Water Temperature Control System

    • Shipping Weight: : 80 lbs
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): : 18" x 13 1/2" x 15 1/4
    • Total Amps 460V, 3PH: : 6

    Mokon's Minitherm circulating water temperature control system is designed to surpass today's safety standards, while providing accurate control of your process temperature. The Minitherm's compact package fits into tight spaces reducing floor space requirements and is ideal for small tonnage molding machine and lab applications. The Minitherm is available in 10 GPM pumping capacity and heating capacities of 2 or 4 k More...


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  • Air Traffic Control Reporting System

    • Model : ATC-RS

    Kutta Technologies’ patent-pending Air Traffic Control Reporting System (ATC-RS) provides current and future Unmanned Aircraft (UA) with position reporting capability to support complete integration into the National Airspace System (NAS) and promotes safe deconfliction within military airspace. To facilitate NAS integration, the Kutta ATC-RS utilizes multiple methods to exceed current NAS requirements including vo More...

  • P/n Ocs, Oven Control System

    • Power Source : 110-120 VAC 50/60 hertz and 220-240 VAC 50/60 hertz single phase
    • External Dimensions : 15.21" x 13.21" x 7.09"

    The Oven Control System (OCS) executes a pre-programmed temperature profile entered by the operator or taken from a standard library of cures (64 total). While executing, the OCS continually monitors all of the active temperature measurement points and vacuum points for actual behavior as compared to the preset profile. In the event of a severe deviation from the profile the OCS will signal the operator with a siren More...

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  • Viscosity Control System

    • Series : VISC1000

    The Norcross VISC1000 Viscosity Control System can monitor and control from 1 to 3 stations and features a touch screen interface that displays process parameters and trend data for each station. Displaying set-point, actual viscosity, alarms, and automaticmanual mode for each station, it provides real-time data logging and allows viscosity parameter changes on-the-fly. Suitable for all processes where viscosity is c More...

    Prp, Inc.

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  • Autoflame Mm Mk8 Combustion Control Systems


    • Model Number : MM MK8 Evolution
    • Material : Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium.
    • Size : One
    • Usage : Power and Utility Pants, Industries, Hospitals
    • Certificate : UL
    • Place of Origin : Kent, UK
    • Rated Voltage : 120/240/60/1
    • Brand Name : Autoflame
    • Application : Boilers, Water Heaters, Ovens, Duct Burners

    We are offering autoflame combustion engineering ltd combustion control systems, for steam boilers and water heaters to control burners for up to 4 fuels per control panel. Unit options includes combustion analyzers to measure 02, co and co2 with trimming control. Improve boiler combustion from 8-12% or even more. More...

    Steam & Combustion Technology, Inc.

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  • Five Speed Filling Accuracy Control Systems


    • Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic
    • Application : Powder Filling Machine
    • Place of Origin : USA
    • Condition : New
    • Power : 110-120 volt and 220 volt
    • Type : new
    • Brand Name : Dreamfill
    • Driven Type : Motor

    We are offering five speed filling accuracy control systems. Model tnu 153 nd products filled powders fill range (g) 6 g to 5 kg fill speed (minute) 20 fills fill accuracy( g) ±1g containers filled bags, bottles, pouches, cartridges, etc operation semi-automatic hopper capacity 24 liter (6 gallon, 21 kg). More...

    Dreamfill Inc.

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  • Flexi-sorb Noise Control Curtain System

    Versatile ● Flexible ● Easy To Install ● Durable ● Good Noise Reduction ● Economical IAC Flexi-Sorb™ noise control curtain product line consists of flexible, durable acoustical curtain panels with pre-engineered support track and framework components … flexible building blocks … that can be configured into a wide variety of full & partial enclosures, barriers and partitions used to control and reduce

    Sound Seal

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  • Air Pollution Control Equipment

    Baghouse Collectors Pulse Jet Cleaning Reverse Air Cleaning Cyclones Multi-Cyclones Portable Units Electrostatic Precipitators Fans Dust Booths Duct Work Hoods NFPA Compliance

    Markair, Inc.

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  • Noise Reduction System

    The DSP-8200e Card Cage Family consists of a 5-14 x 19 inch rack mounted card cage chassis, 12 plug-in DSP modules, a Control Module, and two redundant Power Supply modules. The card cage chassis is built around Euro rack standards. Access to modules and cabling is from the rear side of the chassis. Status LEDs are on the chassis front panel and duplicated on each module. Each DSP module has signal processing for two

  • Motion Control

    ATS has developed a new programmable control which is activated by a magnet passing a sensor mounted on equipment close to magnet’s path. A signal is sent to the circuit board in the lubricator which maintains the lubricator’s dispense cycle. A BLUE “LED” will flash every time the magnet passes the sensor. This indicates that the magnetic sensor is working. If the equipment is inactive, the lubricator will ti

  • Omni Pro Ii Security Control System

    Omni Pro II is a security and automation control system for small commercial installations. Supports up to 176 security zones, 64 thermostats, 31 rooms for lighting control, and 16 access control readers. Also includes five serial ports for connecting to irrigation, telecom, AV, and window covering controls. System can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

  • Acoustic Control Systems

    The GPM (General Purpose Modem) 300 series acoustic modems are a compact, power efficient solution for reliable long range underwater voice and data communications at speed and depth. Applications include submarine communications, wireless command and control, data and file transfer. This modem has been proven at the deepest part of the ocean.

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  • Elevator Control

    The Eaton Elevator Control Switch is an all-in-one device that allows customers to meet all applicable codes related to elevator shut down.


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  • Digital Electric Control Loading System

    High fidelity Certifiable to FAA Level D Multiple mounting options System is scalable from one to eight channels Fixed or rotary-wing aircraft applications and ground-based vehicle training systems Innovative, compact, high-force device The control loading system is a high fidelity digital electric system for providing a multiple channel force feel system for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft simulator flight controls a

  • Mb Millenium Dynamic Control Systems

    The MB Millenium™ Hawk MIMO controller replicates actual-use vibration conditions by simultaneously controlling up to seven actuators connected to one test item running independent vibration profiles. MIMO shaker control applications include time history replication and random vibration (PSD control), as well as single-shaker and multi-shaker sine with user-defined frequency and phase relationships. Practical MB ha

    Mb Dynamics, Inc.

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  • Control System

    A 10-inch touch panel with control logic and graphic user interface has now been developed for Vitomax industrial boilers. This human machine interface has been designed so that it can be operated by various user groups safely and intuitively. In addition, the panel bears the hallmark Viessmann corporate design features, thus signalling the product quality by way of its high grade appearance. The perfect finish of th

  • Bedrock Control System

    Imagine one controller for every conceivable application and size of control task Imagine Ladder, Batch or Continuous Control from one device supporting as few as ten, or as many as thousands of IO Imagine the first truly open platform that runs Bedrock s advanced Integrated Development Environment supporting all IEC61131 control languages. Imagine a controller with military and aerospace levels of physical and softw

    Bedrock Automation

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  • Apex Sl Vibration Control System

    The UD APEX SL offers the latest technology in digital signal processing and shaker control algorithms providing real time vibration test controller systems for Random, Sine, Shock, Resonance Dwell, SRS, Random on Random, Multi-tone Sine on Random, Multi-Sine Control, TRAC (time replication acceleration control) vibration testing and Transducer Calibration, as well as extensive data acquisition and analysis. The modu

  • Control Systems

    Gulf Coast Environmental Systems supplies a fully automatic control system designed, manufactured, and integrated into the product tailored to customer requirements. The control system consist of a GCES designed Safety Control System (SCS). The SCS system is designed to optimize performance and safety per the National Electric Code and UL508A standards.

  • Digital Drilling Control System

    The Cameron digital drilling control system (DDCS) portfolio creates an integrated control and information system that boosts drilling operations. Its advanced programming and interface architecture makes it easier to monitor and control sophisticated drilling equipment. Distributed IO is strategically placed to connect remote devices to the communications network. Overview of the process is conducted from a high-tec


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  • Weld Lathe System With Plasma & Cnc Control

    DT-100 weld control 2. Ultima 150 plasma power supply 3. MP 5-21 plasma machine torch 4. SCS-102 Speed Control CUSTOM FEATURES: 5. Lathe includes a special ball screw & nut for the torch drive 6. CNC control to program indexing of the torch stand to next weld position 7. Rotary coupling for gas back-up through the lathe spindle 8. Manual actuated air 5C collet closer 9. Stereo microscope with weld lens to protect ope

  • Mobile Devices Get Mobile Access Control System

    Access Control Systems on Mobile Devices Get mobile access to your control system via a tablet. The tablet gives you instant access to any HMI SCADA. Make Timely Decisions Anytime, Anywhere SCADA access on mobile devices empowers operators, managers and supervisors to make timely decisions anywhere. Fast and Easy Plant Floor Management Manage your process system quickly and easily while walking around the plant floor

    Tag Inc

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  • Valve Controls System

    Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services industrial electronic depot repair service handles all industrial components including control valves and actuators. Control of valves and their positioning is a critical part of many process controls. We can thoroughly test your valve controls and actuators and perform needed repair to restore functionality. Repairing valve controls and actuators offers a cost savings ov

  • Power Control Systems

    Russelectric® custom designs and builds low- and medium-voltage power control systems to meet the stringent performance and reliability requirements of data centers, airports, hospitals, communications, energy, defense, and other mission critical facilities. Russelectric systems can control on-site emergency generator operation, synchronizing, and distribution. Switchgear can provide open-transition transfer or util

    Russell Electric

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  • Loop Control System

    Parts that are additively manufactured without a control system can have many quality issues. Since part quality for metal is affected by parameter settings in the deposition process, uncontrolled settings can lead to variability in layer geometry, mechanical properties, microstructure, and possibly chemistry. Traditionally, deposition settings and adjustment of parameters were analyzed by an operator and manually co

    Sciaky, Inc.

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  • Printing Ink Control Systems

    In business for nearly 50 years, we are proud of our status as a trusted, nationwide distributor of heavy duty, state-of-the-art printing ink delivery and fluid control systems at Air Flo Equipment. We are proud to offer the InkPRO® Ink Pump from Yamada, a highly accurate and well-engineered pump with a low maintenance design. The InkPRO® features pump technology exclusively designed for the transfer of high viscos

  • Redundant Control System

    Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. has paired its proven iQ-R Series integrated control platform with a redundant function module to create a redundant process control system for applications that require highly reliable control. The iQ-R Series Process CPURedundant System is designed specifically for industries such as oil and gas, wastewater and building automation with applications that require near 100 percent

  • Press Controls System

    (click on thumbnail to enlarge) Robust controls and strong safety systems are absolute necessities for any world class stamping cell. Excellent control systems can increase uptime and production speeds, reduce costs from die crashes, monitor part quality and provide mistake proofing for the entire production system. Comprehensive safety devices protect both personnel and assets. With our technology partner Link Syste

    Tcr Inc.

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  • Distributed Control Systems

    Eurotherm PLCs stand apart from the rest in their ability to do high accuracy temperature measurement and control (0.1 degrees C control is common) as well as doing redundant data acquisition, all in one integrated system. With triple redundancy data security, analog and digital inputs, and superior precision, Eurotherm PLCs offer versatile and cost-effective solutions.

    Neal Systems Inc.

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  • The Control System

    The Automated Control System utilizes a PLC with an HMI in an optional Class 1, Division 1, explosion proof housing mounted in an easily accessible area on the launcher skid. Regulated and filtered pipeline gas is used to operate the pneumatic controlled launch pins. Optional pins choices are available. The Control System Screen Displays: Time Log-In Request Launch Pins Position Launch Time Last 25 Events Date Number

  • Motion Control

    PCC offers a complete motion control and drives system lineup from leading manufacturers such as Powerohm, Siemens, Stober, TCI and Yaskawa. All torque ranges, performance classes, and voltage specifications are provided from simple speedtorque control to high precision movement and positioning.


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