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  • Plastic Bearings

    Plastic designs reduce wear and friction, survive environmental extremes, abate noise and reduce weight while maintaining bearing performance requirements and price constraints Kilian’s knowledgeable and experienced engineers are familiar with many, various grades of nylons, acetals, thermoplastic elastomers, polyurethanes and rubber products in plastic bearing design Fillers such as glass, mineral, PTFE, or electr

    Kilian Mfg. Corp.

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  • Plastic Bearings

    Plastic Bearings Ideal around water or corrosive substances or for high and low temperature service. Consult factory for application information.

    Bond Casters

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  • Precision Metal Ball Plastic Bearings

    Friction, or resistance to motion, is the result of the force acting between two surfaces as they slide against each other. Bearings reduce friction and provide smooth sliding contact between surfaces due to their material, shape or lubrication. Choosing the correct bearing for an application improves efficiency, extends bearing life at high speeds and avoids overheating. Bearings fall into two general categories: ra