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  • Blood Ketone Meter, Heart Rate Monitor And Body Weighing Scale For Ketogenic Diet Sifketogym-1.4


    • Blood ketone meter, Heart rate monitor and Body weighing scale for Ketogenic diet SIFKETOGYM-1.4 : It is a special Gym Pack that is made for people on ketogenic Diet. It includes: Blood Ketone meter

    It is a special Gym Pack that is made for people on ketogenic Diet. It includes: Blood Ketone meter Bluetooth Body weighing scale 6 in 1 Fitness heart rate tracker Add to cart Categories: Health, Fitness Connected,  3D Sensor,  Bluetooth Pedometer,  ECG Pedometer,  G Sensor,  Heart Rate (HR) Pedometer,  Long Battery Life Pedometer,  SOS Pedometer,  Waterproof Pedometer, &n More...

    Sifsof Llc

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  • Piston Balance

    • diameter : 2.25”
    • Approximate size : 3.5”

    Piston Balance Heat treated alloy steel for high speed application Approximate size: 3.5” diameter x 2.25” length Bore and OD tolerance +- .0005 concentric within .0005 Lot size: 10-150

    Belrick Corp.

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  • Balance

    • Length Tolerance : +/- 3" +/- 76 mm

    FLEXIBLE MESH Open Area 52% Weight in SS 2.01 lbssq. ft. 9.81 kgm2 Thickness .875" 22.2 mm Max. Width 240" 6.10 meters Max. Height 100' 30.48 meters Width Tolerance +- .75" +- 19 mm Length Tolerance +- 3" +- 76 mm

  • Precision Balances

    • Series : GF Precision Balance

    Fast measurements and high precision make the GF ideal for bench-top and automated use. With its performance, robust design and minimum maintenance cost, the GF also fi nds use in OEM and automated systems. The GF Series offers larger pan sizes and higher capacities beyond the FX-i Series. More...

    Garber Metrology

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  • Pharmacy Balance

    • Series : GF-P

    Legal-for-Trade Prescription Balance Ideal for Pill Counting & Compounding One-Second Response Time Meets Handbook 44 Requirements for a "Class A" Prescription Balance The GF-P Series incorporates our unique SHS technology into a legal-for trade pharmacy balance. Includes breeze break (draft shield) as shown and dust-protective clear balance cover. More...

  • Weighing Moisture Balance

    • Series : AD4715

    The AD4715 Digital Moisture Balance provides fast and accurate moisture percentage determination for a wide range of samples. Its moisture content predict mode greatly reduces the time necessary to obtain an accurate reading. Its infrared lamp provides even heat distribution for effective moisture content determination, and its precision accuracy allows it to maintain a weighing resolution of 0.001g. LCD display incl More...

  • Balance

    • Model No. : PSI 30lb

    CapacityResolution : 30lb x 0.001lb 7″ LCD Display walways on backlight 9″ x 11.8″ Platter 30, 000 divisions AD update speed: 7.5HZ Touch screen AC Adapter included wrechargeable battery

  • Inmotion Scale

    • Series : In-Motion Scale PDF

    The In‐Motion Scale from Process Integration is a free standing, self contained and powered in‐motion scale designed for rugged manufacturing and distribution center use. The In‐Motion Scale is extremely accurate, dependable and its integrated control makes installation a snap. Available in roller or belt conveyor designs, the In‐Motion Scale can be custom designed to your industrial scale application. For mo More...

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  • Heavy Duty Loading Scales

    • 48” X 48” X 6” : 20,000 Lb.

    STANDARD FEATURES • 10, 000 through 40, 000 Lb capacities • Cross strutted structural tubular steel construction. • 12 inch thick smooth carbon steel deck plate. • Four internally mounted, IP 67 rated water resistant load cells. • Stainless steel self checking, captive ball leveling feet. • Stainless steel NEMA 4x junction trim box. • Top access leveling. • Durable urethane enamel paint. • 20 foot s More...

  • Extra Wide Bmi Scale

    • CONSUMER PACK DIMENSIONS : 16.25 X 13.98 X 2.32"

    EXTRA WIDE BMI SCALE Know your body mass index. Displays body (fat), muscle, water and bone mass. Extra-wide 15-inch platform constructed of durable tempered glass. Four person memroy storage. Tap ON feature and automatic shout OFF. Extra-large LCD display. Ideal for di ID JB7200 BRAND IDW-HNH CASE PACK 4 CASE WEIGHT 28.3 CASE LENGTH 16.8 CASE WIDTH 10.8 CONSUMER PACK 4 COLOR BOX CONSUMER PACK DIMENSIONS 16.25 X 13.9 More...


    Henderson NV. | More...

  • Key Pak Form & Fill Scale V350b

    • Category : Form Fill Seal
    • Dimension : OAD: 85” L x 62” W x 84” H Form/Fill/Seal

    Vertical, form, fill and seal machine rated up to 40 bags per minute – depending on materials and application. Bag size range: 2” to 12" in Width; 4” to 17” in Length. Equipped with two head linear scale system, static eliminator, registration, side belt film assist, 13" horizontal hot knife seal jaws, 18” vertical lap seal, AB PLC, with Durant Model 6450 touch pad controller and, film feed, heater, static More...

    Frain Industries

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  • Brush Tension Scale

    • Net Weight : 9 Ozs
    • Shipping Weight : 2 Lbs.
    • Model : IN15EL

    Efficient, durable and small enough to fit in your hand, this electronic Digital Brush Tension Scale is the convenient way to measure brush holder spring force. Simply attach the interchangeable strap or hook to the spring assembly and pull the scale taut by the comfort-grip handle. The measured force is clearly displayed in easy-to-read, 12" LCD numerals. More...


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  • Tension Link Scales

    • Capacities Ranging : 500lb (250kg)

    When working around overhead loads or near line tensions, accuracy and safety cannot be compromised. The TL8500™ Series Tension Link scales from Intercomp are the industry standard for verifying, controlling and monitoring overhead loads and line tension while helping to maintain a safe work environment. More...

    Intercomp Company

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  • Multi Function Scales

    • Series : ICS685

    Stay flexible: The ICS685 level. Thanks to its graphic display and freely configurable keys, the scale allows customer-specific configurations.

    Carlton Scale

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  • Floor Scales

    • Available SlipNOT® Surfaces: : Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum
    • SlipNOT® Finishes: : Mill, Painted, or Galvanized Steel
    • Available in: : Grade 1 (Fine), Grade 2 (Medium), or Grade 3 (Coarse – steel surface only)
    • Installation Method: : Based on floor scale manufacturer

    SlipNOT® provides a safe surface replacement for diamond plate on weighing systems such as Rice Lake Weighing System’s RoughDeck® SS and Auto Lift HE. SlipNOT® can coat customer supplied industrial scales or provide new weighing systems. More...

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  • Drum Scales

    • diameter base : - 2.5"
    • platform - custom sizes : 24" x 24" - 48" x 48"
    • deck height : 1-1/2"

    The B-TEK Drum Scale is designed with a low-profile weighing surface. The deck height makes this scale ideal for use with pallet jacks, dollies, wheeled carts and storage drums rolled on end. The scale is available in epoxy painted mild steel and 304 stainless steel. The Drum Scale can be supplied with built-in or detachable ramps, indicator column and wheeled portability kits. The simple, robust design of the scale More...


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  • Pangolin Scales


    • Pangolin Scales (varieties) : Pangolin Scales (varieties)

    We are specialize in pangolin scales trade.we are in this business for the past 7 years and all our transactions are safe and discreet.we give you what you order , scales can be use for medical purpose, for decoration, for clothing and many more. for medicinal purpose : for clothing purpose Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Minimum Order Quantity : 2 Kilogram Packaging Details : boxes, gift packages Deli More...

    Costco Group

    California | More...

  • Hacs-200: 10 Ton Crane Scale

    • Chain Falls: : 2
    • Weight (lb): : 83
    • Capacity (ton): : 10
    • Model Number : : HACS-200
    • Lift Speed (ft/min): : 8

    Cast aluminum case, heavy duty hook and ring, and dedicated weighing load cell for strength and durability. Quality integrated circuit for high performance and longtime stability. Includes Unit Conversion (kgs and lbs). Infra-red remote control allows for easy operation of the scale from a distance. LED display and idle mode to extend battery life. We can customize any product to your specific needs. Contact us to fi More...

  • Cable Remote Display Flat Scale

    • Model No. : 869
    • Dimensions : 12 x 12 x 2.3 inches
    • Capacity : 550 lbs

    Capacity: 550 lbs Graduation: 550 lbs x 0.2 lbs (250kg x 100g and 200g) Display: Digital 1" LCD Power Supply: AA batteries (included) or AC adapter #400 (not included) Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 2.3 inches BMI function Tare feature Walldesk mount display 2 year warranty More...

  • Compute-a-charge Wireless Scale

    • Maximum Load : 240 lb (108 kg)
    • Transmission Range : 30’ (9.1 m)

    The latest, most advanced technology for unparalleled accuracy, precision and reliability. Small size scale with large weight capacities Weigh, charge and recover refrigerants with convenient Scale Link™ app and Android or iOS mobile device Patented modular test and measurement system technology (US Patent No. 9, 043, 161) Weight Resolution: ±0.25 oz (5 g) Factory calibrated and traceable to strict NIST standards More...

    Cps Products

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  • Hl-i Ninja Series Scales

    • SIZE : 5
    • Shipping Weigh : 2lbs
    • CAPACITY : 2000G X 1G200G X 0.1G
    • Model : A&D HL-i Ninja Series

    The HL-i “Ninja” Series is at ideal for use in the offi ce, warehouse, kitchen, or laboratory. Tough ABS construction assures long service life and over a wide temperature range. Easily portable at about 5 x 8 inches. Weigh in grams, ounces or carats. The HL-2000i also weighs in lb-oz. The A&D Value Pack adds to the HL-200iVP and HL-2000iVP: 1) a stainless steel pan cover, 2) AC power adaptor and 3) a case to car More...

  • Refrigerant Scale

    • Model : TP-9366 PRO-DigiScale™

    Outstanding durability, affordability and accuracy in a high-capacity scale. Easy to use. Weigh and charge from the same platform! Handles cylinders up to 220 pounds (100 kg) Measures in lbsoz, kgg or decimal lbs “Best in class” load cell accurate to +- 0.25 oz (7 g), with no drift Control head features large LCD for easy viewing, even in direct sunlight! Automatic and manual “zeroing” Low-battery and over-ra More...

    Tracer Products

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  • Pangoline Scales


    • brown : brown

    This are scales from small animals usually found in Africaand  are made of keratin, the same material from which human fingernails and tetrapod claws are made.


    Maryland | More...

  • Pangolin Scales


    • for medicinal purpose : for clothing purpose

    We are specialize in pangolin scales trade.we are in this business for the past 7 years and all our transactions are safe and discreet.we give you what you order , scales can be use for medical purpose, for decoration, for clothing and many more. More...

    Animalstate. Co. Ltd

    New Jersey | More...

  • Increase Energy Balance


    Each Package contains (10) patches, each patch will last for 3 days. This patch is designed to provide bio-frequencies that stimulate and support energy and encourages vital organs for maximum function. Energy Balance also enhances glandular and antioxidant support and a boost to the healing process. Consider using when experiencing: Swollen Lymph nodes, weakened immune system, and serious skin and tissue infections.

    Bio Tech Llc.

    Denver | More...

  • Balance

    Releases tension, balances the immune system & an aphrodisiac, found in masci body wash and body custard. bitter orange, lemon & ylang ylang. Essential Oils Used since ancient times for medicine and beauty, essential oils are the concentrated essence of plants that can bring healing to the body, mind & spirit. Can be used in massage, vaporisers, perfume & bathing.


    Sayre | More...

  • Precision Balance Pcd

    Laboratory balance with separate platform: Ideal when working in a glove bag or under laboratory fume hoods. Particularly practical for weighing toxic, volatile or contaminated substances PRE-TARE function for manual subtraction of a known container weight, useful for checking fill-levels Freely programmable weighing unit, e.g. display direct in special units such as length of thread gm, paper weight gm2, or similar


    phoenix | More...

  • Micro Balances

    These devices are typically used to weigh very small samples to a resolution of five-to-seven decimal places. Ultra sensitive micro and semi-micro models come with a weighing chamberbreeze break to achieve the utmost in precision and performance.

  • Smart Electric Scooter 2 Wheels Unicycle Self Balancing Balance


    Features: Adopting top-notch self-balancing technology Super quiet electric engine offers long-lasting high power High speed, sporty performance High strength ABS material is tough and durable Impact-resistant mudguard over two wheels, non-slip rubber pedal mat Waterproof**, dustproof cap on the charging port Support remote control for more convenience Sleek design, lightweight, easy to carry Specifications: Material

    Best Price Promise

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  • Unicity Balance For Cholesterol

    Unicity Balance for Cholesterol Control Tea is a natural weight loss supplement that increases energy levels and burns fat. Unicity Balance for Cholesterol Control Tea has an enduring, medically proven track record of success in helping people gain control of their bodies, and ultimately their lives. Unicity Balance for Cholesterol Control Tea is natural and helps people who are planning to reduce extra pounds. Speci

  • Ohaus Counting Scales

    Removable stainless steel weighing pan and durable ABS plastic housing with protective in-use cover, Front panel leveling indicator and adjustable plastic leveling feet with non-slip rubber base, Three-window, backlit LCD for fast display of weight, average piece weight and parts count, Full counting keypad with numeric keys, Pre-set Tare and dedicated TARE and SAMPLE keys for simple and fast operation, Gram or pound

  • Bench Scales

    Advanced Weighing Systems offers an extensive selection of bench scales designed to excel in shipping and receiving applications, food processing environments and even hostile chemical or washdown areas.