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Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane

Raw Material Used :  Natural gas is a major source of electricity generation through the use of cogeneration, gas turbines and steam turbines.


Technical specification :

  • Value Unit Specification Notes Wobble Index KWh/Nm3 13.066-16.328 Gross
  • Calorific Value (GCV) KWh/Nm3 10.174-13.674
  • Relative Density - 0.56-0.71 CH4 % mole , 75.0 min CO2 %, mole 3.0 max N2 % mole 6.0 max O2 % mole 0.2 max
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) mg/Nm3 5.4 max
  • In exceptional cases and for a time interval that does not exceed two (2) hours; the content of Natural Gas in Hydrogen sulfide can have a value up to 10.8 mg/Nm3, without however exceeding 6.5 mg/Nm3 as an average Daily value.
  • Total sulphur mg/Nm3 80.0 max In exceptional cases and for a time period that does not exceed 48 hours it can receive values up to 120 mg/Nm3 without however exceeding 90 Mg/Nm3 as an average Weekly value. Water Dew Point (WDP) oC +5 max Under reference pressure of 80 brag.
  • Hydrocarbons Dew Point oC +3 max Under any pressure from 1 to 80 barg. Dust and Liquids Natural Gas should be practically free from gaseous, solid or liquid substances that could pose blockage or malfunction or erosion risks to standard gas facilities and standardized gas equipment. Exception is made to the cases of liquid formation of minuscule droplets in Natural Gas which are impossible to be removed. Odorizing Substance The Natural Gas is delivered at the Entry Points without odorizing substance.
  • The Odorizing Substance is added at the Exit Points, when necessary as per the ASME Code.
  • Temperature oC 0-50 Under special NNGTS operation conditions or due to technical reasons and in any case for periods that do not exceed 4 hours; the temperature may be less than 0°C. In this case, Natural Gas temperature must necessarily be greater than -10°C and at least 5°C higher than the WDP temperature of Natural Gas under operating pressure.

Industries where this product is used : All Kind Of Industries Depending On Gas For Energy

Colors & packaging available : Tanks / Pipelines

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