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Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones

Any gemstones that is not a diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire is a semi-precious gemstone. Calling a gemstone semi-precious does not mean it is less valuable than precious gemstones. ... Some semi-precious gemstones are not stones at all, but are made of organic material like amber, coral and pearl.

Raw Material Used : A gemstone (also called a gem, fine gem, jewel, precious stone, or semi-precious stone) is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments.

Industries where this product is used : Jewelry

Colors & packaging available : The color of any material is due to the nature of light itself. Daylight, often called white light, is actually all of the colors of the spectrum combined. When light strikes a material, most of the light is absorbed while a smaller amount of a particular frequency or wavelength is reflected. The part that is reflected reaches the eye as the perceived color. A ruby appears red because it absorbs all the other colors of white light (green and blue), while reflecting the red.

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Technical Specification

Species Composition Crystal System Varieties & Colors
Amber Hydrocarbon Amorphous Baltic-yellow, Sicilian-Reddish yellow, Rumanian-Brown, Brumes-Yellow to brown
Andalusite Al2O3SiO2 Rhombic Green, greenish brown withredish tints
Apatite Ca4(CaF(PO4)3 Hexagonal Yellow, blue, green
Axinite Ca,Al,Mg Triclinic Clove brown, violet
Benitoite BaOTiO2 3SiO2 Hexagonal Sapphire blue to colorless
Beryl 3BeO.Al2O36SiO2 Hexagonal Emerald-green
Aquamarine-Pale blue to bluish-green
Golden beryl (Heliodor) -Yellow
Pink beryl (Morganatic) -Rose-pink, also colorless
Blende ZnS Cubic Brown, yellow, orange, black. Transparent to opaque green
Brazilianite NaAl3(OH)4(PO4)2 Greenish-yellow, Transparent or translucent
Chrysoberyl BeO.Al2O3 Rhombic Alexandrite-Green in day-light, red in artificial light
Cat's-eye (Cymophanous) - Greenish or brownish yellow translucent and chatoyant
Also yellow, greenish yellow, colorless and brown
Corundum Al2O3 Hexagonal Ruby-Red
Trigon Saphire-Blue.Also colorless, yellow, pink, green and violet
Star ruby, star sapphire-Translucent, showing asterism
Cassiterite SnO2 Tetragonal Colorless to very dark brown
Danburite CaO.B2O3 2SiO2 Rhombic Pale yellow, colorless
Datolite Calcium borosilicate Monoclinic   Colorless or very pale green, also as cloudy nodules in various colors
Diamond C Cubic Colorless, shades of yellow and brown, Rarely blue, red, green
Dropsied CaO.MgO 2SiO2 Monoclinic Pale green to dark green. Sometime chatoyant
Enstatite MgO.SiO2 Rhombic Green, sometime chatoyant
Epidote Silicate of CA & Al Monoclinic   Dark brownish green
Enclose Be(Aloha)SiO4 Monoclinic Pale green or blue. Sometimes yellow, colorless
Feldspar Group K2O.Al2O3 6SiO2 Monoclinic Yellow orthoclase
Orthoclase   Moonston-Colourless with white or bluish sheen
Microcline " " Triclinic Amazonite-Bluish green, translucent to opaque
  Oligoclase-Pale yellow
Plagioclases Na & Ca Aluminosilicate,Triclinic Labradorite-Grey with play of color
Sunstone-Spangled reddish
Fibrolite Al2O3.SiO2 Rhombic Pale blue
Fluorspar CaF2 Cubic Purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, colourless.Blue John or Derbyshire spar-M-banded
Garnet group Cubic Purplish red
Almandine 3FeO.Al2O3.3SiO2 Cubic Deep blood red
Pyrope 3MgO.Al2O3.3SiO2 Cubic Hessonite-Orange-brown, also green, pink etc.massive grossular
Grossular 3CaO.Al2O3.3SiO2 Cubic Dermatoid-Green/ Topaz lite-Yellow
Andradite 3CaO.Fe2O3.3SiO2 Cubic Orange or yellow. Flame red
Spessartite 3MnO.Al2O3.3SiO2 Cubic Hexagonal Gun-metal black in crystals or when polished
Hematite Fe2O3 Orthorhombic Colorless transparent
Hambergite Beryllium borate Brown, yellow, green; transparent
Idocrase(Vesuvianite)CA & Fe silicate, Tetragonal Californite--Green massive; translucent
Iolite Mg,Fe,Silicate&Al. Rhombic Green, white, brown, mauve; translucent
Jadeite Na2O.Al2O3.4SiO2 Monoclinic Rhombic Green, brownish green, yellow; transparent
Kornerupine Mg, AL silicate Triclinic Blue; sometimes green or colorless
Kyanize Al2O3.SiO2 blue; opaque
Lapis Lazuli Complex silicate, containing sulphur Blue; opaque Blue; translucent to opaque
  Fe,Mg,Al phosphate, Monoclinic Monoclinic Green, mottled; opaque
Malachite Cu2(OH)2CO3 Green, white; translucent to opaque
Nephrite Ca,Mg,Fe silicate, Monoclinic Amorphous Fire opal-orange. Seldom shows play of colors
Opal SiO2+nH2O White opal-Play of color on pale, translucent background
Black opal-Play of color on dark background
Water opal-Play of color within almost colorless stone
Olin and water Oriental-White or creamy
Pearl CaCO3 with conchyolin and water Australian-Silvery white
Venezuelan-Translucent white
Black-Bronze or gunmetal colors
Blue-Lead grey, due to dark nucleus
Freshwater-Dull. Iridescent
Conch-Pink; no pearly luster
Clam- Black; no pearly luster
Rhombic Green, Brownish or yellowish green
Period (Olivine) 2(Mg,Fe)O.SiO2 Hexagonal Commonly colorless
Phenakite 2BeO.SiO2 Rhombic Pale green or greenish yellow; translucent
Reunite CA, AL Silicate Cubic Brassy yellow metallic luster; Opaque
Pyrites FeS2 Hexagonal Rock-crystal- Colorless
Quartz SiO2 Amethyst-Purple
Marion-Smoky quartz
Rose quartz-Pink, Cloudy
Aventurine-Green, spangled, also brown
Trigon Quartz Cat's-eye-Pale brown chatoyant
Tiger's-eye or crocidolite-Golden brown chatoyant
Rutilated quartz-Colorless with included rutile
Chalcedony-Unbranded grey
Chalcedony (Cryptocrystalline quartz Cornelian-Red
Group Chrysoprase-Apple green
Agate-Concentric bands of various colors
Onyx-Straight bands
Sardonyx-Red and white bands
Hexagonal (Trigon) Rose red to pink; translucent
Rhodochrosite MnCO3 Triclinic Rose red; translucent
Rhodonite MnO.SiO2 Tetragonal Pale yellow ;transparent
Scapolite Group of complex Pink chatoyant.
silicates etc. Violet chatoyant
  Tetragonal Colorless, yellow, orange
Sheltie CaWO4 Rhombic Pale yellow to dark brown or greenish brown, Transparent
Sin halite Mg(Alfie)BO4 Hexagonal (Trigon)Yellow or apple green; translucent
Smithsonnite ZnCO3 Monoclinic Yellow, green , brown
Sphere (Tetanize) CaO.TiO2.Sio2 Cubic Red, pink, pale greyish blue, dark greenish blue, shades of reddish purple
Spinel MgO.Al2O3 Ceylonese or Pleonastic, Black, opaque
Gahnospinel-Shades of blue containing varying proportions of zinc
Monoclinic Kunzite-Lilac
Spodumene Li2O.Al2O3.4SiO2 Hiddenite-Green , also yellow
Rhombic Colorless, Blue
Topaz-Fluo-or hydroxy silicate of Yellow, pink, orange, brown
aluminum (Trigon) Anchorite--Colorless
Tourmaline Complex boor-silicate of Al, Mg,Fe, alkalis etc. Hexagonal Rub elite--Red, deep pink
Indic lite--Deep inky blue. Also green, pink, yellow, brown, black & particolored
Dark to pale sky blue, pale greenish blue; Translucent to opaque
Turquoise Hydrous phosphate of aluminum and copper    
Tetragonal Colorless, blue, orange, red, yellow, golden brown
Zircon ZrO2.SiO2 Green and shades of green

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