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White and Red Sorghum

White and Red Sorghum

From the very start, we have been driven by our commitment to high quality and low environmental impact. Focused on Coarse Grains through natural and green and non- social effects of pollution means to meet a wide variety of needs, Colorful Deer Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of coarse grains, located in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia which is one of the major coarse grain original producing area in China. ThereΓΆ€™s a wording interpreted our origination advantages:
Chinese coarse grains mainly originated from Inner Mongolia;
Inner-Mongolian coarse grains mainly originated from Tongliao
We warmly welcome you to contact us and we are looking forward to becoming your steady and consistent business partner.

Our main products are: Buckwheat, Sorghum, Millet, Bean, Kidney Bean, Mung Bean, Oats, Chickpeas, Rye, Black Soya Bean, Green Soya Bean, Azuki Bean, Vine Bean, etc.

Sorghum, also known as milo, has a variety of uses including food for human consumption. Sorghum is a versatile plant because it can tolerate drought, soil toxicities, a wide range of temperatures and high altitudes.
In many parts of the world sorghum has traditionally been used in food products and various food items; porridge, unleavened bread, cookies, cakes, couscous and malted beverages are made from this versatile grain.

Nutritional Benefits of Sorghum
sorghum brans with a high phenolic content and high anti-oxidant properties inhibit protein glycation. Sorghum is safe for people with celiac disease and it may help manage cholesterol and treat human melanoma.

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