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double coated tapes

double coated tapes

Double Coated PVC Tape
Offering a super strong, heavy duty acrylic adhesive for permanent bonding of plastic, metal and wood surfaces, including heavy signs.
Double-Coated Tissue Tape
This is a thin tape(4 mil) that has high instant tack and good adhesive power. Used for attaching job tickets, affixing decorative trim or mounting light weight plastic & aluminum parts.
Double-Coated Paper Tape
Offering a 12 mil double coated crepe paper tape for general mounting applications. Designed for a variety of splicing, mounting, holding, laminating and fastening applications. Ideal for use with glass or metal surfaces and medium weight substrates.
Double-Coated Foam Tapes NEW

Closed cell cross linked polyethylene double coated foam tape with based acrylic adhesive. Designed for outdoor applications. Exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures, UV rays, humidity, harsh weather, mild acids, oil & grease. Adheres excellent to irregular and textured surfaces.

Especially designed for mounting and joining of nameplates, plastic trims, signs & emblems. Long term bonding to plastic hangers and mirror mounting. Permanent fixing for metal or plastic articles, e.g. house ware, kitchenware and bathroom accessories.
Thickness: 132", 116", 18"
Density: 6 lbs per cubic ft, 132"
4 lbs per cubic ft, 116" & 18"
Peel Adhesion: 110 oz. per inch
Color: White

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  • Color : White
  • Thickness : 1/32", 1/16", 1/8"

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