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Our offered Product range includes Fluid Immersion Probe, Hot Gas Temperature Sensor, flexible heater, Epoxy Laminate Heater and Line Heater.

flexible heater

High, low, and variable watt density heating elements. Temperature sensors can be provided within the same laminate. Polyimide film with FEP adhesive provide high performance under a variety of conditions. Numerous applications for combination flexible heatersensor - military & commercial aircraft, satellites, and space.

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Epoxy Laminate Heater

Rigid epoxy circuit board. Varying watt density. Etched foil heating elements. This rigid epoxy glass heater is mounted to an aircraft circuit board assembly.

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Line Heater

Pre-formed line heater with etched foil heating element. Heaters can be manufactured to accommodate irregular shapes and sizes. Thermostat controls are available. Element wire and etched foil line heaters are commonly used on satellite hydrazine lines. There are multiple applications for heating fluid lines.

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Silicone Heater

Etched foil or fine wire heating elements. Vulcanize into various molded shapes for form fit. Variable heat distribution and wattages. Pilot valve heaters are utilized on a variety of commercial aircraft.

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Composite Heater

Etched heating element on scrim cloth backing is laminated into composite shapes. Durable composite heaters perform under demanding conditions. Limitless shapes and sizes. Gasket and flange composite heaters are rugged and light weight. A diverse range of designs are used for commercial and military aircraft.

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Robotic Device Flexible Cable Assembly

Laminate construction of KaptonĀ®, FEP, and Teflon film encasing an etched copper foil conductor. Multiple complex cable configurations are used together in this assembly. The assembly includes: controlled impedance, shielded, and unshielded configurations. Cables are terminated to connectors and potted. Cable operating temperature: (-) 65 deg. F to (+) 260 deg. F. These flexible flat cables are manufactured for the SPECIAL PURPOSE DEXTEROUS MANIPULATOR (Robotic Arm) - INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION. Various shapes and lengths are designed to properly fit the SHOULDER, ELBOW, and WRIST of the SPDM. The cable harness contains from 9 to 25 layer stack ups.

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Solar Panel Harness

51 Traces with interconnect windows along side of harness. Trace width: .210" to .030". Total length: 37 feet. Total weight: 4 pounds. Max. thickness of .014". Bend radius: 180 degrees. Current: 4.0 Amps per trace. Operational life: 7.5 years. Laser trimmed windows. Temperature range from (-) 450 to (+) 390 degrees F. This extra long solar panel harness is light weight, flexible, and space qualified. Qualification testing requires 40, 000 thermal cycles from (-) 238 to (+) 302 degrees F.

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Cryogenic Focal Plane Ribbon Cable

Available in multiple combinations of conductor materials, number of conductors, and twisted or straight conductors. Nano-type or Micro-D connectors. Ends are stripped or harnessed to connectors. Extremely flexible in temperature range of (-) 450 to (+) 392 degrees F.

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Fluid Immersion Probe

Fast response, hermetically sealed probe is ideal for cryogenic measurements. Precision accuracy with reference grade platinum element. Total immersion in medium. Temperature range: -425 to 500 deg. F. Resistance: 100 to 1380 ohms at 32 deg. F. Response time:

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Hot Gas Temperature Sensor

Measures gas temperatures from -300 to 1800 deg. F. Withstands extreme conditions - including high vibration and shock levels. Hermetically sealed platinum element in high purity Al2o3 matrix, encased in platinum. Resistance range: 10 to 500 ohms at 32 deg. F. Response time:

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