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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Food Grade Conveyor, Conveyor Systems, Case Forming Equipment, cartoners and Retrieval Automated Systems

Food Grade Conveyor

The Triton Innovation line of sanitary stainless steel conveyors and material handling systems from Technical Packaging Systems offers the best conveyance solutions for food and drug processing operations. The Triton line includes case and package handling conveyors and bulk food product conveyors that are manufactured using USDA and FDA compliant designs and materials. Standard equipment utilizes 304 stainless steel construction, with options including upgrades to 316 stainless steel for elevated corrosion resistance. Technical Packaging Systems can design your conveying equipment to be the best suited for your sanitary application needs. Additionally, your custom equipment design requests and specifications are welcomed and encouraged! In addition to sanitary food grade conveyor, our stainless steel material handling product line includes: Stainless steel pallet and tote conveyor systems Stainless steel roller conveyors Custom stainless steel fabrication and build per print services Contact TPS to find out more about Triton stainless steel conveyors and material handling systems, a safer solution where maintaining hygienic conditions are critical

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Conveyor Systems

Stainless Steel Conveyor System Whether you need to keep it clean, oil it, wash it, bake it, dry it, cool it, or just move it, we have a conveyor system that can center, align, sort, orient, transfer, lift, lower, rotate, tilt, separate, or segregate whatever you’re packaging. Conveyor systems may be Gravity or powered Horizontal or vertical Straight or curved Inclined or declined Long or short Conveyor roller Conveyor belt Metal, plastic, or wire mesh belt Standard or customLight or heavy capacity High speed or low A new vendor for Technical Packaging Systems, Modular Conveyors, offers an economical alternative to custom designed conveyor systems with a line of pre-engineered, value-priced conveyors. These modular units can be arranged to fit nearly any layout requirement you have for your packaging line. Modular Conveyors can offer Tabletop, Mat-Style and Low-Profile Belt conveyors Vertical Lifts From 500 to 100, 000 lbs (scissor type). We also feature an in-line lift-and-rotate apparatus that can rotate a package in a much smaller footprint than a turntable.

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Case Forming Equipment

Whether your packaging is small volume and low speed or high volume and high speed, we have the case erectors and forming equipment to keep you running efficiently. Case Erectors & Formers Compact, standard, or oversized product? Our case erectors can meet the needs of any packaging product that you may have. Multiple product sizes that need to run on the same line? Ergonomic concerns? No problem. Take the labor and repetitive stress injuries out of your packaging process. Let our case erector equipment do it. Case Packers Whether you pack cartons, bags, or trays (rigid and semi-rigid), we go beyond the traditional horizontal or vertical options. We do top, bottom, end, or side loading, even wrap-around packing. Fully robotic. Rapid changeover. Many units run up to 20 cycles per minute Case Sealers Whether you glue or tape - your cases are accurately sealed. No gaps, no problems. Our engineering team is experienced with corrugated case sealing throughout multiple industries and will insure your products are properly sealed everytime. Click here to see how Technical Packaging Systems was able to save a company over $60, 000.00 anually. Tray Formers Begun for produce, trays offer an option for packaging that may be cost effective for you or offer a packaging advantage over a traditional case. Corrugated or paperboard. Large or small. No matter what your configuration, we can help. Ask us. Integration Integrating our case erectors, packers, sealers and tray formers into once total packaging solution saves you time and money.

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From entry level, hand-load cartoners to high-speed servo-driven cartoners with features such as sanitary balcony design, touch screen controls, and comprehensive onboard diagnostics, Technical Packaging Systems has you covered. Cartoners quickly and efficiently wrap products in packages that are suitable for display on store shelves. Cartoners are available in manual load, auto load, and fully automatic autoload models. They're designed to erect a variety of end-load style cartons in a fully automatic, continuous-run packaging line environment. Cartoners are suitable for products from a wide variety of industries, including: Food and Beverage Confections Pharmaceutical Household Industrial Products Dairy Meat and Poultry Cartoner VideoSleeve Wrappers The sleeve wrappers we offer at Technical Packaging Systems runs continually in a fully automatic form, load and seal system. Sleeve wrappers reduce packaging material consumption with an economical wrap-around sleeve. Applications for sleeve wrappers include: Frozen Dinners Microwavable Bowls Dairy Cups And Tubs Apple Sauce Cups Convenience Snack Cups. With one of the most extensive lineups of cartoners and sleeve wrappers available, Technical Packaging Systems has a solution to meet the needs of packagers of any size operating in a variety of markets. Let us help you with your vertical or horizontal cartooning and sleeve wrapping needs.

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Retrieval Automated Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) are any of a variety of computer-controlled systems designed to place and retrieve loads from defined locations. These automated systems are typically used where storage density is critical due to space constraints, and a high volume of loads are moved into and out of storage. These modular systems can handle standard and non-standard loads, from books and files in a library's storage room to pallets carrying several tons in a warehouse. Automated storage and retrieval systems offer advantages of increased inventory control and tracking reduced labor costs and improved safety by removing workers from difficult working conditions. Their major savings is in inventory storage costs as ASRS greatly improves warehouse space utilization, vertically and horizontally, creating greater storage density. According to an article in Material Handling Management, automated storage and retrieval systems offer the greatest benefit for cold storage, frozen foods, and storage conditions demanding very strict inventory tracking. Operations requiring two or three shifts in material handling and the need to maintain critical inventory levels can also benefit from ASRS. If your existing site's space for storage is tight, an automated storage and retrieval system may also eliminate the need to move to a new location. Automated Systems for Storage and Retrieval VideoWhile you may be able to find "bargain" automated storage systems that cost less up front, they are often ill-equipped for extensive, long-term use. The same article in Material Handling Management noted that light-duty storage systems are particularly vulnerable by failing to deliver well engineered equipment and software, greatly raising your overall costs. Technical Packaging Systems engineers will work with you to design and procure the right automated storage and retrieval system to meet your material handling needs, be the fixed-aisle systems characteristically used in large, high-volume storage areas, or carouselvertical lift modules used individually or in groups for small to medium-sized operations.

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Automated Guided Storage Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles Automated Guided Vehicles, or AGVs, are mobile robots guided by magnetic markers or laser sensors to place and retrieve products and materials in storage areas in a variety of programmed moves. The speed and dependability of Automated Guided Vehicles allow for an uninterrupted flow of product to an automated packaging line. The Automated Guided Vehicles are programmed to follow magnetic tape or bar laid in grooves carved in the floor along the vehicle's planned paths. The tape makes it easy to adjust routes, yet lay securely enough on the floor to prevent the guides from coming loose. Laser "bumpers" stop the automated vehicle if a worker or an object enters its path. The virtual bumpers assure a clear zone of two feet, three feet or more, changing automatically during operations depending on its speed and safety margins the operator programs into the Automated Guided Vehicles. Automated Guided Storage Vehicles VideoAutomatic Guided Carts Automated Guided carts are smaller, less complicated alternatives to AGVs. Flexible and inexpensive, automated guided carts are about half the cost of a conventional automated vehicle, allowing you to add more when needed to improve your material handling workflow. Despite their smaller size, automated guided carts can carry or tow small or large objects. Technical Packaging Systems can help you decide if you need automated guided vehicles for your operations, or if your material handling is more suited for automated guided carts. You may even find you need a mix of automated vehicles and carts to best keep your packaging lines running smoothly.

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Everything from manual, to semi-automatic, to fully automated filling and capping systems. All kinds of containers—glass, plastic, metal, or foil. All kinds of caps. We cover it. Bottle Unscramblers From a disorganized mess to precise rank and file, ready for filling. Line ‘em up. Cap Pre-Feeders Elevators requiring only minimal floor space keep your line supplied with caps. Multiple hopper and elevator sizes are available. Filling and Capping Systems VideoCap Sorters Multiple sorting options can accommodate any type or size cap: Vibration Centrifugal Pocket Elevator Some systems require little to no changeover for different caps. Capping Systems Capping Systems Threaded, press-on, induction, or some combination, we offer both spindle and chuck style options for a wide range of bottle (2–14″) and cap (10–115 mm) sizes. Liquid Filling Systems From small (14 oz.) to large (5 gal) fills. From low to high volume. From 2 to 20 or even more fill heads. Gravity, gravity plus pressure, pumped, or overflow filling. Fill by time or volume. No matter what viscosity. Whether your application requires high-temperature filling, a sanitary environment, or involves corrosive products, we offer equipment that can do the job.

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bagging systems

Whether you bag inside a box or use a bag alone, we can improve your productivity. Case Poly Bag Inserters Bulk packing facilities can increase productivity by converting your packaging line from a manual or semi-automatic operation to a high-tech automatic polybag inserter. The inserter opens the shipping case then inserts a polybag from pre-made flats or bags on a roll. After inserting, the machine cuffs the top of the bag over the edges and seals the case bottom with hot melt glue or tape, ready to fill with product. The case polybag inserters have an all-in-one design and a small footprint, making them capable of being placed within your current bulk packaging line. Vertical Form Fill Seal The vertical form fill seal machines are efficient auto baggers that put the forming, filling and sealing of the bag within one operation. The most versatile of the vertical form fill seal baggers can make quad seals, flat bottom, doy style, brick fold downtape down, and pillow bags in one machine. You choose whether to insert a roll of single-sheet polyethylene or other bagging material, or rolls of pre-formed bags. Switching material and bag style is a simple matter, resulting in little down time when swapping out product lines.

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Case Packing

Whether you pack cartons, bags, or trays (rigid and semi-rigid), Technical Packaging Systems goes beyond the traditional horizontal or vertical options. We offer case packing from Trinamics that do top, bottom, end, or side loading, even wrap-around packing. Trinamics case packers are fully automatic and feature rapid component changeover for increased efficiency on a packaging line running multiple products. Many units run up to 20 cycles per minute. The top load case packers offer tremendous flexibility within a compact footprint. These packers can handle a wide variety of products across a broad range of applications. We can offer case packers to meet low-speed to high-speed requirements. Trinamics TR616 Series of case packers are integrated packaging centers available in bottom-load, top-load, end-load, side-load and wrap-around configurations. These case packers include product infeed conveyors which simplify installation in your plant. They also include case product collating and loading hardware, case erecting and case sealing modules compatible with a wide range of cases. Trinamics packers feature heavy-duty, fabricated base frames of structural steel tubing for rigidness, stability and durability, built in America.

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case sealing

Helping you to reduce energy waste and increase productivity, Technical Packaging Systems offers a range of case sealing equipment. Regardless of whether you glue or tape your cases, our engineering team has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to address the needs of your application. Wexxar BEL 290T Case Sealers The BEL 290T from Wexxar is an automatic tape case sealer that aims to address the needs of clients running heavy-duty applications. Equipped with a power save mode – along with a suite of Wexxar's other beneficial features – the BEL 290T is available in both top and bottom sealing configurations. Additionally, the compact machine comes standard with easy set-up guides, touch screen controls, a corrosion-resistant finish and Dekka stainless steel 2" tape heads. Integration With years of experience integrating case sealers into our customers' lines, the team at Technical Packaging Systems will work with you to discover the most effective – and cost-efficient – way to integrate our case sealers into your operation.

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