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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of TAG Vita Frame Grabber, TAG Compute Engine, TAG Commander, Smart Display Computer Components and Mobile Workstation.

TAG Vita Frame Grabber

The TAG proven design “CameraLink Video Capture Engine” has been redesigned into the VITA 73 rugged small form factor for the VITA 73 SRFF chassis system based on a 2.5” SDDHDD form factor, making it an ultra-mobile embedded system. The VITA 73 Frame Grabber features the most cost-optimized Spartan 6-Core Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) built on 45nm technology, offering industry leading connectivity features such as high logic-to-pin ratios, and a diverse number of supported IO protocols. The embedded system supports one PCI-e host interface, a DMA frame transfer engine, and up-to 1280x1024 30fps capture modes. Real-time processing functions are supported with image resizing, histogram calculationequalization, test image generation, camera link input with a camera control channel, and an external DDR3 memory buffer.

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TAG Compute Engine

TAG's Compute Engine was idea for embedded system development and deployment with unparalleled compute density, and IO flexibility. The embedded system was built around an Intel® Atom processor that operates at 1.0 to 1.7 GHz, with a System Controller Hub (SCH) chipset, and up-to 2 GB of on-board DDR2 memory. TAG's Compute Engine supported storage options up-to 200+ MBSec in both the PATA and SATA interfaces, solid-state and rotating media types, a SDIOMMC slot for expanded media storage, and optional disk encryption. Wireless communications included 7.2 Mbps HSDA for 3G mobile application through a Mini PCI Express slot, an externally accessible SIMM socket supporting BluetoothWiFiWiMax communications, and an internal GPS module supporting internal external antennas. Video capture and playback interfaces supported worldwide NTSCPALSECAM codecs with real-time hardware compression while having the capability to project digital video out in VGADVI interfaces with a single connector.

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TAG Commander

At the core of the PPS GPS-S system is TAG’s rugged tablet GPS receiver, the TC-301 TAG Commander®. The TC-301 integrates both military GPS and civilian GNSS receivers, advanced Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) signal processing technology, a miniature military grade wireless radio, and an Intel® embedded low power multi-core processor. All housed inside a rugged tablet that includes a 7” touchscreen display, and dual hot-swappable long-life batteries. The high-precision, military GPS receiver provides GPS signal assurance, and security with enhanced signal rejection capabilities. The advanced integrated radio, and RTK technology provides corrections for centimeter-level real-time positioning accuracy. In stationary mode, and utilizing post-processing software, PPS GPS-S delivers millimeter-level accuracy. PPS GPS-S features Carlson® SurvPC Mil, a powerful commercial survey software for RTK survey systems, and Total Stations that have been customized for TAG’s GPS controller.

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Smart Display Computer Components

TAG's patent pending Field-Upgradable CPU™ technology was integrated into the SD-2000 Smart Display to improve the serviceability of rugged computer systems, and provide a highly flexible option for military operations deployed in remote locations. This field-upgradable technology covers a removable computer module heat sink assembly that forms a water, and air tight seal when attached to the rugged Smart Display chassis when mated to the baseboard component through an internal compartment of the chassis. The computer module heat sink assembly is easily removed, or attached to the computer chassis, providing a quick method for servicing an integral component of rugged computer systems. TAG’s out-of-the-box thinking has helped us produce an innovative patented technology ensuring a strong commitment to research, and development. Improvements in the computer systems architecture will greatly improve the users ability to upgrade the computer modules with the need to pull the systems from action only momentarily while upgrades are being made.

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Mobile Workstation

TAG's custom designed rugged workstation, known as the MIL-BOOK®, was part of a customer-specific Airframe Mounted Application Gateway (AMAG) that features a TAG 15" Smart Display powered by Intel® mobile technology, and mounted to a tactical keyboard trackball base chassis. Enhanced with a LED backlight, and anti-reflective technology, the MIL-BOOK was developed to provide unmatched sunlight readability when deployed. A portable design added to the many other enhancements makes the MIL-BOOK ideal for military operations, public safety vehicles, and other demanding industries where typical workstations do not measure up.

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Rugged Panel-Mount Displays

TAG's LK-3200 rugged 24" widescreen dual-display solution includes 1080p HD rugged displays that provide stunning clarity for multi-media applications with a 20000:1 (ASCR) contrast ratio, HDMI input, and with built-in hidden stereo speakers that include SPDIF audio output. In this rugged dual-display, low reflection color filters are added to enhance color performance, and high brightness backlights are incorporated to provide a clearer picture. The dual-display solution was integrated with a remote graphics unit that supports the two monitors via DVIVGA for a resolution of up-to 1920 x 1200 per display. TAG's rugged panel-mounted dual-display includes 6x USB ports, 2x Firewire ports, 3x audio ports (inboundoutbound), and a fiber-optic port that supports peripherals up-to 820ft away from the dual-display units.

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Rack-Mount Display

TAG's LK-1000-15S rugged 1U rack-mount 15" display provides a shorter depth for compact situations where space is limited, and is an ideal companion with our LK-1000-T rugged 1U rack-mount keyboard drawer that decreases the space (depth) needed by the operator in tight work areas such as airframes, and shipboard command centers. The 15” display has also been integrated with touchscreen technology for even more functional capabilities permitted to the operator. TAG built this unit with different displays options available that support low power configurations, or high-bright displays with sunlight readable capabilities.

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