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Our offered Product range includes Nuts and Washers, Construction Accessories, Rods Studs Pins, Bolts and Screws.

Nuts and Washers

Dyson has one of the largest inventory of domestic and import heavy hex nuts and flat washers in the industry. Our off-the-shelf availability allows for same-day delivery in up to truckload quantities. Carbon, alloy, stainless and monel products in all specifications. Plain and Hot Dipped Galvanized are always in stock. Other platings and coatings are readily available. Dyson is the industry leader in domestic nut manufacturing. Our high quality, low cost forged nuts produced on high-speed hot formers equipped with induction heating systems. Depending on the nut size, these modern machines can produce up to 120 nuts per minute, enabling us to compete internationally at world- class prices and quantity. All domestic nuts are fully traceable to individual heat treat lots and can be supplied with original mill certifications. Nuts and Washers Products • Nuts: Hex, Hex Jam, Heavy Hex, Heavy Hex • Jam, Square, Heavy Square and Dyson • D-LOC’s (self locking & sealing nut). • Washers: Flat (Plain) & Split Lock. • Standard nuts and washers are stock plain • finish of HDG. • Special nuts Include Slotted, Castellated, Hi • Thick, Pin Nut, Coupling, Sleeve, Hex Capnut, • Socket Capnut Flange, 12-Point Flat, T.I.R., • Self-Locking, Spanner, Spanner Loc, Pilot, • Driving and custom. • Special washers Include Beveled, Square, • Rectangular, Spherical and custom.

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Construction Accessories

These fastening components are used in heavy construction and infrastructure projects. Commonly found in seawalls, lockdam and bridges, Dyson Upset Tie-Rod assemblies, Bridge Pin sets, Forged Diagonals and Eyebolts make up a large portion of this product line. Items are custom manufactured in-house on a variety of open die forging machines. Finish machining and threading of both internal and external fasteners provide proper fit at the jobsite... guaranteed. Dyson has an outstanding reputation for producing large fastening accessories for heavy construction applications. Items such as upset tie rod assemblies, custom forged eyebolts and transitional forgings are made using stringent quality procedures. This product is custom made to the customer’s exact requirements. Construction Accessories Products • Upset Tie-Rod or Straight Rod assemblies with • optional Turnbuckles, Sleeves, Clevises, Nuts, • washers, and Eye Ends. • Transition (paddle) Forgings with Nuts and • Washers. • Bridge Pins with Pin Nuts and optional Pilot & • Driving Nuts. • Stirrup Rod (offset Eyebolts) Assemblies with • Nuts & Washers. • Large diameter Loop Rods, Eyebolts and U-Bolts. • Other product Includes Shackles, Anchor Bolts, • T-Head Bolts, U-Bolt Spools, Yoke Ends and • Forged Hooks.

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Rods Studs Pins

Dyson Studs and Tie-Rods can be found in many major construction projects throughout the world. Our 8, 000 ton steel inventory allows us to manufacture product quickly to meet your construction schedule. Material options include carbon, alloy, stainless, and exotics. Threads can be cut or rolled and finishes are hot dipped and mechanical galvanize, zinc, dacromet and epoxy, with others available. Special Packaging includes PVC tubing, protective tape and thread protection. Dyson maintains a large Inventory of TFL rod and raw material. We can cut andor thread to meet exact customer requirements. Off-the-shelf-availability and same day shipping are also available. Specials can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Specifications include ASTM, SAE, ASME, Military, and Federal Standards, ISO, AASHTO and custom specs. RodsStudsPins Products • TFL Rod, TFL Studs, Stud Bolts and Single • Double End Studs. • Special Rods & Studs include Upset Tie Rods, • Stirrup Rods, AnchorBent, Swedged, Formed • Headed, U-Bolts and Custom. • Special Pins Include Bridge Pins, Cotter, • Straight, Tapered, Drilled, FormedHeaded, • Dowel, Clevise and Custom.

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. Hex, Heavy Hex, Square and Heavy Square. • Specials include Round Head, LinerTapered, Wedge, • Slotted, T-Head, Shoulder, Flange, 12-point Body Bound, • Fitted, Bent Bolts, Oval Head, Shear Knife, Socket, • Button Head, Thin Square, Plow, Track, Carriage, • Eyebolts, U-Bolts and custom.

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Hex Cap, Heavy Hex Cap and Socket Head Cap • (1960 series). • Specials include Socket Head Cap (1936 series), Socket • Flat Countersunk Cap, Socket Shoulder, Slotted Head • Cap, Socket Set, Slotted Set, Flange, 12-point and custom. • Large Hexagon Keys and Bits are also available.

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Fully Forged Fork Arms

Dyson continues its leadership role in the production of heavy-duty fork arms for use in mining, forestry, and heavy construction and ship container handling throughout the world. Built to your specifications with our giant 750-ton press, the fully forged trademark assures top quality, critical application fork arms. Made from billets or blooms, the entire fork, blade, heel and upright shank are one-piece forged. The extra strength of a fully forged fork stems from its uniform metal grain flow. No other fork beats a Dyson Fully Forged Fork for strength and quality. Non-standard, special order forks made to your specifications. Sizes starting at 3-12” x 8; short lead times

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Specialty Fasteners

All of our fasteners including bolts, nuts, cap screws and construction accessories can have modified dimensions andor materials to meet your exact requirements. Customer drawings and specifications are welcome. In addition to large forging capabilities, we can machine product as small as 14”. Other processes include deep hole drilling, high precision broaching, shearing, torch cutting, large diameter milling, single point threading, high-speed tapping, convoluting, and system 22 gauging thru 4-12”. Specialty Fastener Products • Eyebolts, Forged Stub Ends, Large Allen Keys, Flat Washers. • Stirrup Rods, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Lock Washers. • U-Bolts, Clevises, Large Hooks, Beveled Washers. If it needs to be forged or machined, we can do it. Send us your custom drawings and specifications or call us at 800-680-3600.

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