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Our machine is a Mitsubishi 3015 LVPLUS II Laser with a 5'x10' Table that can cut 0.125" steel @ 115" per minute. The Mitsubishi LVP 3015 LVPLUS II Laser provides precision, flexibility, low cost and speed for our customers. Plus zero set-up time is perfect for one piece or long runs. In addition the laser we have an 8 shelf auto loader which allows the machine to run unattended for longer run jobs. This helps keeps handling cost to a minimum and helps reduce scrap.
The effects on the work piece materials are rather minimal due to the small zone of metal affected by the laser beam. However, the effects are due to the high temperature of the laser that change the hardness and the creation of a narrow heat-affected zone.

  • DIMENSIONS : 5'x10'
  • Range : 20mm

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