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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of Laser, CNC VERTICAL MILLS, mig, Manual Mills and CNC ROLLER.


  • DIMENSIONS 5'x10'
  • Range 20mm

Our machine is a Mitsubishi 3015 LVPLUS II Laser with a 5'x10' Table that can cut 0.125" steel @ 115" per minute. The Mitsubishi LVP 3015 LVPLUS II Laser provides precision, flexibility, low cost and speed for our customers. Plus zero set-up time is perfect for one piece or long runs. In addition the laser we have an 8 shelf auto loader which allows the machine to run unattended for longer run jobs. This helps keeps handling cost to a minimum and helps reduce scrap. The effects on the work piece materials are rather minimal due to the small zone of metal affected by the laser beam. However, the effects are due to the high temperature of the laser that change the hardness and the creation of a narrow heat-affected zone.

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  • DIMENSIONS 40" x 20" x 30"

CNC VERTICAL MILLS We have two Fadal 4020 3 axis vertical machining centers with bed sizes up to 40" x 20" x 30" and 21 tools per machine to provide you with quality machining for small to large parts. We also have Mazak VTC 200 Vertical Mill 120” x 20” x 20” which is ideal for long parts. The Fadal 4020 has a 2215 HP Motor with 10, 000 RPM Spindle that accepts CAT-40 tooling. The machine travels: X-axis - 40"; Y-axis - 20"; Z-axis (extended) - 28". 20" x 48" T-slotted table; Table load capacity is 1, 500 Lbs.; 900 IPM XY Rapid traverse rates. Programable 21 Position ATC. Machine also includes pallet changing system and COOL POWER refrigerated coolant system.

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  • Power 350 MPa

MIG welding can be used on all thicknesses of steels, on aluminum, nickel, and even on stainless steel, etc. However, it is most typically utilized in manufacturing and in commercial fabrication settings. MIG welding is versatile and can be used with a wide variety of metals and alloys. We have four MIG welders, a Miller Alumapower 350 MPa for welding aluminum and a Miller Millermatic 350P and Millermatic 250 for welding steel. Our fourth welder is a high end Fronius CMT. The CMT process gives mig welds the tig like look with a dramatic increase in speed. The Metal Shop's variety of MiG machines make it possible for us to accept any job and know it will be done right. We pride ourselves in staying on top of the machine trends and updates which make our shop more capable of the tasks, you the client expect from us.

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Manual Mills

  • DIMENSIONS 36"x12"x16".

We have four Bridgeport Series I Standard Mills that can manually machine parts up to 36"x12"x16". For more than 60 years, the Bridgeport Series I Standard Mill - the original, all-purpose mill - has been the "real thing" in milling, drilling, and boring for metalworking shops throughout the world. Today, the Series I Standard continues to fulfill the industry's need for an accurate, reliable, and versatile mill. The Series I Standard features an innovative airflow cooling design that uses no external fans to prolong bearing life and prevent expansion from heat build-up. A full range of accessories are available, including optional chrome-plated ways and gibs to ensure that the machine will last a lifetime.

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  • Size 4” round and 6” square

These machines are used for bending tube, angle, or shapes into coils, circles or large arcs using a wide variety of materials. We have two Arkus CNC Roll Benders from Switzerland. These are the best machines on the market and are highly accurate. We can roll square, rectangular, round, obround and angle material with these machines. These machines allow us to do many difficult projects such as ellipses and compound radius rolling. Between the two machines we are capable of rolling round tubing up to 4” round and 6” square.

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Miller Welding Cell

Panasonic Miller Welding Cell We have Panasonic (Miller) Welding Cell. This fully functional cell is used for production jobs where it can out put parts in an accurate and quick fashion.

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