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CNC Milling of Extruded Aluminum Day Gate Latch

CNC Milling of Extruded Aluminum Day Gate Latch

TMF, Incorporated was recently hired by a client to CNC mill a series of extruded aluminum day gate latches for the security industry. This day gate latch is constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum material and is used to hold shut day gate doors within banks. The latch also consists of one solid piece containing no moving parts.

Using our advanced milling machinery, which can uphold precision tolerances as low as (+-) .010 of an inch, we milled this part to measure 2 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 316 of an inch in thickness. The latch also weighed 6 ounces. In addition, we milled all latch windows, drilled all necessary holes, and tapped all threads – machining this part complete based off a customer supplied print. After the CNC milling process was finished, we then employed our vibratory tumble finishing equipment to debur the final products ensuring that they possessed no sharp edges.

After the day gate latches were processed, we then fully inspected each component to ensure they met with all of our client's unique product requirements. Once the day gate latches were ready for shipment, we delivered all 1,000 requested units to our client's facility in Siler City, North Carolina.

This extruded aluminum day gate latch is essential in ensuring the security of multiple banks and private buildings. Therefore, this part needed to be properly machined to meet our client's precise specifications. With a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, precision components, TMF was entrusted with this job. Our ROHS compliant shop is equipped with advanced milling machinery able to hold the tight tolerances necessary to properly manufacture these parts. These extruded aluminum day gate latches met with ultimate customer satisfaction.

  • Dimensions : General length, width, Thickness 3/16" x 2" x 3"
  • Material Used : 6061-T6 Aluminum

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