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Our product range comtains a wide range of chuck jaws, Hob Arbor, grinding, Broach Tooling and Connecting Arm

Broach Tooling

  • Volume 1 Broach Horn 2 Broach Shims
  • Material Finish Ground
  • Material Used 8620 Steel, Case Hardened 1/32" Deep, RC 58-60 A2 Steel RC 58-60
  • Dimensions 6" Dia x 16" Long .250" Thick x 1.500" x 18" Long .187" Thick x 1.500" x 18" Long

For over half a century at Toolcraft, LLC the expert craftsmanship of our toolmakers has been elevating the industry standard for precision broach tooling. We fabricated the tool set highlighted here for a customer in the gear manufacturing industry who knew they could rely on us for a superior product and great service. Used to manufacture large gears, this set of tooling included a broach horn with dimensions of 6.0" in diameter x 16.0" in length, which we fabricated from 8620 steel to provide high surface wear resistance. We fabricated the two 1.5" wide x 18.0" long shims, one measuring 0.250" in thickness, the other 0.187" from tough A2 steel for maximum dimensional stability during heat treatment. Primary operations consisted of CNC turning and milling to create the part features and geometries. The parts were then case hardened to RC 58-60. The talents of our journeymen grinders were required to hold these components to within tight +-.0002" dimensional tolerances. We delivered the tooling to the customer within a 4 week timeframe, where it is now helping them yield high production rates and manufacture the best possible product. Our commitment to excellence is why we achieved a longstanding relationship with this client and continue to do many projects for them. If you are interested in learning more about this project and the processes we used to produce it, contact us today.

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Connecting Arm

  • Dimensions 2" Thick x 6" x 20"
  • Material Used 4140 PH Steel
  • Volume 1 piece

At Toolcraft, LLC, we specialize in close tolerance machining of specialty items, such as gages, tools, fixtures, prototypes, and machine parts. Our decades of experience have taught us to do this with maximum efficiency, which translates directly into cost savings for our customers. We fabricated the connecting arm shown here for a longstanding client in the gear manufacturing industry as a replacement part for one of their critical pieces of equipment. Featuring 2.0" thick 4140 PH steel construction, this workpiece features overall dimensions of 6.0" in width and 20.0" in length. Our technically skilled machinists were able to hold tight +-.001" dimensional tolerances when creating complicated geometries in this uniformly hard material. The keen eyes and precision measuring equipment in our inspection area validated we met the exact requirements of the specification. In less than one month's time, the connector arm was replaced and our customer's equipment was running at peak efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about this project, or have a similar one and would like to discuss the details, contact us today.

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chuck jaws

  • Dimensions 1 ¾" x 2 ¼" x 5 ¼" (3 pieces)
  • Volume 1
  • Material Finish Machined
  • Material Used CRS, Case Hardened 1/32" Deep, RC40-45

Our many customers in the automotive industry know that when a complicated custom workholding solution is needed, Toolcraft, LLC will provide a quality tool, competitively priced, delivered in a timely fashion. We turned and milled the custom chuck jaws highlighted here from cold rolled steel. To create the unique geometry of the jaw, our machinists developed a positional workholding strategy of using a shaping fixture mounted to our 4-jaw chuck to guide the cutting tools. Through this process, we were able to machine each of the three jaws, which featured dimensions of 1 ¾" in length x 2 ¼" in width x 5 ¼" in height, to within tight +-.0005" tolerances. Case hardened 132" deep to RC40-45 to promote a long tool life; we shipped them to the customer within a 4 week turnaround. This workholding solution satisfied the customer requirement in terms of quality and performance, and allowed them to achieve an elevated level of precision and productivity in their manufacturing operations. To learn more about this project, or for a quote on an upcoming tooling requirement, contact us today.

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Hob Arbor

  • Dimensions 4" Dia x 18" Long
  • Volume 1 piece
  • Industry for Use Gear Manufacturing
  • Material Used 8620 Steel, Case Hardened 1/32" Deep, RC 58-60

At Toolcraft, LLC, our highly experienced machinists use the latest manufacturing and inspection technology to ensure our customers receive precision quality tools that add measurable value to processes that require high accuracy. We manufactured the custom hob arbor shown here from 8620 steel for use as a toolholder on a gear hobbing machine. Primary operations consisted of CNC turning the tapered diameters and milling the complex features of this 4.0" in diameter x 18.0" in length workpiece. After case hardening to RC 58-60, we executed a straightening process to correct any heat-induced warpage or deformation. Our machinists have the discipline and experience to manage the rigors of close tolerance work and ground the arbor to tolerances of +-.0002". Shipped to the customer within a 4 week timeframe, this hob arbor supports improved precision and greater throughput in their gear manufacturing operations. This customer has recognized the unmatched quality of our work, and has engaged us for many complex tooling projects. To learn more about this project or how our unique set of skills can benefit your operations, contact us today.

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  • Dimensions .500" Thick x 3.78" x 5.28" .375" Dia x ¾"
  • Material Used A2 Steel RC 58-60
  • Volume 1
  • Material Finish Black Oxide

As specialists in close tolerance machining, building tools that support our customers' precision manufacturing operations is something we do every day here at Toolcraft, LLC. We manufactured the hole location gage pictured here for use in an automotive industry application. Production of this gage highlights many of our precision machining capabilities. In addition to tightly controlled turning and milling operations to form the curves, contours, and angular features, we used multiple grinding techniques to meet the surface and tolerance requirements. In addition to surface and cylindrical grinding equipment, our jig grinder was used to meet the geometrical tolerance of +-.0001" and finishes as required. Constructed from A2 steel hardened to RC58-60, this gage featured finished dimensions of 3.78" in length, 5.28" in width, and 0.500" in thickness. Intensive inspection confirmed that we met the +-.0001" tolerance requirement. After application of a black oxide finish, we shipped it to the customer, where it enables reliable verification of hole location in their production operations. Our ability to meet stringent engineering requirements gained us the loyalty of this customer, who relies on us for all of their tight tolerance projects. If you are interested in learning more about this project or have a similar one, contact us today, we would welcome an opportunity to discuss it with you.

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