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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Wire Rope, bridge cranes, Jib Cranes, Chain and Monorail Crane

Wire Rope

Wire rope is made of many small wires that have been pulled through a machine and twisted to form a rope. XIP is the most common grade for wire rope. We stock this grade in sizes from 132” to 1-12” XXIP can be special ordered if needed for a special application. XXIP has a 10% higher nominal strength than XIP. Which allows people who need this grade to use a smaller diameter wire rope and still have the same capacities as XIP. All wire rope of the same classification, size, grade and core have the same nominal strength and weight per foot. Different constructions within each classification differ in working characteristics. These characteristics must be considered when you are selecting a wire rope. The two most popular classifications are 6x19 and 6x37, with either a wire center core or a fiber core.

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bridge cranes

This web page is intended to give a general understanding of the terminology used in the overhead crane industry. The following explanation of terms should provide you with the information you will need to make an informed decision when purchasing material handling equipment. You can click on the links to see detailed pictures of the equipment being described.

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Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes are an inexpensive alternative to overhead bridge cranes and are more versatile in more applications than monorail cranes or stationary mounted hoists. Most often they are used for coverage over a single welding, assembly or machining work station. Total Tool Supply can provide you with a quote for a complete jib crane system including the jib, hoist, installation, start up and testing.

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Chain is an important tool in rigging. That is why we stock a wide variety of chain and components. Chain is made out of steel links that are then forged together at a high temperature. There are different grades of chain for different uses: Grade 30 Proof Coil - a general purpose utility chain used for pulling, logging or towing. Grade 40 High Test - has a higher tensile strength than Grade 30 used for hauling and other general purpose applications. Grade 70 Transport - primarily used for load binding in the transportation industry due to its light weight and high tensile strength. Grade 80 Alloy - a high tensile strength chain designed to be used in lifting applications manufactered by Gunnebo Johnson corp. All Grade 80 chain and components are proof tested at their factory. Grade 100 Alloy - 25% stronger than Grade 80. Combine with GrabiQ components.

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Monorail Crane

With a monorail system, the hoist and trolley run on a single stationary beam. Monorail systems are an effective method of moving and positioning loads to specific locations. Monorails are commonly used for repetitive jobs, such as paint booths or water treatment plants in maintenance applications. The monorail allows two axes of hook movement: updown and northsouth along the monorail beam. There is no lateral motion under the monorail beam. Total Tool can also design the monorail hoist support structure, including the monorail beams and hangers.

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Synthetic Slings

Nylon, or Synthetic Slings, are used below the hook to attach the load being lifted. Total Tool manufactures Synthetic Slings on site to suit the needs of your situation, or we have a wide variety of Synthetic Slings in stock for quick pick up.

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Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes can be a practical solution when your building will not support a bridge cane, when you only need a crane intermittently or when you need a portable solution. Gantry cranes come in many different sizes. They can be small enough to be disassembled and put in the back of a truck for transportation to another site or be a permanently installed crane that runs on tracks with capacities of over 25tons. Smaller gantry cranes can be adjustable in height as well as span making them very versatile. In addition they can be mounted on casters or built to run on tracks in the floor. Some gantry cranes are even built from aluminum. Total Tool Supply Inc. manufactures specialty gantry cranes. Generally this means a gantry that is over 5ton capacity or a span greater then 30ft. For smaller cranes we represent several different manufactures of gantry cranes

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Total Tool Supply sells, rents, and services all type of powered and manual hoists. We represent the most widely recognized brands in the industry. Including; R&M, Yale, Shaw Box, Coffing, Budgit, and CM. We service the upper Midwest with our locations in, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Michigan. We offer in-house and on-site repairs for all major brands of hoisting equipment as well as on-site inspections and repairs. Lift by wrapping cable around a grooved drum. Dominate the market at 10 tons and above, offer very fast lifting speeds, offer a wide array of options, can be rated H-5 (severe duty).Lift by pulling the chain through sprockets and depositing the chain into a chain container are more common for applications below 7.5 tons, require less maintenance, and are typically less expensive.

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Shackles, Eye Bolts, Hooks, Thimbles, Swivels, Lifting Rings and many more. There are many different types of fittings for many different types of use. Our rigging specialists and sale people have the knowledge to guide you to the best solution for your application.

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