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AccuMax Single-Point Injection fire fighting Foam System (S121-3020A)

AccuMax Single-Point Injection fire fighting Foam System (S121-3020A)

USD 24699.00 / Piece(s) ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 1 Set(s)

The accumax single-point injection series is available in six models with the main difference being capacity. All are hydraulically-driven and incorporate an edwards rotary gear pump. System components include a microprocessor controldisplay unit, instruction placard, hydraulic control block, pump and motor assembly, load-sensing hydraulic pump, filters, strainer, foam injection check valve, complete shielded cable set and rfiemi suppression kit.
Other features include-
provides fully automatic foam proportioning, regardless of changes in flow or pressure
provides discharge side injection- no foam goes through the fire pump
convenient, push-button operation makes it the easiest system to use
no in-line restrictions
delivers unmatched accuracy over the widest range of flows
installs easily in new or existing apparatus
leads the industry with proven reliability
achieves full pump capacity with all known class b concentrates
control module features-
ultra-bright led digital readout
injection percentage from 0.1% to 10.0%
displays separate totals for each foam concentrate
low concentrate warning
water flow rate
total water used
percent of foam concentrate
total concentrate used
options available-
remote startstop
advanced feature controller

Size - 4.0 to 20.0 GPM
Type - Foam propotioning system
Model Number - S121-3020A
Brand Name - Foam Pro
Material - brass
Place of Origin - USA
Horsepower - hydraulic
Tank Capacity - NA
Emission Standard - NA
Fuel Type - Class A and B foam
S121-3040A $25,756 - 4.0 to 40.0 GPM
S121-3060A $35,110 - 5.0 to 60.0 GPM
S121-3090A $37,321 - 6.0 to 90.0 GPM
S121-3150A $40,045 - 10.0 to 150.0 GPM
S121-3300A $60,464 - 12.0 to 300.0 GPM

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Delivery Time : 3 to 4 weeks

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