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Engine Throttle and Display

Engine Throttle and Display

Based in Alabama, US we are the key manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the Engine Throttle and Display equipment. The ThrottleXcel is a complete instrument panel. It can be used to integrate a traditional style remote hand throttle with the display as well as the monitoring functions of the engine. You can program the engine governor via remote throttle. It is programmed to operate in control modes that vary based on engine type, wiring and requirements. The three control modes are throttle control mode where a traditional remote engine hand throttles and allows manual control of the RPM; Governor Control Mode where the engine governor maintains a stable RPM. It further reduces the need to make adjustments. If adjustments are required you’ll have to turn the control knob. You can bring the engine down to idle post operation with a touch of red idle button. There are 4 LED bar graphs that provide stable display of safe operating ranges for battery voltage, engine oil pressure, transmission temperature and engine coolant temperature. They will not display the exact units or numbers. You can view the detailed information on the message display after pressing the MENU button. Engine hours can also be seen. The indicators as well as the controls are located on the front of the control module. You’ll find a J1939 CAN Bus for Engine Information, KPa / Bar, Audible Alarm Buzzer and Interlock Signal Recognition with Throttle Ready LED. You can control the engine RPM manually or automatically. Use the power up at Engine Idle RPM. You can even return to the idle mode with this. You can avail it from us in a variety of models based on your requirements.

  • Throttle Control Mode : In this mode the ThrottleXcel is a traditional remote engine hand throttle and provides manual control of the engine RPM.   
  • Governor Control Mode : In this mode the ThrottleXcel is an engine governor and maintains a constant engine RPM. It eliminates the need to make throttle adjustments as the engine load changes.

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