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Pump Boss 400

Pump Boss 400

We are the leading exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Pump Boss 400 from Alabama, US. Our pressure governor is built using the state-of-the-art programmable microprocessor technology. It has a J1939 CAN inputs which is usually needed to provide the engine information to the governor. Thus, a necessary J1939 Translator Module must be installed. It operates in two distinct modes such as pressure or RPM. You can maintain a steady pressure intake and pump discharge by way of controlling the engine speed or holding a selected engine RPM. The common application of this governor can be found in fire service. It comes with a 4-digit LED display that displays four LED bar graphs that displays a constant display of transmission temperature, engine coolant temperature, battery voltage and oil pressure engine. There is also a message display that will notify during normal operations as well as fault warnings. The pressure mode maintains a constant pump discharge pressure. You can compare and monitor this pressure via selected pressure setting. The RPM mode aids in maintaining a constant engine RPM. You can see a minor increase in the pump discharge pressure of 30 PSI. In case the discharge is higher than 30 PSI, the governor will lower the RPM engine to reduce the discharge pressure. There is a large control knob that is easy to operate using a gloved hand. The salient features include programmable preset settings, no pressure or rpm variation when changing modes, interlock signal recognition with throttle ready LED, j1939 can bus for engine information and control, Dual 600 psi discharge pressure sensor, KPa / bar (optional), retains warning alerts history, always starts in pressure mode at idle RPM, recognition of no water condition with automatic response, diagnostic capabilities, limits increase of pressure when in rpm mode, high idle input for external switch, manual control of pressure or engine rpm settings, displays and LEDs automatically adjusted for day or night operation, audible alarm buzzer (optional) and red idle button - brings the engine to idle rpm quickly and Ford 6.7L Diesel Interface Information.


How does it work?

  • In pressure mode the governor maintains a constant pump discharge pressure. The discharge pressure is monitored and compared to the selected pressure setting, the engine RPM is varied to keep the discharge pressure at the selected setting.  
  • In RPM mode the governor maintains a constant engine RPM. The pump discharge pressure is monitored, it can vary but is limited to an increase of 30 PSI. If the discharge pressure increases 30 PSI, the pressure governor automatically lowers the engine RPM to reduce the discharge pressure.


There are two Scenarios :

  • The J1939 Translator Module comes installed as part of the NFPA1901 compliant FRC Seat Belt Monitoring System. The governor J1939 CAN inputs are connected to the connector that is installed as part of the harness.
  • The J1939 Translator Module is installed as a component with governor kit (no FRC Seat Belt Monitoring System is installed). The governor J1939 CAN inputs are connected to the new harness that is installed between the ODB-II connector and the J1939 Translator Module.

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