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Total Control Pressure Govenor fire truck (TCA202-A00)

Total Control Pressure Govenor fire truck (TCA202-A00)

USD 2567.11 / Piece(s) ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 1 Piece(s)

Total Control Pressure Govenor Panel 202. The total control panel is a complete display kit of master pressure,pressure governor and engine monitoring. The kit includes the discharge pressure sensor, intake pressure sensor, control module and the cables. It is absolutely waterproof and comes in dimensions of 6" high by 7 1/2" wide by 2" deep. You can measure the inputs via J1587 databus and the outputs via engine specific wiring. You will get a pump discharge, Pump intake that are displayed with a four daylight bright LED, that is over 1/2". The Pressure / RPM setting is shown on a dot matrix message display. The device has a throttle ready LED. You can keep a check on the engine and notice engine warnings on LED panel. The oil pressure, Engine coolant temperature, Battery voltage and Transmission temperature can be viewed on the duel color (green/red) LED bar graph display. In case of any warning sign, it will appear on the dot matrix display that will display stored data, program options, monitored apparatus information, etc. The entire LED intensity can be adjusted automatically for day and night operations. You can even monitor the inputs and support audible visual warning alarms for a variety of conditions such as High Transmission Temperature, High Engine Coolant Temperature, High Battery Voltage, Low Battery Voltage (Engine Running), Out of Water (visual alarm only), No Engine Response (visual alarm only), Low Battery Voltage (Engine Off) and Low Engine Oil Pressure. You can access the program features via the push buttons that are present on the front of the control panel. The USB port that is located at the rear of the control module aids in upload of future firmware enhancements. There is a discharge pressure display that showcases pressure from 0 to 600 psi. The intake pressure display displays from -30 in. Hg to 600 psi. Governor will operate in two distinct control modes i.e. RPM and pressure. There will be no discharge or RPM variation when switching between two modes. You’ll see a throttle ready LED when an interlock signal is established. The monitoring, pressure governor as well as the master pressure display is programmed to interface with Detroit Diesel engine.


The program shall store the accumulated operating hours for the pump and engine to be displayed with the push of a button. It shall monitor inputs and support audible and visual warning alarms for the following conditions :

  • High Battery Voltage
  • Low Battery Voltage (Engine Off)
  • Low Battery Voltage (Engine Running)
  • High Transmission Temperature
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure
  • High Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Out of Water (visual alarm only)
  • No Engine Response (visual alarm only).

  • Quality : High
  • Color : black
  • Item : Pressure govenor
  • Voltage : 12 VDC to 24VDC
  • Brand Name : Fire Research Corp
  • Rated Voltage : DC
  • Place of Origin : USA
  • Model Number : TCA202-A00

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Delivery Time : 3 to 4 weeks

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