Tri-Med SA Inc.DBA GL Harvest Mills

Tri-Med SA Inc.DBA GL Harvest Mills

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Tri-Med SA Inc.DBA GL Harvest Mills
Welcome to The Organic GL Harvest Mills™ Website
GL Harvest Mills™ is the leading Costa Rican Healthy Organic Foods and Organic GL BioAgro™ Products -for Healthy Soils- Manufacturing and Online Distributing company for Costa Rica and for global markets, as well as for consumers of all sizes and needs everywhere. Examples of our potential customers are but not limited to healthy community groups and individuals searching for healthy and organic food options, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, universities, hotels and resorts, companies’ healthy cafeterias and more. Our MISSION is to provide a wide spectrum of Organic Plant-Based Foods and GL Body & Bath Aromas™ Care Products as well as The Proven Organic GL BioAgro™ Products from our Garden of Eden BioFactory™ to harvest healthy plants, rich in micronutrients, all with our VISION to contribute to your global wellbeing as well as your healthy lifestyles. In addition, it is our vision also to provide to the Networks of Organic Farmers and local suppliers across the globe with the tools, knowledge and GL BioAgro™ Products, so that they can harvest organic foods sustainably for their communities and to have healthy environments everywhere in the planet. Our GOAL is to establish a MODEL NORTHERN ZONE WELLBEING DESTINATION IN COSTA RICA, an example to the sustainable world’s environmental, agricultural and health transformation needed to save the Planet and its Healthy Soils, Plants, Animals and People.
To achieve our mission and Goals, GL Harvest Mills™, established The GL Garden of Eden Farm™ in our 400-acre property, practicing Organic Farming, free of agro-chemicals in Alliance with UNED, a Costa Rican university which train our staff in AgroEcology and Organic Agriculture. Dayana Monestel as our GL Harvest Mills™ manager has also been certified as the USDA (US Department of Agriculture)’s Grower Trained on the FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule (“Food Safety Modernization Act”). Our staff at GL Enterprise is also trained and certified in Food Manipulation Course, Agriculture Good Practices as well as Manufacturing Good Practices.
Our property is located in Cerro Chato of La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica, where the GL Harvest Mills™ is found. The GL Harvest Mills™ is also a member of the participating AgroEcological Network of Northern Zone of Costa Rica as well as, member of the GL OsFAN™ (Organic small Farmers Network of Costa Rica), a group of Organic Growers, who are also suppliers of some of the products for our mills and local-overseas clients. Our first customers are the GreenLagoon Wellbeing Resort ( and the GL WellMart Super Organico™ as part of the GreenLagoon Enterprise® and under the legal name of Corporacion Tri-Med SA in Costa Rica and Tri-Med SA, Inc. in USA
Our organic Farm and Foods are Operating as a Costa Rican exporter and supplier for Local, National and International Markets, complying with the International Rules of Produce Safety & Foods & Nutritional Security Recommendations, free of toxins and Agro-Chemicals. GL Harvest Mills™ is continuously recruiting Trained & Organic Farmers as well as organic-certified vendors and individuals or groups in communities everywhere within Costa Rica, to add to our OsFAN™ (Organic small Farmers Network of Costa Rica) as providers who in addition, are following our Organic Food Safety and Nutritional Security Practices. These good practices assure our clients great quality organic Micronutrient-Rich Products.
Our product range is wide but here are some examples: turmeric and ginger powder, fresh or dry roots; fresh, dehydrated or powder herbs-medicinal plants, Dry Tea Leaves, tropical fruits-Cardamom-Coconut-Star Fruit-Dragon Fruit—Jack Fruit-Spices, Golden Berry, Ground Black and White Pepper, Powder Garlic and Onion, grounded Cinnamon, Vanilla, Dry Plantains, Powder Cocoa, Dry Coffee Beans, Grounded Paradise Mountain Beans, Yucca Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Grounded Coconut, Quinoa Flour, and much more.
Our company is committed to use high standards and environmental friendly product packing as it may be possible. In addition, we are committed to the fastest delivery possible worldwide.

Company Facts

Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers
Year of Estd : 1995
Company Turnover : USD 0.5 to 1 Million Approx.
No. of Employee : 20 - 50
Ownership : Corporation/Limited Liability Company


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Dr. Henry A Villegas

2806-SE, 20th AVE, Cape Coral, Cape Coral, - 33904, United States

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