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drill reamer

  • Tightest Tolerances +.0000
  • Volume No Limit

Tri Star Engineering, Inc. has earned its sterling reputation based on its ability to design and manufacture a variety of precision cutting tools, such as drills and trepan tools. As a result, a customer asked us to manufacture a custom drill reamer combination tool that is used to cut components out of 355-T6 aluminum. Our employees leveraged their skill with the CNC and cam relief grinders to produce cutting tools that met our customers' specifications. Cam relief grinding is ideal when cutting tools with a complex geometry. While most tools can be sharpened no more than twice, cam relief ground tools actually improve with each subsequent sharpening as they acquire a greater included angle at the cutting edge which strengthens the tool. They also maintain their dimensions relative shape when sharpened. Tri-Star's cam relief ground tools may cost more initially, but their outstanding integrity and durability invariably provide a measurable return on that investment to firms that track their tools' lifetime.This custom drill reamer combination tool is used to cut components of 355-T6 Aluminum.

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Cutting Tool

  • Length 2.25
  • O.D.: Ø.500

This custom cutting tool is used to form components of 12L14 Steel 36" tubing. A U.S. firm located in the heart of the mid-west, Tri Star Engineering, Inc. is able to provide the expert engineering and quick turnaround time that our customers demand and expect. When a customer asked Tri-Star to manufacture a custom-cutting tool that's used to form the components of 12L14 steel tubing, we delivered the part in carbide steel. We also have the techniques and skills required to produce an extraordinarily fine 8 RMS finish. Our 16, 000 sq. ft. facility offers six CNC grinders, which can grind both carbide and super HSS materials, a given in today's cutting tools. Our machines allow us to provide repeatability and shorten lead times. We constantly re-evaluate the tools we manufacture as part of our commitment to continuous improvement that targets cost, durability and turnaround. In fact, as far as we're concerned, reducing your tooling cost per part produced is one of the most important services we provide.

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Custom Trepan Tool

  • Length: 3.10"
  • O.D Ø.5509

Tri Star Engineering, Inc. has been committed to the manufacturing of highly specialized and complex cutting tools since 1976. Over the years, we've acquired the specialists and technologies required to handle every aspect of most custom tool making. A customer asked us to produce the CAD drawings for a custom trepan tool that would be used to cut 12L14 steel. It also had to work with replaceable inserts and Tri-Star delivered. To do it, we used our tungsten carbide tips because their ability to hold their cutting edge hardness, this ensures precision and cost advantages which benefit the customer. We have a range of special coatings for all tooling. We met the customer supplied specifications and performed the required dimension inspection. Our expert quality team has the experience and equipment required to accurately assess the quality of our tooling's surface finish, sizing, concentricity, and print compliance. In today's time-pressed business environment, we use our computerized manufacturing and tracking to monitor and control the scheduling of our products and services.

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Roughing Drill

  • Length 3.84
  • O.D.: .4722

Tri Star Engineering, Inc. Engineering leveraged its employees' deep technical skills and extensive experience to provide the CAD drawings and manufacture this custom 2 flute solid carbide drill with coolant thru. Because this solid carbide drill with coolant thru is used to cut powdered metal or aluminum, it can be coated to maximize its hardness as well as its oxidation, wear, and erosion resistance. That coating can be polished to a smooth 12 RMS finish. We are adept with coolant-fed tooling in solid carbide as well as HSS and offer straight or helical holes. Evaluating each tool that we manufacture to assess costing and extend its longevity. Our committed staff ensured the low-volume roughing drill met the machining customer's specifications.

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Custom Tool

  • Length: 2.47
  • O.D. .6249

Tri Star Engineering, Inc., a one-stop shop for the custom design and precise manufacturing of a wide range of highly specialized cutting tools, is committed to adding value for its customers. We created the CAD drawings and used our lathe milling and CNC grinding capabilities to custom manufacture a recess trepan tool that we knew would be required to cut brass. After considering the customer's requirements, we used M4 high-speed steel which offers greater grindability as well as superior wear and heat resistance, all of which are vital in cutting tool applications. Its increased toughness also allows the tool to be hardened higher on the Rockwell C scale without sacrificing toughness, which means longer tool life and higher cutting speeds can be realized.

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