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Our Complete range of products are die cut stickers, Plastic Badges, Dome Stickers, Water Transfers and Aluminum Badges.

Plastic Badges

Plastic badges offer a great alternative to embossed metal badges. Printed on extremely durable polycarbonate films, plastic badges can be printed with intricate designs before embossing. Because the inks are on the back side of the polycarbonate, the final product is very durable and scratch resistant. Metallic foils including chrome, brushed metal, patterns and more. Transparent colors over foil (for example, blue chrome or red brushed metal) Embossing Full line of screen printing inks including metallic inks and fluorescent colors. CMYK process color

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Dome Stickers

Dome stickers are a great way to add depth and a more substantial look to your product by finishing a pressure-sensitive sticker with a crystal-clear polyurethane dome. Uses for dome stickers range from small logos on consumer electronics to large domed sets decorating boat hulls. TSL Graphics starts with the material and adhesive best suited for your needs, prints and applies finishes according to your design and then applies a thick, protective dome over the top. The adhesive can be customized to your product for permanent adhesion.Any metallic, fluorescent, pearlescent or anodized colors. Chrome, brushed metal or holographic foils. Embossing underneath the dome. Dome stickers are a popular choice for large, high-visibility product decoration on boats and trailers. In large applications, each letter in a trade name can be printed as a separate sticker. A carrier film is used to quickly apply them in one step and evenly spaced.

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die cut stickers

Die cut stickers are a great choice for simple, minimal branding. Rather than printing your artwork on a solid piece of vinyl or PET, TSL Graphics cuts the design from several solid or printed colors of material. When applied, only logo or lettering is left with no extra material. Vinyl Polyester Polycarbonate 6P Free PVC Alternative As with all TSL products, the adhesives for die cut stickers can be tailored to your application. Certain adhesives are designed for different materials or paint systems in addition to adhesives for special applications.

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Water Transfers

Water transfers are the workhorse of professional decorating. Able to adhere to a wide variety of substrates and paint systems, water transfers application is an easy, equipment-free way to add only your artwork to the part. For many applications, water transfers are the easiest way to apply artwork with no profile to your product. The water transfer release paper, which is removed after application, allows for greater application tolerance. Printed alignment lines guide placement for consistent decoration. TSL Graphics is constantly improving the water transfer for new needs and applications. From removing the solvent to removing the painting, the current generation of water transfers are easier to use and more versatile than ever.

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Aluminum Badges

Aluminum badges are a time-tested way to make an impression on your customers. Embossed aluminum can as the head badge on a bicycle or any product that needs to be both attractive and durable. TSL Graphics offers many design options for aluminum badges. Various metal finishes from polished chrome and brushed aluminum to gold, bronze and brass. High quality printing to add color to logos and designs. Faint shading to give the look of age or make simple embossed designs readable. A badge only suits your purpose if it fits the product and stays there. TSL Graphics aluminum badges are engineered for outdoor use and performance for each application. Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesives. Punched holes for rivets or screws. Pre-shaping to fit the radius of the final part.

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