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Our Complete range of products are MET ONE 2400/2408, Portable Air Particle Counter, Aclar, Hy-Flex Foam, Solvex and LYMTECH EXTREME CLEAN.

MET ONE 2400/2408, Portable Air Particle Counter

  • size 6 particle
  • Quality Long Life Laser technology for superior performance

The MET ONE 2400 and 2408 portable airborne particle counters are easy-to-operate. Breakthrough Long Life Laser technology extends the average service life of the instrumentation’s laser to more than ten years for either model. A quiet, carbon-free pump provides steady vacuum power at 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM). The built-in-printer allows for immediate or delayed printing of results. Using Particle Vision PortAll software, data can be downloaded at the operator’s convenience from the 400-record buffer and displayed as a graph or a table in the built-in spreadsheet.

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Extremely inert, non flammable clean film. Will not crack in extreme cold conditions. Excellent solvent resistance and sterilizable. Available in a variety of Mil. thicknesses. Can be purchased in bag form, flat stock, sheeting or lay flat tubing. Allows inspection and verification of the package contents at any time. Suitable for controlled environments as well as packaging situations that require high clarity, high moisture barrier and low contamination.

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Hy-Flex Foam

  • Size 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

HyFlex Foam’s knit liner and original foam nitrile coating combine to give workers near-bare-hand comfort and dexterity. Foam nitrile coating helps reduce hand fatigue while providing maximum comfort and dexterity and channeling away oil from the surface of the gloves, providing a sure grip in light oil applications.

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  • Quality Soft Lined
  • Size 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Sol-Vex gloves are made of a high-performance nitrile compound which provides an outstanding combination of strength and chemical resistance. Won’t swell, weaken, or degrade, and they offer better protection against snags, punctures, abrasions, and cuts. Component materials comply with FDA regulations for food contact.

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  • Size 9” x 9” 12” x 12”
  • Quality Extreme Clean Lite

All are constructed using 100% continuous filament polyester knit. Feature sealed edges using a proprietary one step laser cutting and sealing process. The pinsonic grade is a bonded two-ply textured wipe that provides added absorption retention and entrapment.

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Simco Gemini Profile Room Ionization Controller

  • Quality Continual polling of emitter modules and display of operating status.

The system controller maintains contact between each emitter module and itself to verify system operations. Under normal conditions, the unit displays “Status Normal” to provide assurance that no fault conditions exist. Should a system fault occur, the controller identifies the address and type on its LCD. Our patented miswire protection design speeds and simplifies installation and prevents wiring problems.

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Divided Dispenser

  • Size 20’’ H x 16’’ W x 16’’ D
  • Quality Single lid with full-length hinge for durability.

Divided Dispenser with 4 Compartments and front access for each compartment designed for multiple uses: gloves, bouffants, beard covers, shoe covers, etc.

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NovaClean Floor Cleaner

NovaClean Floor Clean is an all-purpose cleanroom concentrate filtered to 0.1 microns which will yield 60-128 gallons of cleaning solution per gallon container. At the recommended dilution the formula claims sodium and potassium levels detectable only in parts per billion. Low-ionic formulation will not generate a static charge. Available in Quart, Gallon and 5- gallon containers.

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Spunbonded Polypropylene Bouffant Caps

Strong and Durable. Contamination Control. Lightweight Material Offers Comfort and Breathability, while maintaining Snug Full Coverage. Individually Inspected for Stitching, Sizing, Material and Workmanship. Lot Traceability. Bouffant: Flat Packed, (1000 piecescase) Available in White. Part # NBC 2400

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Standard Air Showers

Air Showers can solve many decontamination problems by offering an effective way of reducing the contaminants carried by individuals entering or leaving a controlled area. Single-person Air Showers to multi-section tunnels are available to accommodate our customers specific needs. The Air Showers supply concentrated ISO Class 5 (Class 100) airflows to lift off contamination while the individual stands in or walks through the chamber. Pressurized air streams at a velocity ranging from 6, 000-10, 000 feet per minute to ensure the effective scrubbing action which is necessary to remove particulate matter.

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