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Black Raisin

Black Raisin

We are one of the most reasonable exporters and suppliers of Black Raisin based in Delaware, United States. We ensure that good quality fresh grapes either with or without seeds are dried either under the direct sunlight of through mechanical drying techniques. The grapes once dried and processed and then graded depending upon the quality of the dried berry or raisin.


Details :

  • In general, fresh grapes, either seedless or seed types of the Vinifera species such as Thompson seedless (Sultana), Sugarone, Calmeria, Corinth... etc., are subjected to dry under sunlight or mechanical drying techniques.
  • In some cases, the whole bunch of grapes may be allowed to dry on the vine itself (vine-dried). Ordinarily, their moisture content should not exceed 16% of dry weight.
  • Thoroughly dried raisins are then further stemmed, cap-stemmed, sorted, and cleaned in order to obtain high quality, dried berries.
  • At the commercial level, raisins are processed and graded further before sent to the markets.



  • Type I - Seedless.
  • Type II - Golden seedless.
  • Type III - Raisins with seeds.
  • Type IV - Sultana.
  • Type V - Zante currant.
  • Type VI - Mixed types or varieties.

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