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Our Complete range of products are Laser Induced Fluorescence Detector, High Voltage Power Supply, Globalsil Hplc Columns, Capillary Columns and fluorescence detector.

Laser Induced Fluorescence Detector

Specifications Relative Fluorescence Units (RFU) range 0 to 1000 RFU Dynamic Range (at RFU range 1000) 10 -4 Sensitivity 1���10 -12 M Noise

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Globalsil Hplc Columns

We have Globalsil Hplc Columns. pore Size 120 �� particle Sizes 3um, 4um, 5um, 7um 10um, 15um, 20um pore Volume 1.0ml/g surface Area 300m2/g % of Carbon 17% phase Type monofunctional & Fully End Capped silica Purity ultra High ordering Information products No. Dimension Material Pore Diameter Particle Sizes mm ( �� ) (um) g4625d18ap05n 4.6x250 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g4620d18ap05n 4.6x200 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g4615d18ap05n 4.6x150 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g4610d18ap05n 4.6x100 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g4650d18ap05n 4.6x50 Globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g0225d18ap05n 2.0x250 globalsil-120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g0220d18ap05n 2.0x200 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g0215d18ap05n 2.0x150 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g0210d18ap05n 2.0x100 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 g0125d18ap05n 1.0x250 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g0115d18ap05n 1.0x150 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g0110d18ap05n 1.0x100 globalsil -120-5-ods-ap 120 5 g1025d18ap10n 10x250 globalsil -120-10-ods-ap 120 10 g1020d18ap10n 10x200 globalsil -120-10-ods-ap 120 10 g1015d18ap10n 10x150 globalsil -120-10-ods-ap 120 10 g2520d18ap10n 25x200 globalsil -120-10-ods-ap 120 10 g2515d18ap10n 25x150 globalsil -120-10-ods-ap 120 10 g5020d18ap10n 50x200 globalsil -120-10-ods-ap 120 10 g5015d18ap10n 50x150 globalsil -120-10-ods-ap 120

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Capillary Columns

The capillary columns are packed with various categories packing materials, such as Si, C18, C8, Phenyl, CN, Diol, Chiral materials, and so on. And several particle and pore sizes can be offered. They are available in diversified inside diameters, outside diameters and lengths.

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High Voltage Power Supply

Specialties of TriSep � -2100 High Voltage Power Supply � Output voltage can be adjusted with a step of 100 Volts. � Output single pole direct voltage; � LCD displayed Voltage and current can be set and monitored easily; � Output voltage is adjusted automatically; � User-friendly configuration software can be modified real time;

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