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9.5-12.7mm PC Steel Strand Cable/Steel Strand /Strand Wire

9.5-12.7mm PC Steel Strand Cable/Steel Strand /Strand Wire

usd 600 9.5-12.7mm pc steel strand cable/steel strand /strand wire 
guy wire
stay wire
earth wire

stay wire stee cable
guy wire and messanger strands
galvanized steel strands
construction: 1x2/1x3/1x7 /1x19 /1x37

manufacturing standard:

astm a475 /astm b498/ astm a475 / astm b498 / bs 183

gb/t 5224 /bs 5896/ en 10138 /astm a416 /astm a882 /iec 60888 /gb/t 3428

siemens martin grade, high strength grade, extra high strength grade


this product can be widely used in power cables, communication cable, vegetable shed, building steel wire

messenger wire, guy wire, core wire or strength member, earth wire, ground wire, barrier cable, structure cable, crane and cross bar sling and industry engineering and building machinery, railway and so on.


as a best-seller product, has a great number of advantages as below,

easy installation,

high strength overall stability is good,

protective performance is good,

primary competitive advantages,

top quality and a complete range of specification and so on.


steel strand consists of prestressed steel strand, the unbonded steel strand, galvanized steel strand, etc. And different steel strands have different performance characteristics, please refer to the reference documents.

the most commonly used steel strand for galvanized steel strand and prestressed steel strand, commonly used prestressed strand diameter in the 9.53mm-17.8mm range, there are a small amount of a more coarse diameter of the steel strand. The steel wire in each prestressed strand is generally 7, there are 2, 3 and 19, steel wire can have metal or non-metallic anti-corrosion layer. The hdpe strand (unbonded), which is coated with anticorrosive oil or paraffin, is called the non bonding prestressed strand (steel).

  • 9.5-12.7mm PC Steel Strand Cable/Steel Strand /Strand Wire : 9.5-12.7mm PC Steel Strand Cable/Steel Strand /Strand Wire

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