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Anti-crack Waterproof Putty Powder

Anti-crack Waterproof Putty Powder

- Wall putty powder
- Interiors wall coating putty powder
- Exteriors wall coating putty powder
- Inner wall waterproof putty powder
- External Wall Anti-crack waterproof putty powder
- The inner wall putty powder
- Waterproof putty powder
- External putty powder
- Anti-crack putty powder
- Anti-crack waterproof putty powder
- Stucco gypsum (putty powder)
- Ecological walls mud (putty powder)
Product features/advantages
Green environmental protection, Purify air,Easy construction & easy to polish,
Super waterproof, White and fine powder, Strong cohesive force
Product performance characteristics
1/Strong adhesive force, strong adhesion to walls and coatings.
2/Good crack resistance, good water resistance, anti - bacterial anti - mildew.
3/Good waterproof and air permeability, ensure the surface of wall and paint dry.
4/Feel natural, make sure the adornment effect of coating is reflected thoroughly.

  • Anti-crack Waterproof Putty Powder : Anti-crack Waterproof Putty Powder

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