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Broiler Hatching Eggs (Broiler Hatching Eggs: Cobb 500 and Ross)

Broiler Hatching Eggs (Broiler Hatching Eggs: Cobb 500 and Ross)

USD 10 / 100 Kilogram ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 100 Gram

We sell all variety of fresh eggs for consumption and also fresh and
hatching eggs, raging from chicken egg, ostrich egg, toucan
eggs,turkey egg, parrot egg(macaw,grey parrots and cockatoo),snake

we export our goods by trucks,rail,ship

which mode of transportation do you prefer??

cobb500 and ross 308 hatching eggs available for export to any
part of the world.territory plus ltd, is dedicated to meeting the
above needed demands in the supply and expertise of broiler cobb500
and ross 308 and layer fertile hatching eggs.territory plus uses the
foremoststrains of poultry breeding stock where extensive investment in
genetic selection and ongoing bio security are habitual

production capacity of 2.500000 eggs monthly

we sells cobb 500 and ross 308 broilers chicken fertile eggs
for everybody who wishes to grow them.

in our company you are able to purchase desirable quantity of
these broiler hatching eggs cobb500 & ross 308 any time of the year.
We guarantee 2,500,000 fertilized chicken eggs on a monthly basis as
well and take proper care cargo delivery by ourselves.

if you are a representative of a poultry farm or a farmer and who
wish to purchase a bigger quantity of chicken,turkey eggs or if you
need a consulting, please do not hesitate to contact our sales
department for help.

We trade in fresh farm table eggs of various sizes

size :: small, medium, large.extra large

weight :
40 - 45 grams
45 - 50 grams
50 - 55 grams
60-65 grams,etc

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