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carbonyl iron powder

carbonyl iron powder

Descriptionrnname: iron powderrnreduced iron powderrnchemical formula: fernmolecular weight: 55.845 (calculated at 56)rnmelting point: 1537 ℃rnboiling point: 2862℃ rnwater solubility: insolublerndensity: 7.845g/rnappearance: the normal state is silver white or black solid powderrnapplications: cast iron ingot, equipment manufacturing, etc.
Rnpackaging:rn1.packing specification:rn10kg/ package,20kg/ package,25kg/ package,40kg/ package,50kg/ package,25 kg / barrel,50 kg / barrel,170 kg / barre,200 kg / barrel etc...

2.part of the product packaging can be changed according to customer needs

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